Top 10 Moshi Monsters


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1 Iggy
2 Roxy
3 Lady Goo Goo

Okay but Iggy is my favourite explain why you put it below 1.

4 Burnie
5 Ecto

Ecto is my favourite toy I even had a competition with groups and moshi monsters won and after that I did a moshi monsters competition and ecto won - ryanfrasermasson

6 Blingo
7 Dustbin Beaver

That's just Justin Bieber - RockStarr

8 Cleo

When I used to play Moshi Monsters, my favorite was Cleo because she is very rare and she looks really cute. Lady Goo Goo is my 2nd favorite, but she's not on Moshi Monsters anymore, she's been replaced by 'Baby rocks'.

9 Zack Binspin

Please vote for Zack Binspin he is the best moshi monster in the whole wide world forever in our hearts for life ZACK BINSPIN FOREVER THE TRUE MOSHI MONSTER IN HISTORY THE POSITIVE VOTE FOR ZACK

Coolist moshi monster ever 9000 out of 9000 better then any moshi monster in the planet not the planet the whole wide world 9000 percent quality and ultra rare

Vote For Zack 90000000000 percent average ultra best moshi monster ever in moshling land like zack like moshi monsters enough said best best best best best ever best their is best their was best their ever will be true moshling vote for zack please

10 Bigbadbill

The Contenders

11 Liberty
12 DJ Quack
13 Oddie
14 Snookums
15 Humphery
16 Nipper

Nipper is one of my favorites, along with Pip and Ecto. It's so cute that his name means grabbing/a small child and he is adorable. I love his robot dance!

17 Mr. Snoodle
18 Blue Jeepers
19 Suey
20 Purdy

Pretty purdy

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1. Blingo
2. Lady Goo Goo
3. Ecto
1. Roxy
2. Burnie
3. Iggy
1. Iggy
2. Oddie
3. Ecto



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