Most Annoying Adverts

How many times have you turned on the TV and caught the start of a really annoying advert. Well here's the pick of the bunch.

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If you're reading this comment and you're about to compare insurance, go literally anywhere else. Stop giving Confused the money to make their painful, meaningless, torturous ads. - PositronWildhawk

Brian gets attached to a scrapyard magnet, losing his arm in the process. When it gets dark, he said "At least it's not raining." But then it starts raining. Then, at the centre, all of the robots are alerted "Help Brian"

2 That's Travelodge-ical!

Bloody annoying and on all the time, over and over again. Press mute!

3 Crazy frog ringtone

The frog deserves to die a slow, painful death. - NoobPwner

OMG, We are all so tired of that.

so many frogs... so many little damn frogs... - Farfromtrouble5

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4 Kinder Bueno Humpty Dumpty Advert

It is so unbelievably creepy! What made anyone think that children would find it funny?! I gave them all nightmares, for crying out loud! - sdravenson

God, this ad is awful! The creepiest thing ever! - PositronWildhawk

Actually this ad was for Kinder Surprise, but I still believe it sucks big time (see my anti-Kinder Surprise list). - Aragorn98

5 Muller Yogurt (Rice Rice Baby)


6 Head on

head on apply directly to the forehead head on apply directly to the forehead I want to kill whoever invented that commercial

Head on commericals are meant to give you headaches so that you'll buy their product. - frostwiire

7 Go Compare

The old adverts were SO ANNOYING, they drove me crazy! But now the adverts are kind of boring and I hate to admit this but I kind of miss them!

The only problems with it is the song and the go compare man. So yeah, I pretty much hate it all.

The only version of this ad that did not cause me to mute the T.V. was the silent movie one.

His voice goes through annoying

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8 Santander's 123 Account
9 Lloyds Bank

The female singer voice that accompanies the advert is unreservedly pathetic. If one stops to listen to the manner in which the lyrics are voiced you can only assume that the singer is both drunk, has a lisp and has been infantalized for the sake of some dubious style consideration.

10 Admiral Insurance

The most ridiculous notion, a very young woman admiral, pathetic

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11 Sheilas wheels

For ladies who insure they're cars...
We're looking for insurance here not X-factor.

If there were a male version of this, I bet you women would be offended. - PotBellyPup

12 Domino's Pizza Domino's Pizza Domino's Pizza Inc. is a large American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960. The corporation is headquartered at the Domino's Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.
13 Cadbury's gorilla

this gives you absolutly no idea what your supposed to buy until they show you the cadbury bar - wildog47

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14 The halifax Summer beach ad

Ok this is about the worst cliche since pringles

15 Mucinex
16 The pot noodle horn!

Have you got the pot noodle horn?

17 Huggies little swimmers

The one where the toddler sucks up all the sea water with her nappy.
hooray for huggies!

18 Cilit Bang with Barry Scott

BANG, and the dirt is gone!

Hi I'm Barryy Scot

19 The snickers feast

Ok for 1 they totally ripped off pot noodles with 'the feasting horn' and two. Ok he drops the chocolate. Ahhh!

20 ad
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