Most Admired Holocaust Survivors

If someone is ignorant enough to add Ann Frank, I'm going to cry. It must be someone who Survived the Holocaust, the person can be dead from the time AFTER the liberation.
Please ad WHY you like this person and why you admire him/her most.

DON'T say anything rude about another that you don't want to be number one!

The Top Ten

1 Elie Wiesel

Showed great strength and determination, even thou he lost EVERYTHING he somehow survived and turned his journey into a lesson for younger generations (like you and me) to learn and never forget the evil of mankind and determination of the human race, in his book Night. - Sadako

2 Kalman Aron

Never let anything get in the way of his passion for art - Sadako

3 Bettina Le Beau

She is beautiful and on of the very few lucky people who escaped - Sadako

4 Irene Zisblatt

Wrote The Fifth Diamond a biography. - Sadako

5 Alice Herz-Sommer

Worlds Oldest Holocaust survivor Wow. (109) - Sadako

6 Tibor Rubin

His continuous acts of humanism and bravery for others - Sadako

7 Otto Frank

He was the only survivor of the Frank family - TheCuteBeatle

Why the heck isn't he FIRST!? Otto Frank was amazing. - Untildawn8

He was responsible for giving Anne frank justice

Father of Anne Frank

8 Simon Wiesenthal
9 Jack Tramiel
10 Wladyslaw Szpilman

The Contenders

11 Jack Gruener
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