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1 People = S**t

Coffee with this song is the best recipe to wake up in the morning!

Ear sex man ear sex!
This just says what all teens wanna hear when they are depressed!
People = S***

Best song by Slipknot and heaviest one too. Great for headbagning

What better song to start an album! This is pure Slipknot! Not any of the stuff that came with volume:3 and after. This is sex to my ears!

2 Eyeless

This song should definitely be number 1! I mean, the end part especially, should automatically make it the most aggressive Slipknot song to date. It's kind of twisted how distorted Corey's screaming is at the end, it's like he's putting in all of his rage, and it just goes right through your head. This song is a true song to lose your head while listening

"Mother... FUCCCKKEEER! " best part of the song to be honest

The ending is what makes this the most aggressive song

That final part... Oh my God, headbanging til death.

3 Surfacing

My favorite.. I wake in the middle of the night in screams as my PTS takes me back the F5 tornado of a circle pit I was in.

Well it is more heavier when you look at the lyrics

Awesome song


4 Disasterpiece

When I'm piss off I listen to this so I can kick a bullies ass at high school it works

From around 4 minutes to end I swear it is so good my head could explode. Corey's voice is incredible. Slipknot for life

The Heaviest Song ever to infiltrate the mainstream - Metalhead666

Listen to the first line, just to give you an idea of how aggressive it will be.

5 (Sic)

This song is really aggressive, and I agree with the guy beneath me. People tend to confuse this with Heaviness. Those are different things. So People = S*** would be heavy and this would be aggressive, and more than that it would be sic! - Wolf92xd

Should be equal first with People=s***. I just hope people didn't confuse aggressive with heavy.

Dude this song IS SLIPKNOT its totaly (pun) sick! Its fast, loud and just in your face!

This is (bad pun incoming) SIC!

6 Eeyore

Easily number one. Corey's screaming with those lyrics equals most aggressive slipknot song

If you don't think this is aggressive, listen to the end.

Damn sounds like Corey was crying and screaming. Good song though

Another one that can easily top this list.

7 Get This

This is LITERALLY a grindcore song. With its Crust Punk and Death Metal Influences and lack of an obvious time signature, this song meets all criteria to be grindcore. - ThatoneMetalhead

THIS SHOULD BE #1! Coming from a true maggot! Stay SIC

Get this or die enough said

This is a lot faster than eyeless - Idiot244

8 The Heretic Anthem

This is by far the heaviest of Slipknot, hands down. People = S*** is more aggressive, but this is deeper and more abrasive. - GREATEST

Amazing. This should be ranked higher, in my opinion.

I play this on guitar it is sick! I love it!

Sounds heavy to me.

9 My Plague

Not as aggressive as some of the other ones but still a great song!

I would immediately steal lines from this song in a rap battle:
"I'll reach in, and take a bite out of that sh** you call a heart" is probably the best line ever...

10 Liberate

Very heavy. love it


The Contenders

11 Everything Ends

Stop crying and listen to this to get over a breakup

Should be number one to me


12 Custer

Those lyrics and screaming are bloody aggressive

This is not aggressive its catchy poppy ... cut cut cut me up yeah...

13 All Hope is Gone

This should be higher. Pretty aggressive (musical and lyrical).

Drums are awesome

Chris and Paul screams make this very Heavy,also the beginning of the song.


14 Gematria (The Killing Name)

What is this song doing at 15? This should be top 5, one of the most aggressive (and amazing) Slipknot's songs!

Just too aggressive to not be higher.

Great start to All Hope Is Gone

Amazing song

15 Psychosocial

It said agressive! It doesn't get much more agressive than this

Love this song and any other song

Psychosocial is a badass song

Great song

16 Spit It Out

How is this one in the first place? Listen to the lyrics, the instrumentals, the sounds, it's non stop talking about killing someone, that's not exactly soft

This needs a boost up to the top 10. Like... NOW.

One of the heaviest

Most rhythmic, engages the id, honestly it feels like one big "F-U"

17 The Negative One

A new song, a new brutal aggressive Slipknot.

Should be in top 6


18 New Abortion

This should really be higher

Always my first song in the morning gets me pumped 🤘👿🤘

19 Metabolic

Corey Taylor lashing out against his father in the lyrics/vocal performance of this song is a perfect representation of what the band was going through on Iowa

Should be at least top 10, pretty angry song here

The one of the heaviest songs on the entire album. No doubt.

#22? This is easily just as aggressive as Eyeless or People=shit.

20 Tattered and Torn
21 Sarcastrophe

This should be higher! Aggressive & sends goosebumps down my arms

One of the new ones... Yeah, pretty aggressive in my opinion.

It is heavy, a lot heavier compared to duality

22 I Am Hated

This song should be in the top ten

Should be right under people=shit

23 Duality

This is a brilliant song but its not that aggressive

24 Iowa

This song isn't even placed...? Yeah, it's generally mellow, but Corey's roar when the intro comes to an end is, hands down, THE rawest of his vocals, period.

That's because his cutting himself with glass as his doing it.

25 Diluted

I don't have a favorite Slipknot song: they're all my favorites depending on my mood on any given day ~ I voted for Diluted because this song calms my ass down, when I wanna take a baseball bat to somebodies skull ~ so it's kept me from serving a life sentence!

26 The Nameless

Why this song can't be the top 10? And why this song just get 0,6%? - Vitusdama

Great song! The best

27 The Blister Exists

It doesn't swears but its pretty damn aggressive

Its way heavier than duality come on

28 Unsainted

Amzazing song


29 Scissors

This must be in the top 3

Most violent song ever

How is this so low

Why is Scissors only at 35?
this song is pure aggression - YesYesYes

30 Pulse of the Maggots

What is this song ranked 17th position. This song is just as brutal as the songs on the first album. Give it number 09 or a number 10. Gematria the Killing Name isn't that aggressive. Coreys screaming is insanely raw.

This song has a gradual build but then just unleashes, not sure if people just forgot about this one, but it should be much higher

This should at least be above Duality. Duality is not very aggressive at all. - GREATEST

31 Purity

I feel like a lot of voters have only listened to the more mainstream slipknot songs. There are several songs on this list that should be higher and lower.

This song is really heavy. It should be nr 1 in my opinion.

32 All Out Life

Heavy and amazing

33 Lech
34 Sulfur

A well balanced aggressive song.

My first slipknot song. Never looked back since.

Should be higher

The last minute

35 Birth of the Cruel
36 Three Nil

Maybe not #1, but this belongs on the album Iowa.

37 Solway Firth

Brand new single, but I'm calling it now. Some of the others are rawer, but this one's just pure technical rage. I DON'T NEED YOU TO UNDERSTAND!

38 Scream

As name suggest, SU


Intro alone makes it t10

39 This Cold Black

Come on guys why is this song all the down to number 40? This so preposterous this slipknot song this cold black should be at least in top 3
Slipknot songs what corey Taylor is saying post-traumatic, War Machines plus he also saying let my let my weapons be my children that my armies be my damn that's pretty brutal and insanely angry song it's like causing havoc annihilation, obliteration, brutality it's a bit like World War 3 ending the whole world then die

40 Skeptic

Ok, we all know this song is dedicated for Paul. And the agression and pasion Corey sings it... Man, this is Top 10 at least.

Number one all the way, rip Paul gray, this song is so heavy. "THE WORLD WILL NEVER SEE A NOTHER CRAZY MOTHER F***** LIKE YOU" I just fell the tribute to Paul gray.

41 Gently
42 AOV

Why is it so low
It has elements of trash metal

43 Only One

Come on, vote for it. It's about Corey kicking a guy's ass, and only one of them walks away alive. - Scissors

44 Skin Ticket
45 Wherein Lies Continue

That main riff they keep going back to is way too punishing.

46 Welcome
47 Prosthetics
48 Snuff

That's the least heavy and aggressive by far. - GREATEST

Corey's voice is so raw in this. So Metal.

49 The Shape

It's right next to Metabolic

This song is SO HEAVY! when u listen to it there's a bunch of just (i can only describe it as a SLAP IN THE FACE) full of heaviness. awesome song. it's my 3rd or 4th favorite slipknot song.

50 The Virus of Life
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