Most Aggressive Disturbed Songs


The Top Ten

1 Down With the Sickness Down With the Sickness
2 Indestructible Indestructible
3 Stupify Stupify

How many times do you want him to say the f word!? This is easily the most aggressive song, vote Stupify. Even the title sounds aggressive.

4 Sons of Plunder Sons of Plunder
5 Stricken Stricken
6 Warrior Warrior
7 Droppin' Plates Droppin' Plates
8 The Night The Night
9 Asylum Asylum
10 Voices Voices

The Contenders

11 The Game The Game
12 My Child My Child
13 The Animal The Animal
14 Divide Divide
15 Violence Fetish Violence Fetish

The title alone is enough for it to be number 1. Listen to it.

16 Shout 2000 Shout 2000
17 Hell Hell
18 Perfect Insanity Perfect Insanity
19 Inside the Fire Inside the Fire
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