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21 Rebellion

Those screams by Chazz, the riffs by Daron and Brad all these makes the song a sexpot

Finally Seeing some songs from the new album

Best Song, Daron Voice is very awesome

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22 Don't Stay

I think Don't Stay is Linkin Park best aggressive song
It's a powerful song..

There are literally like two parts in this song where Chester doesn't sound mad. This should be top 10 at least

Deserves to be in top 5! Come on Street Soldiers you all know that!

"Sometimes I just feel like SCREAMING AT MYSELF"

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23 Carousel

One of the most sincere Songs of Linkin Park and about drugs in general. I hope more people will understand this and, that this is also aggressive in the end (^^)

24 Nobody's Listening

How is this so low? This is one of their most aggressive tracks lyrically and musically. I would hardly say some songs are aggressive that are on this list. Plus, Hybrid Theory and Meteora have the most aggressive tracks compared to the rest. This, Hit the Floor, One Step Closer, A Place For My Head, Don't Stay, lying From You, By Myself, Figure.09, Papercut, Forgotten, and With You are all aggressive enough to be the top ten, and all of which are my favorites.

not better than numb, but comparatively more aggresive than numb - linkinrocks

This needs to be higher than 19

25 The Catalyst

Not aggressive. Good song though.

26 Papercut

It's totally agressive! Since this is the list for agressive songs, it should be in a higher place.

Aggressive with great lyrics! Should be higher up.

27 Forgotten

This song is my morning alarm. Great song love the guitar.

This should be at least no. 5

28 A Line in the Sand

Nice but too long

This song way aggressive but starts late because of shinoda. But still what's wrong with y'all.

29 With You

I love this song. It's one if their heavier songs once chester starts singing. Well placed on the list, but there are some that should be far behind it

The reason why this song isn't in the top 10 is that it ain't much popular.

First 5 seconds. Oh man..! - gaj2394

What? Ok fine, now where's With you Reanimation.
You know it man, this is crappie list. - gaj2394

30 Burn It Down

What the hell this song is doing in 23rd place?

I like Linkin Park and their songs

I don't think its aggressive...amazing song though

31 New Divide

Needs to be top 15!

32 Runaway

Runaway needs to be in the top 25 at least! This needs to be over leave out all the rest.

33 Wretches and Kings

This song is intense. The core vocals with turn your brain to crap. Yeah, I know there isn't much, "Screaming." But it's outrageously aggressive. It deserves to be way higher up then it's current spot.

This song doesn't deserve to be 28th! It's a ver aggressive/powerful song it should be way higher

Steel unload final blow we the animals take control...

34 Figure.09

Higher. Much higher. at least higher than papercut :/ numb and new divide :/

This song is heavier than A Place For My Head! Are you serious?!

35 Somewhere I Belong

Best of the lot for the first time new listeners who are not avid likers or followers of Linkin Park.This one deserves to be in top 10 of my wish list

36 Lost In the Echo

I know that technically I am voting for this, but this song is the furthest thing from aggressive as it gets lol

He screams once. Does that make the whole song aggressive?

This time I finally got you go now this is one of the best screams of chester - Paree

The Best Live (Lost In The Echo) SummerSonic 2013 Agressive Screams

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37 Wish

By far the most aggressive song. Ten times more aggressive than given up or any of the others

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38 When They Come for Me

I don't consider this song aggressive. But the F word is said 7 times. So I consider that aggressive.

The end is the best, but it�'s not aggressive

39 Breaking the Habit

How the hell is this more aggressive than Runaway?!

Terrible song and this song isn't aggressive. its just a pop crap song - Th3Zm0nst3r

40 Session
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