Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

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For her, it's always "Why do I have to keep getting saved? I should improve and be useful! " but it always ends up with her getting into some situation with her being a 'damsel in distress' and having Ichigo save her. This didn't just happen once, she had to repeatedly be in a sticky situation and rely on her friends to bail her out. Each time she promises to become stronger and able to stand on her own, but she always ends up needy and dependent on others.

Oh my lord I have never come across a more annoying character in anime or in ALL T.V. in general! All she does is make poor decisions, cry, look sad and confused and say names!

She needs about 50% less screen time and 90% less dialogue to make her somewhat bearable, she contributes nothing to the group and is kind of pathetic in my opinion.

I am without words for her character, and I can't fathom why anyone would actually like her. She was semi-likeable during the beginning with her little humorous moments, but eventually she just became harder to stand. She is dependable on others, which wouldn't be so bad if she made her self useful on her own and had actual development while being independent. I guess her character was chained to the ground so as to not give her a chance to grow. Always wanted to be useful, but never put in the effort and never had the will apart from doing whatever Ichigo needed her to do, which is not a good message to spread to young girls who have a crush on a guy. Ladies, take it from someone who has idolized a man before: It is not worth it to put a guy on a pedestal so high they can't even see your worth. I guess my main beef with her is that I see myself in her, at least who I became when I thought I was "in love" with a guy. It irks me how naive and delusional she is. That's not the ...more

There was an episode in Bleach where she never said anything other than "Kurosaki-kun".. It's the most annoying part! And also she's weak, and like and useless..

The most annoying moment is when she said "Kurosaki-kun" aargh.. Kurosaki-kun over there.. Kurosaki-kun over here.. And then she cried. Oh man..

Orihime should be on number one really I am serious I mean I've never seen a character just like her... always Kurosaki kun.. Kurosaki kun... Ughh so STUPID and USELESS.. yeah she always says that she will change and be better and stronger but always ended up being protected by others.. I really hate Sakura from Naruto before and I was like oh she is the most useless anime character but when I saw Orihime I was like Oh Sakura isn't that much useless, she is kind of useful anyway and the moment I saw Orihime she just steal the most annoying and useless character from Sakura.. Orihime the crown is now yours... and people should stop comparing her on Hinata, I must admit that they have this kind aura but Orihime is really different from her I mean Hinata is strong enough to fight for the one that she love(Naruto) unlike Orihime that always rely on the one she is claiming that she love(but not really love for me), I am talking about how she just cried and scream Kurosaki kun Help me in an ...more

She's the most proper example to express sexism. She does not love Ichigo for real, just lust.

Inoue Orihime.. she got some interesting power to be honest, the power to cancel events by putting a barrier around the item or person.

A shield that can be powerful, her attack is pretty weak but the power can increases depending on her feelings.

Now, she is also an extremely annoying character, she keeps saying "Kurosaki-kun" and crying like a 6 years old, I would be okay with that if it was only for a single episode but I mean come on it's ALL the time.

What pisses me off the most is that when a battle is approaching, she says she want to get strong and fight, (with her current ability I think she would be able to defeat weak guys at least) but instead of "fighting" when she confronts an opponent she doesn't want to kill him and that, make me so mad!

Don't say you want to fight and protect your friends if you cry when an enemy get injured for God sake.

I don't mind her being stupid and eating weird, however if she had a strong ...more

She's so annoying, she's better run.
-Save me kurosaki-kun... save me... and save me!
-Kurosaki-kun all the time.
-She's so stupid.
-Super boob.
-Super jealous. - ruki94

For real though, I used to find her stupidity hysterical at the beginning of bleach and I really liked her. She got really annoying when she decided to go with Ulqiorra and still said bye to Ichigo, like seriously! How stupid can a person get? And she really didn't have to leave Soul Society, she's a weak person who lacks resolve. If she wants to join a battle, she should at least buck up!

She pisses me off so damn much! Dude she is mega annoying, with her "kurosaki kun" rant!

THANK YOU! I could not agree more... Just hearing that breathy, whiny "Kurosaki-kun" 10x an episode is enough to turn my stomach. And come on knock off the ultra bleeding heart heal your enemies bull... She takes naivety to a whole new level. I find myself fantasizing about how many grizzly ways I could kill her character off... And that is about the only value in her screen presence.

I get that the series needs a healer/gentle type, but Orihime is seriously useless. She has weak powers that are hyped up and there is a whole squad dedicated to healing people already. Furthermore, she heals Maramosa in the Zampakto filler arc. Are they trying to get us to hate her?

She can't do anything except use those pins on her head and shout out the words kurosaki! Kurosaki! - cielphantomhive

ugh she's a bitch. I hate how she looks, with her super fit shirt, god those boobs. ew.

My main issue with this character is how she portrays a very obsessive woman on the verge of becoming a stalker. And somehow it isn't considered to be creepy or invasive, but intended to be "cute", just because the character is not a man, but a sexy girl with big breasts. This behavior is not healthy, and I'm not even going to be sorry when I say it's creepy.

She never gets past this obsession with "Kurosaki-kun", isn't given any character development, is stuck in her role of victim throughout the whole series. Many times she promised to become strong, so she wouldn't be a burden for everyone on the battlefield, in the end she always ends up either a nuisance or useless.

On top of that, which bothers me personally the most, she doesn't respect her supposed love's privacy. It made me cringe, when she went to Ichigo's childhood friend to ask about his past, to snoop into his private life behind his back. And those who read the manga, know it was a ...more

Yeah this character is off the wall laugh out loud! "Don't Die Ichigo! " I've lost count how many times she's said that memorable anime phrase. - Dartz

Ugh! All she does is "Kurosaki-kun! Kurosaki-kun! " non stop! She has such an irritating voice! I mean, how many times does a girl have to be saved?! I can nearly, almost say that she is worse than Sakura Haruno but I won't! She pisses me off big time! She is one of the only reasons I didn't completely love Bleach! Oh my stars, I cannot believe I ever liked Orihime! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

Are you forget or what? Orehime is weak ugly she can't fight, always cry. So annoyingI have never see other girl like that. SO annoying. - Jhosen_cool

I will never have a friends like this. if a person want me become his/her friend I will dismiss this person because I don't like this personality and a lack of backbone to bute in my group my groups of friends.

Let's face it, her powers are ill-fitting to the group. Everyone's abilities match relatively well (Ichigo using a big-ass sword, Uryu uses a spirit bow and... Catholicism? , and Chad has hilariously ridiculous strength), but what's hers? The magic BS-Fairies that can make impractically small shields, heal wounds despite most people ignoring them, and make a lousy attempt at attacking which usually doesn't do anything anyway (okay, it worked ONE time, but still).

But nothing... NOTHING can compare to her inability to SHUT UP. I swear, the show loses audience members every time she either opens her mouth or internally-monologues. When she's not telling US something we already knew she's usually telling everyone else something they don't care about.

"Hey, are you okay? "

"Oh, I'm fine! I'm super duper! This isn't the first time I've hit my head! "

"Well okay, then we should-"

"In fact, there was one time I fell down the ...more

Personally, I find it unfair that Orihime is on this list. She is literally very, very similar to Hinata, who most people adore, yet Orihime is hated on. Do people forget that Orihime has some unique, God-like abilities? Including healing that could even put the likes or Unohana and Tsunade to shame? Is it because she doesn't fight very often? Seeing as how that's generally what pacifists do? It actually just shows how caring she is, not wanting to see friend or foe hurt. Maybe people also forget, but her powers are increased or decreased based on her emotional state, meaning if see was pissed off, or just confident in her abilities, she could actually do amazing offensive abilities, like rejecting things created by God. Maybe people need to look a bit deeper into characters before branding them as horrible or annoying. Boo-hoo, shes cries Kurosaki-kun. If that's seriously all it takes to dislike a character, maybe you shouldn't watch anime. It's full of repetition. As a final note, I ...more

She could literally kill anyone stronger than her by continuously crying "Kurosaki-kun" but then being the total idiot she is, she'd probably just heal her opponent right back up just to be beaten to a pulp so that Ichigo can come save her. Not that I mind her being beaten to a pulp, but Ichigo going to go save her is such a pain really. If Ichigo ends up with Orihime, I'm going to cry with Ichigo and every Bleach fan out there.

When I was reading Naruto I thought sakura was annoying but why would a girl with a power like orihime's be crying and shouting kurosaki-kun every time. Everybody calls him ichigo then you hear an annoying voice screaming kurosaki-kun in tears. Makes her big boobs annoying to look at

She's just so annoying! I think she's just as useless as Sakura!

What I meant is sakura in (Naruto! ) not in ( prince of tennis (typo)(sorry).