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3. Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha: "Oh, hi! My name is Kagome, and I'm just the average middle-school student! I'm a ditsy klutz that trips over my own feet all the time, and I'm pretty much useless except for the fact that I have some totally convenient power that helps me detect the locations of super powerful Jewel shards. I get mad all the time at the smallest, stupidest of things (which usually happen to be my fault most of the time, now that I think about it), and enjoy physically torturing a half-dog demon boy that happens to be my interest. Just, you know, because. (Inuyasha's cute when he's in pain. HEHEHEHEHE! )" Kagome in a nutshell. And, just wondering, am I the only one that thinks that pretty much every other chick in the show looks more like Kikyo than Kagome (who happens to be her reincarnation)? Because that's been seriously bothering me...

She totally ties with Orihime, InuYasha could have happened without the love triangles. Rin should have been the heroine who mended the relationship between Sesshomaru and InuYasha so that they could fulfil their destiny of destroying Naraku... InuYasha could ave been done without the stupid 'Feudal Fairy Tail'. Who lost the Jewel - Kagome, Who lost it a second time - Kagome, who shattered the damned thing - Kagome, who kept on losing those forsaken shards - Kagome... She just fails on so many levels and she sits InuYasha for no reason sometimes. The whole 'sit and Kikyo' situation are to fool her gullible fans into thinking this idiot girl is not a Mary Sue - she is people, she is. She will never be an Erza or a Saeka she is a fail

I love the anime but it can easily be told without Kagome, she is dynamically annoying majority of her lines yelling INUYASHA or SIT BOY some nonsense. Shes just another Orihime copy just X 10. First off what person in their right mind would want to venture into a land filled with demons and monsters and a possibility of getting killed rather than going to school (like a teenage girl is supposed to), It doesn't make sense to me at all and her parents just allow this? What... The only good thing about it is she can sense jewel fragments and shoot powerful arrows who barely makes up for being annoying. I don't mind the romance plot so much if shes true to Inuyasha (which gets thrown out the window when Koga enters the scene) ug anyway I still love the anime I just don't like Kagome ugg...

It's not fair! She's Little Miss Perfect who always win the all the arguments and all the other arguments and gets away with everything. Everybody and everybody else is always on her side. Somebody or somebody else has gotta take Inuyasha's side too which it's a lot fairer. It's not fair! Kagome always gets all the defense. Come on, Inuyasha needs a lot of defense too so far. You're so stupid and unfair, Rumiko Takahashi!

How am I a troll and how is what I just said stupid? I am just pointing out that Akane and Kagome both deserve a taste of the pain they put Ranma and InuYasha thru as all the times they unfairly got beaten up or buried into the dirt that's all.

2. Inuyasha/Kagome - Another hot and cold relationship but just different then RaAk cause of the fact they've both admitted they love each other topped by the kiss in the second movie.

*Inuyasha and Kagome (Inuyasha): Another couple from Ms. Takahashi that's been hated irrationally.

Whether it's the Inuyasha fangirls, the InuyashaxKikyo shippers, or the girls that hate Kagome for the wrong reasons.

But like Ranma and Akane, Inuyasha and Kagome do care about each other only they don't physically fight each other (Kagome just shouts out "Sit" to drive Inuyasha nuts).

And the moments they shared in the final chapter where they confessed their feelings is very romantic. &

I like because: I like her in spite of all of those traits, feel she's a strong heroine, and don't get the hate I see for her.

Arrogant brat of a girl. When she runs out of arrows, she hides behind wolf-boy. I like the fact that the Shikon Jewel trapped her and told her she didn't belong there. She was power-tripping because she can find the Jewel but other than that, she's a nagging pain in the butt.

3: I have the same feelings for Kagome that I do for Akane. She'll find any reason to smack Inu-Yasha. She's stubborn and selfish and figures "Why should I do any work when I can get Inu-Yasha to do it". Not to mention "I can't go shard hunting, I have to study for tests wah, wah, wah".

The InuyashaxKagome pairing was built upon childish bickering and power struggles that really made the two contemptible in my eyes. Also, their piggyback gimmick, while cute, was ultimately too cheesy for my tastes.

She was overly possessive with Inuyasha.

Annoying as hell character, she only relies on inuyashas help, she says his name like 100 times a episode, she stalks sango, miroku, inuyasha, kikyo and many more characters she can't even do anything when she's getting kidnapped, she can't run away from enemy without tripping, needs to know everything even if its someones personal information, HOW is she the recornation of kikyo? She doesn't even look like her, she starts most of the problems between inuyasha, she's got anger problems, she tortures inuyasha with the sit, every time she's pissed off she pushes off miroku on kirara so he has to run you know inuyasha doesn't also have to carry you, you have legs you can run. She can't keep problems god I hate Kagome every guy likes her she's annoying as hell never going to like her I despise her

She is just a general pain in the ass

Akane's possessive with Ranma too.

Abusive, Loud, Thinks she is the center of attention, Doesn't do much, Etc.

I don't thinks she's annoying. She's a pretty good character and he sit inuyashas are pretty funny. She's coming to the land because she's brave and generous and want to help. She's not annoying. Compare to other humans she is a bot stronger, plus she's the only female, apart from Kikyou, who's able to put inuyasha on a leash.

I know right. I don't even know how Inuyasha can handle her.

Ya'know, the whole story is about a girl finding a way back in time to Feudal Japan. People who feel like the story can go better without her, well then, we don't have a story... The manga would be forever blank! So people who are complaining about Kagome, just stop... 'Cause all you're really doing is just complaining about the Anime and Manga as a whole.

I like Kagome, I just agree with you about her being a victim of poor writing. Makes me feel sorry for her more than anything. Direct your hate towards Rumiko Takahashi, not the character.

Whys she always wearing her uniform

Um I do not think kagome is that annoying after all without her there wouldn't be a anime called inuyasha okay!

Everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but it's a pet-peeve of mine when people dis characters for false reasons. Kagome does not run off to Kouga. HE runs looking for HER, and she greets him kindly. Inuyasha has a nasty habit of out every time she speaks to him, but he can run off whenever he gets the first whiff of Kikyo? Another thing is she doesn't abuse the rosary, she uses it whenever Inuyasha is being insensitive/a jerk. I do agree with you on the damsel thing, it is annoying, but I don't think it merits for the amount of dislike you have for her.

No no no this is just wrong, she's a good main female character unlike Sakura and Lucy

I really hate how abusive she is to Inuyasha, she always sits him and is always an ungrateful burden of a selfcenterd bratlinger

Kagome is the 3 most hated female anime character in Japanese website