Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

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Lucy Heartfilia is a wizard in the guild, Fairy Tail. Her magic is called celestial spirit magic which allows her to summon spirits from another world. She currently possesses fifteen celestial keys, which is an extraordinary number for a celestial mage. She gets along best with Team Natsu, containing more.


She never wins a single fight, at least on her own. Her magic is worthless; I don't know how many times she summons one of the Zodiac spirits (supposedly the most powerful of celestial spirits), only for them to just get one shot by the enemy. She is supposed to have a massive reservoir of magic to allow her to summon multiple spirits at once, but never thinks to do this in an actual fight. She doesn't support the summons in any way either. She also has several "utility" spirits, but this aspect is rarely used and downplayed. Pretty much all she does is whine and get saved by Natsu. She is pretty much only in the anime because of her jiggly bits... But Erza also has Jiggly bits! Erza is also badass! Wait, why is Lucy here again?

Useless. Which is why I find it hard to ship Natsu and her together. Never have I seen her win a fight alone alone with her keys. She doesn't even have a strong will sometimes to go on because someone has to encourage her. Even Wendy, the little girl is more useful HECK even Gajeel's cat is more useful than her. Why is this girl the main character. Not to mention she gets lazy easily. Always dependant on something. only reason why she is not as annoying as Sakura is because she doesn't punch Nastu and fawn over Gray. That is it. Literally.

This character annoys the ____ out of me! I want to punch her in the face every time I see her and tell her to get lost! Take a good 5 minutes and imagine fairy tail with out Lucy... Lot bet right? If you can't see how much better it would be I suggest you go get a reality check. Unlike half you pervs out there (I know not all of you are but admit it a lot are) I'd rather see some plot development than an other panty shot or oops Lucy lost her cloths again! It's getting on my nerves! Is this what the majority of our population whats to see? If so doubt the future of our world.

She is so annoying and weak. I really hate her. I always wonder why she was part of the Grand Magic Games and she just embarrasses herself in front of everyone. A useless girl.

She is extremely annoying. I respect the ships with her in it, and I know that NaLu is basically canon, and all my friends ship it, but she's way too useless in battles and it always ends in Natsu saving her sorry butt, ALWAYS. Her magic is horrible in a lot of situations and SHE'S NOT EVEN THE ONE FIGHTING! Her attitude is petty and sassy, and I personally hate people like that. All she cares about is her 'sex appeal' and what-not. She says that she'll do anything for her guild and all, Fairy Tail, but she's only been in it for 2 or 3 years (not including the extra 7 years) when Natsu, Erza, Gray, and the rest or their generation has been in the guild for just about 7 years. She has a shrill voice (no hate to the voice actor) and she acts like she has the worst past ever. Has she lost an eye? (Erza) No. Has she been a slave? (Erza) No. Has her teacher/someone close to her been killed in front of her eyes? (Gray) No. Does she KNOW her OWN past?! (Natsu) Yes! My god, can't Mashima kill ...more

Wait, she's the main protagonist of Fairy Tail? I always thought she was a supporting character. Well, looks like it's about time people stop calling Kirito the worst character in the history of anime (to be honest, I love Kirito's character), because here is the true offender: Lucy Heartfilia! A damsel in distress does not deserve to be the main protagonist! I honestly think Natsu should have been the main protagonist, because maybe he is. Hell, Asuna is 10 times better than Lucy.

First her magic is LITERARY summoning others to fight for her so she can throw the friendship out. She can't even WIN a fight without her keys that's how she gotten beat the out of her in the grand magic games. She SACRIFICED Aquarius's key even though she didn't want to IF YOU DON'T WANT TO THAN DON'T. Heck she got into that situation b/c she couldn't even beat up a villain that Natsu defeated. I don't know if it's a spoiler or not but SPOILERS during the time after fairy tail disbanded she became a bikini model while everybody else trained the flip out to defend Floria. SURE she did get new power, BUT she only does Lucy kick so much for usefulness. Also she gets into situations Natsu has to save her and gets hurt in the process. There was even an arc about a guild trying to kidnap her, the fairy tail guild gets beaten up, Lucy STILL gets kidnap, and THROUGHOUT the whole arc she didn't lift a finger to help fairy tail out all she did was cry and whine.

Lucy is the dansel in distress always natsu has to save her ass I feel so sorry for him because lucy can't fight her own battles like come on either u stay out of the way or help them her magic is just lazy ass magic she be like oh aquarius come fight for me and she is against people who act like celestial spirits are weapons well DUMBASS if you haven't noticed your doing the same -__- she is the weakest female in the series and she always tries to use seduction -__- like seriously is that your only attack also she is only a fan service character -__- she ruined the series its really good only if she was not in it :(

She is just very annoying when the fairy tail started she was okay but when they went to the first quest she got so annoying and after more and more annoying.

How is she not number 1? Lmao she's so damn annoying and people who actually think that Lucy is a good character have their standards set extremely low lol. She is just a side chick, that's it. The series would be perfectly fine without her sorry ass being so useless all the time.

Annoying. Useless main character, Crybaby, everyone loves her, always kidnapped, somehow always gets naked, no way does she weigh 103 pound, tries making friends with everyone, I HATE LUCY.

I kind of like her, but it really gets on my nerves when Lucy tries to manipulate people through her looks, and when she keeps "flirting" with Gray just to make poor Juvia upset.

She the reason why people will never take fairy tail Seriously

She's so annoying! Everything about her seems to be fan service. - RizaLovato

I don't understand how Lucy has the majority of the golden keys and she still has trouble executing a battle scene. Like, why? What is the point?!

I just wish wish wish that I can watch fairy tail one day but...that's can an single character piss you off so much to the point that you don't even want to watch an awesome anime that has more than 100 episodes and by the way why isn't Lucy even on the top three no offense I won't surprised even if she's number one

Lucy is easily the worst and most useless character in Fairy Tail. Her spirits jump out on their own 90% of the time and she thinks she can use her body to get out of every situation like UGH, grow up Lucy. She should be number 1 honestly.

I couldn't even get past the third volume of Fairy Tail because of her and her fanservice. She's the most annoying main character I've ever had the displeasure of knowing about.

She should be up higher on this lust. Just saying.

Fairy tail seems like a great show but I can't bring myself to continue watching it because of this one character! Just take her out. Please.

I'd prefer it if she was a side charecter and Erza took over as the main female protagonist Lucy needs to grow up!

Lucy is so useless. Please kill her off and replace her with someone else like erza.

Natsu always has to save her. If I was him, I would let the idiot die.

Useless annoying piece of $hit that causes almost all the problems for the guild. Don't understand why villains are after this useless crybaby that can't manage to do anything. Might as well kidnap a potato as it has more use than Lucy.

Fairy Tail would be so much better without Lucy.