Akane Tendo (Ranma ½)

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Akane Tendo is the mangaka's self-insert. She's so desirable and perfect and the narrative always makes her out to be in the right. She wins fights against stronger opponents because the author gives her some McGuffin with wich to win and never lets her get her ass handed to her. I really wish Ranma would fall out of love with her and let her get her just deserts, but no Ranma or someone else always have to bail her out and save the damsel. She is the most infuriating character precisely because she is the author's pet. I hate Genma less! And he is horrible! Author's pets are just that awful and rage inducing. It doesn't help that her personality is truly horrid and that she is terrible to Ranma. If I hear another word about how they are both bad for each other I will explode! I want to see how fans would like it if Akane was the one to defend herself from Ranma's insults by insulting him back and then was beaten physically by him in retaliation. Yeah, that never happened. Like I'm ...more - Dollmaker

Ranma/Akane: Now with this I'm on Ranma's side not just cause I'm a guy, but the fact is Akane what ever insecurites she has really does not have much to back why she does this beyond being a immature brat. She lost her mom and didn't really have much disapline with her anger, Ranma was taken from his mom so long ago he barly remembered her and still came out good even with all the other crap he went threw. Then found he did have a mom, but wanted to kill him and have all the sins of his father come back to bite him not his dad. with all this stuff happening to Ranma and still coming out a good guy I have no sympathy for Akane. To me the two could never work because of one thing. Akane is will not change and adapt. she can not handle the fact she is not the best and she will refuse to let Ranma do anything to challenge her view of him and the world. while she may have some good moment threw out the her cons far out streched the pros.

Well it's for a number of reasons but the main ones are that; she never listens to Ranma when he tries to explain something, she always hits him nonstop for absolutely nothing, and she doesn't really bring anything to the show :/

You could probably bring the show to that interesting gender/sexual identity blurring if a plausible scenario could be constructed that would keep Ranma is his female form even with a hot water splashing for a while. He wouldn't have a real (non-comedic) reason to explore this unless he believed himself stuck as a she.

1. Ranma/Akane - The perfect hot and cold relationship every episode brings new memorable moments show just how much they care for each other... even if they don't admit it.
#07. ) Akane Tendo (Ranma 1/2): I know that many people hated Akane for her tsundae temper and how she beats up Ranma all of the time before he can explain everything to her.
But they also forget that she's in this very awkward state were she wants to be treated like a lady, but with all of the boys in school being total perverts, she also doesn't want to be treated like a sex-toy or a trophy girlfriend either. Even though Akane gets carried away with beating the crap out of Ranma whether he deserves it or not; It's mostly because she's insecure around Ranma when it comes to relationships.
With Ranma being attractive in both forms, she can't help but feel jealous because she has to compete with many different girls and her fiance makes a better looking girl than her.

Akane entirely needs to take responsibility for her actions and quit blaming on other people, especially Ranma.

Why is she not more hated? I seriously hated her so much! I wanted to slap her every episode (well outside of one single episode).

I'm just going to put it like this I don't care who it is from this anime they're from the same person who made Inuyasha and I despise the person who made Inuyasha so there

I think all of this I bull, the show's success was imaginable and I really enjoyed it so much that I wastched all the episodes and read the whole manga. If that woman isn't a genius to have come up with 2 classics unforgettable anime's then I don't know what the hell she is.

No fair! Akane always gets all the defense and gets everything and everything else and Ranma always get blamed for everything and everything else. Rumiko Takahashi should've get it together back then before in the first place.

Rinne and Sakura are more mature than other Takahashi couples.

I hate akane so much, like for on thing hate anyone who is sexist

She gets possessive with Ranma too.

They always meant to be which I love their relationship. They remind me so much of Inuyasha and Kagome.

No offense taken. All the girls are nice but Ukyo doesn't boss him around and nag like Akane. Neither is she so quick to violence like Shampoo either. Always friendly, what more can you ask?

Heh, oh, poor Ranma, and just how tempermentally stupid can Akane get?

Yeah, Akane sucks.

I like because: Similar to why I like Kagome. And 'Kane's a MUCH more heavily flawed character, as both a person and a character, but I still adore her and how feisty she is.

I like when she's shipped with Ryoga! Ranma x Akane is overrated!

Ok folks, time for my two cents. First off Ranma 1/2 doesn't need to finish the manga ending they got a pachico machine for that. What ranma needs is not a reboot but a time skip. 
i could see a Ranma movie to finish the manga ending. but id like to see them do like they are doing for tenchi with the short stories. I want to see ranma in college I wanna see him instruct rhe dojo I wanna see him threaten to move out or get a job as a waitress put hos girl side to use I wanna see his feelings for shampoo and ukyo develop. I want Akane to realize what she's loosing.

Beginning with the manga/anime category Tsundere (if you don't know what it is,  for that is the internet). I personally like her, maybe because I identified myself with her (Yeah,  I also have a bad temper). Akane is hated for that... Come on! It's only Japanese comedy.

Rumiko hates Ranma and Urusei Yatsura. It's sad. Rumiko sucks at doing serious action drama such as Inuyasha and the new show "Rinne" (or whatever it was called). She sucks at what she likes doing and she hates the things she is good at.

Kagome and Akane sadly are victims of Rumiko's bad whorish writing. Kagome and Inuyasha's romance is forced, HARD. Akane and Ranma need to move on. Ryoga is better for Akane and Ukyo for Ranma... Ranma 1/2 while a wacky show has a aspect of Evangelion I had "Forceful father". Why are all bad fathers named Genma?!
Yeah sadly, it shows in all her stuff -. - painfully so in Ranma and Inuyasha as much as I love both.
Oh GOD YES. Rumiko is not good at developing plot, characters, and romances. She just sets up a pretty nice status quo and then painfully draws it out.

I really liked Ranma as a character as well as a few of the others, but the show had no real plot, or direction. I mean when I reflect on Ranma I can't help but think how much better the show would have been if Ranma didn't have to carry the burden of 
Akane, on almost every God Damn episode. 
Many a time I just wanted to see Ranma pimp slap Akane into a wall, not because I like to see men abuse women, but because Akane is a psychopathic, manipulative, abusive little witch, and deserves it. Then afterwords when Soun Tendo, and Genma are blathering like total Vaginas, making Ranma feel like crap for defending himself I'd like to see Ranma knock both of their dicks in the dirt for forcing him into that abusive situation, and walk.