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61 Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition
62 The Bee Movie Game
63 Animal Crossing

Come on guys. #60? This is way more addictive than Minecraft or WoW. Animal crossing is just a good game, maybe made for young people, but so much better than Minecraft. Lots of content, easter eggs to discover. Minecraft is just boring and filled with toxic kids.

Minecraft is addicting? Please it's boring! Animal crossing may look boring but when you play it you realize this is awesome! - spodermanfan1000

I know it is great

People saying that WoW, Minecraft or even Call of Duty is insanely addictive, while it's true but the most addictive of all of them has to be, Animal Crossing. No matter if it's the one on GameCube, DS, Wii or 3DS, they are all addictive, especially New Leaf and City Folk. I don't have to explain. This game was meant for families and young people but even people that are 20 years old play it because it's fun to play and it's addictive.

I know what you will say. You'll say "This game looks childish, overrated and extremely boring" But the reality is that there is so much things in this game, that you can't say that. Just play the game, and you'll realize this is way better than your League of Legends things. - MaxPap

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64 Pikmin
65 Temple Run

If Temple Run wasn't enough, try Temple Run: Disney/Pixar's Brave. Temple Run: Disney/Pixar's Brave (2012) had Merida. - playstationfan66

66 Fruit Ninja
67 Mafia II

The most addictive part of this game isn't so much the storyline, but more the ammount of money you can make. After the Micks burn Vito's house down you can basically start making money within each save point. Think of it as a side mission for Mafia II. What is the maximum money the player dare to earn?

68 EverQuest 2
69 Pong
70 Diablo 2

I played it more than one hundred times. I am not kidding.

71 Happy Wheels
72 Clash of Clans

I sued to be addicted but this game really sucks since you have to wait HOURS for a good army

Anyone who has played this game knows what I mean

This is so addicting

Super addicting

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73 Roblox

Addicting trash. It's worst and most addicting - Absol

I used to play in 2008 when I was like 6. I stopped

Roblox is better then Minecraft - spodermanfan1000

Ijust can't stop playing this game

74 Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go!

Addicting trash. People who know nothing about Pokemon play it only for the trend. - Absol

86? , REALLY? , This Game Is Addicting Garbage - VideoGamefan5

75 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
76 Virtua Fighter 5
77 Dead Space
78 Call of Duty

Addictive?! This is the most boring game I've ever played. I deleted it after 10 minutes to free some space for all Half Life games.

While Call of Duty might not be the best game it's definitely one of the most addictive.

Me and my brothers love this game but my bro tom best of all 3 of us so it very good game.

World at war is fun.

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79 Runescape
80 Saint's Row: The Third
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