Most Addictive Video Games of All Time


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61 Pong
62 Half-Life 2
63 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
64 EverQuest 2
65 Diablo 2

I played it more than one hundred times. I am not kidding.

66 Happy Wheels
67 Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go!

Addicting trash. People who know nothing about Pokemon play it only for the trend. - Absol

86? , REALLY? , This Game Is Addicting Garbage - VideoGamefan5

68 Virtua Fighter 5
69 Dead Space
70 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
71 Runescape
72 Saint's Row: The Third
73 Red Dead Redemption

This game is the best ever, you just can't stop playing, even if you already finished the storyline!

74 Far Cry 3

I don't get why this is so low on the list, it has great beutiful graphics, a great story, and is realistic. Okay maybe a little unrealistic but it could happen.

I got it yesterday and I play it all the time I probl
Y have 5 hours on the game already

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75 Football Manager
76 Clash of Clans

I sued to be addicted but this game really sucks since you have to wait HOURS for a good army

Anyone who has played this game knows what I mean

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77 Roblox

Addicting trash. It's worst and most addicting - Absol

Roblox is better then Minecraft - spodermanfan1000

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79 Borderlands
80 Xenoblade Chronicles
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