Top 10 Most Aggressive Linkin Park Songs


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41 In the End

This song is nowhere near aggressive unless you count that short second half of the bridge - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

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42 Behind Your Lies
43 Until It's Gone
44 All for Nothing

Awesome music, awesome rapping, awesome singing. enough said

This song has heavy guitar riffs by Page, needs to be in top 10

45 Wastelands
46 Somewhere I Belong

Best of the lot for the first time new listeners who are not avid likers or followers of Linkin Park.This one deserves to be in top 10 of my wish list

47 And One

No reviews not at all popular...really? ?

48 Until It Breaks
49 Step Up

This is just mike no aggression

50 Blackbirds
51 Skin to Bone
52 Mark the Graves
53 Wth>You

God, first 10 secs, man get on up , in the end emotional heart touching with anger diminishing. This in 54?. Does nobody likes it..guys really?


I also really like the demo of normal version BUT THIS IS GREAT. LAST ON THE LIST, HOW?

I feel tempo is low... put it to 110 or 113 perfectly painful...damn...

54 Easier to Run
55 Breaking the Habit

How the hell is this more aggressive than Runaway?!

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