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1 Going Under

Going under is definitely the most aggressive Evanescence songs, the beginning of the songs doesn't even start off with a soft sound like as soon as the song starts it has an feeling of a girl that is being pulled under which is why it is such a great song is because it gives the feeling of a person who is being pulled, and the sound of wanting revenge.

I believe that Going Under is a lot more aggressive based on the story. From what I've found, it's about abuse and the grunge sound with it gives it more of an edge. I'm not a major fan of really aggressive stuff but this song changed my mind slightly.

Oh sweet revenge is all that this song is about. A feeling of being pulled under, forcing others along with you and ten finally resurfacing, far away from everything that pulled you under. Totally haunting anf bone chilling!

This song describes my relationship with my mother. - KianaLexi

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2 Sweet Sacrifice

This song is so much more aggressive than Going Under. I mean, the guitars are much heavier and louder than the ones in Going Under. And Amy sounds kinda angry in this song more than she does in Going Under. The only part of Going Under where she sounds kinda angry is in the 2nd half of the 1st verse. She doesn't really sound angry on the other parts of the song. This song should be above Going Under at the top of the list.

Actually, maybe she's angrier in Going Under than in this song. In this song she probably sounds more haunting rather than angry. And Going Under probably has a more aggressive concept than this song. It's all about revenge, but this song is more about getting over an abusive relationship. So Going Under probably is more aggressive than this song.

Revenge is a bitch. Going under is not as much about revenge as is sweet sacrifice. You poor, sweet, innocent thing, close your eyes and testify... Well, it sounds awfully sarcastic and that shows aggression like nothing else.

This song is awesome and aggressive!

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3 Made of Stone

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song :)
It's so melodic and heavy! The complete essence of Evanescence!

4 Weight of the World
5 Never Go Back

This song makes me crazy
Guys please download this song

6 Haunted

Bass, guitar riff, and of course, the absolutely stunning sound of Amy Lee's lyrical beauty. My 2nd favourite of all Evanescence songs

7 What You Want

'Hello, hello, it's only me, infecting everything you love. ' That is all.

The tune is so addictive

8 Bring Me to Life
9 All that I'm Living For
10 Lies

The only song of theirs to feature death growls, "Lies" is solidly placed as Evanescence's heaviest track. If anyone calls Evanescence a pop band, show them this; they should change their tune.

The Guitars and Vocals are the Most aggressive Amy has written

The best Evanescence song I heard.
The guitars have this angry sound to it, and around the end, the guest singer is kind of screaming.
And Amy, as always, slays her part in every song.

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? Erase This
? Call Me When You're Sober

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11 Whisper
12 Say You Will
13 Tourniquet

Though I'm not a religious believer, this still is one of my favourite Evanescence songs. Absolutely fell in love with the guitar riff from the first listen!

I Love This Song Because It Sounds Cool

14 Cloud Nine

This song is absolutely fantastic

15 Disappear
16 Taking Over Me

I believe this is an aggressive song, just because it sounds like a rough struggle...

17 Surrender

I'm sorry, but this song kinda creeps me out. Sounds a bit stalker-ish...

18 Forever Gone, Forever You
19 Thoughtless

Sure it's a cover, but it is still very aggressive.

20 Farther Away
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1. Whisper
2. Going Under
3. Say You Will
1. Going Under
2. Sweet Sacrifice
3. Made of Stone

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