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21 Berzerk
22 Virtua Fighter 5
23 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
24 The Lord of the Rings Online
25 Runescape

The new content and the amount of interaction that you can do with your friends made it addicting, in which it still is

26 Simpsons Tapped-Out

So addictive! Can't stop playing on it

27 Cookie Clicker

I have 346.118 billion CPS and 6.3 quintillion cookies baked this game. So, yeah. Right. - Persian

28 Pokemon Emerald
29 Counter-Strike

Most popular multiple player's game ever.

30 Flappy Bird
31 Defense of the Ancients 2
32 National Geographic Animal Jam
33 Clash of Clans

I am addicted to this game. Plus I really love it and I really don't wanna quit this game. I safeguarded my progress so that some bully doesn't erase all my progress when he deletes it. I also like troll people but I don't do it that much.


This game is REALLY addictive! And here is why:
You're a small ball and you eat balls to get bigger,
Be careful though, there are bigger balls that can eat you!
The best part, IT'S ONLINE! - tent2

35 Mortal Kombat II
36 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Very good game. The first of the EPIC series of Uncharted, I played them all, they're amazing. That's all I say about it amazing'.

37 Happy Wheels
38 Tekken
39 The Warriors
40 Dark Souls
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