Top 10 Most Aggressive Linkin Park Songs


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1 Given Up

This song shows LP's metal talents. even though I am not a very big fan of metal I have fallen I love with song!

All of LP's songs are great and this one deserves to be no 1 on the "AGGRESSIVE" charts. and the 18sec scream is awesome and this song has meaning to it unlike other "screamo" songs by other bands! love LP!

Awesome song! It's amazing how long Chester's scream at this song is its about 30 seconds CRAZY!
And by the way how the catalyst is #3 if it's not even a bit aggressive? I mean.. It's an awesome song but it shouldn't be on this list because it's not aggressive...

Just 18 seconds. If you want a 30 seconds scream listen to Open Face Surgery by Cryptopsy

Lp's most aggressive song... Chester's 17 sec scream... Wow!

It is mostly obvious. The screams are amazing, especially the 17 second scream (their longest one). Put me out of my misery.

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2 One Step Closer

No Song has so many screams as much this song has!
Caltalyst and given up is not that agrresive

Il love it it's amazing! It has so much screams! It's really catchy and I can't think of a better song. This belongs on number 1! Listen to it!



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3 Victimized

Victimized wins automatically. Shut down the poll.

This song brings back memories of the old Linkin Park. Its aggressive, its powerful, its right there with the rest but better. Love this so much.

Chester scream for half song

I'm not big fan of this song, but it is perfect for some phonies in my life

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4 Qwerty

Are you kidding me?! QWERTY is one the most aggressive nu metal songs ever - just listen to live version from Summer Sonic 2006!

Whose idea was it to not put this on Minutes to Midnight?

This song is amazing, but too bad its only on LPU 6 CD, otherwise I would've bought it.

Even if this is a "DEMO" it is still one of their best songs

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5 Keys to the Kingdom

When People thought they could have done nothing heavier than Victimized in these times, they come up with this song. This songs is where the whole Band sounds heavy I mean the Drums, Guitar, Vocal even Rap. This songs definitely deserves at least a Top 3 place

For those of you who think One Step Closer is higher than Keys to the Kingdom, you obviously haven't listened to it. - iPanther

This song is so angry and the vocals, drums, and guitars are a force to be reckoned with. This song without hesitation is one of their hardest since meteora/hybrid theory. Definitely deserves to be higher than 4.

This has got to be one of their heaviest songs. I know it beats One Step Closer. Everything about this song is extremely heavy and aggressive!

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6 Faint

Faint is the most aggressive song of linkin park! It should be number 1 and nothing less! Alright perhaps it can be after crawling but certainly not 15!

Viewing the list of agressive songs by LP this song seems to scream up I WONT BE IGNORED. Talking in the right way its one of the best song by Linkin Park.;

This is definitely one of their most aggressive songs, from their heavy riffs to Chester screaming "Don't turn your back on me! I won't be ignored! " - 3DG20

F@kn Intense!

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7 A Place for My Head

This is because Chester can make people go crazy and believe that he is angry!

After hearing this song I feel like screaming at the top of my voice like him!

LP 4 Life!

This Song Is Awesome, You Should Listen To The Live In Texas Version.

I don't get how crawling is above this. This song is the meaning of aggression. Plus the riff is just pure awesomeness!

Speechless, every time I hear it...

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8 From the Inside

How can chester screaming I wont waste myslef on you not be aggressive? This should be int top 3

I mean really do you want the scream from chester in the song to be at #6. Vote for better guys.

The last 60 seconds of the song speaks for itself... that breakdown at 1:50 will always be special

Watch the music video... it will change you.

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9 Crawling

! This belongs on no.2! This song is utterly amazing, may not be aggressive, however, it's has rough vocals. Which I consider aggressive!

Most aggressive as per my opinion.

Best song which I ever heard

This is 1,
Number 1
No More, No Less.

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10 No More Sorrow

This is the most agressive song by linkin park
1. no more sorrow
2. qwerty
3. given up
Rest after it, if you will listen them carefully

What? Why's no more sorrow at tenth.. ? This song is like super aggressive!

One of my all time favorites, starts slow but finishes so loud and spectacularly

LOL I don't know how people live with me listening to this

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11 War

When people thought they ran out of genres they (or Chester cause he created the demo of this song and hardly any changes were made to the demo according to Mike) came up with this feat Hardcore Punk (Not to be confused with Thrash Metal). The screams, the lyrics, Drums and the Guitar are fast and Powerful that they do it all under 120 secs. Definitely a Top 5 contender

War to me sounds like early thrash metal. This song is insanely aggressive. Even for linkin park

The most aggressive LP song I've ever heard

I felt its Metallica's song ENTER SANDMAN with a Metalcore sound.. (just my opinion... No offense please)

Linkin Park cool Thrash metal song...with mixture of Hardcore punk...super song sounds like early Metallica and Slayer...

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12 By Myself

This song is definitely one of the most agreesive songs by linkin park it deserves be at least 10th how the hell is from the inside and crawling up there? Those songs are good but it's not agressive as by myself

Man, how is it possible that this song isn't in the top 3?

I swear this song sounds like it has an alarm in it when Chester says myself

Agressive music

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13 Hit the Floor

This song is far more aggressive than some other songs by Linkin Park. It should be at the top of the list by much because it has great guitar, some of the best by LP, and many aggressive lyrics within the song. Also, I don't think that Crawling is aggressive.

Agressive songs at its best, none of linkin park's songs are better than this one

Best linkin park song

The heaviest Linkin Park song. Hands down.

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14 Bleed It Out

It should have been in top 10

By far one of their most awesomely hard and fun songs, even Mike's rap is aggressive as hell.

Should have been in top 5. This song is energetic and AGGRESSIVE

Takes the the top 4 spot.

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15 Blackout

This should be number 2 and none of the songs above it should be except given up. And the people that voted for numb are numb in the head

Blackout is Linkin Parks best song

This not in the top 10 list...!
I'm shocked...!

Same here. For me, this is one of their most aggressive songs. I don't think it should be number 1, but it should be on top 10 list

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16 Lying from You

People, seriously. Have you even listened to this song? It always sounds like Chester is ticked.

Deserves to be placed much higher

This is way more aggressive than crawling

This song is hardcore

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17 Lies Greed Misery

When I downloaded this song for the first time, I clicked on this song and heard the end and - SammySpore

Far out guys, the end of this song is just as agressive as Given Up and the other top songs. Give it some love! Start voting mates!

The lyrics. The rapping. The YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF. I was blown away.

This is like the most agressive song in living things

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18 Guilty All the Same

This song is awesome. I haven't heard all of the songs on this list, so I don't know if it should be at the top, but it is pretty aggressive and awesome

This song gives me a feeling in my chest, like I want to mosh so bad whenever I hear it!

The opening section just hooks me up...

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19 Numb

Numb is not agressive AT ALL! -_-

Numb is the best of top 10...Chester was the best vocals of them...I'm very surprised to know that he was died...rust in peace Chester...

Fairly, Numb should be #4, because Chester has put all his emotions into this one song. Best song of Meteora, and best of Linkin Park!


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20 Points of Authority

Damn, what's it doing' here in the 21st position? It definitely deserves to be in the top five. Listen it once, ya won't regret.

WHAT IS THIS SONG DOING DOWN HERE? It doesn't have many screams but the lyrics are definitely agressive

Points of Authority is by for more aggressive than the songs listed above. The song textures and digital effects are by more energetic and penetrating than many of the songs listed above. I think some users are confusing “raw” sound (screams / louder guitars) with aggressive sounds and mixes. In case today my opinion doesn't really count. Just wanted to leave some record of my appreciation for this group. RIP Chester Bennington.

This is nothing...listen to Pts.Of.Athrty...damn, most dangerous song... reanimation rocks..but neglected here... Listen to regretful, painful screaming.aahh...

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