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161 Louise (The Familiar of Zero)

Shes the worst type of tsundere there is shes stupid mean abusive arrogant and stuck up and don't give me crap about her having reasons she is a Malicious ungrateful bully

Again another pink-haired character being a little business

There's a reason why she is the top 1 most annyoing character in Anime America

I hate her but she is not the worst tsundere cause she DOES get better

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162 Obito Uchiha (Naruto) Obito Uchiha (Naruto)

I like Obito during his childhood, but grown-up Obito...

In Obito's brain, he always think RIN, RIN, AND RIN! Only Rin!

WARNING SPOLIERS: The Akatsuki made waay better antagonists. Obito is just another Uchiha driven by revenge. Maybe if he would listen and trust, he would know WHY Kakashi killed Rin. I very strongly dislike Uchihas.

Most annoying charcter, why? Because he's haterd he have a black heart and I can't describe his annoying, and I'm still shocked why he's the 139th? Thumbs down for him

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163 Satsuki Momoi (Kuroko no Basuke)

MOMOI! Is so annoying Tets-kun! She's always shouting that when she sees him she's the worst I hate her so much

So true I hate the ship with her and Aomine

If I say I hate her, it'll sound like I'm jeal of an anime character. She hasn't done anything wrong, but I understand why some people would hate her...

Okay, I get she's important to the story and all but seriously! Good grief lady! From announcing chest sizes upon great of Riko, to "Tetsu-kun! " every time she sees him! Gah stop with the stupid fan-service! It was funny when Riko go pissed but all the guys fall for her stupid charms. She is a stalker! I do not want to know how she gets her info, especially the personal stuff.
The reason she's annoying is because she is almost just fan-service and touchy-feely.
Give me a break damn it.

164 Kaname Kuran (Vampire Knight)

He's on this list because of the manga right?

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165 Kosaki Onodera (Nisekoi)

Another KanaHana voiced character. She's so incredibly annoying all Onodera does is blush, faint, stutter and gets help by her friend! God can you be that irritating?
Typical mary sue._.

I hate this one. She is too soft and I don't like her for Raku.

#TeamChitoge here

Too softspoken and as someone already said... all she does is blush and stutter. shes always depending on her friend ruri, I mean do something for yourself for once


166 Heroine (Amnesia) V 1 Comment
167 Yuki (Vampire Knight)

I find her REALLY annoying! All she says in many episodes over and over is "Kaname..." Or... "ZERO! " Frankly, the whole anime was just garbage to me, what looked like it could've been good was just... Ugh.. So much drama! More like a soap opera! She's a completely useless character who only gets herself into trouble. - SoulDeathTheKidMaka414

She makes me want to punch myself in the throats. She's way worse than Bella Swan GOD and she chose both what the hell?! Just choose at least one and stop whining over everything and Don't cry cause you won't pick one I hated her from the beginning

She's too annoying, at the end of the series, she could pick to go with Her friend Zero, or her older brother Kaname, basically, she's all like, "Man, two guys want me... Who's the obvious choice? MY BROTHER! "

She is the Twilight's Bella of Anime. She is such a damsel and just another "tsundere" that needs to be rescued. - Peculiar

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168 Shinoa Hiragi (Seraph of the End)

She so annoying her voice and the way she speaks always thinks shes cool

169 Tomoki Sakurai (Sora no Otoshimono) Tomoki Sakurai (Sora no Otoshimono)

Should at least be in the top 10. Typical perv with very few redeeming qualities. Trying to make him look smart and cute is harder than building a space shuttle in your own shed. - Entranced98

170 Yukino Aguria (Fairy Tail) V 1 Comment
171 Pinoco (Bleack Jack)

Wow, one character can ruin a perfectly good story. I really don't get why there's this apparent need to create cute style characters that just scream at people, it ruins the flow of story. Besides her whole back story is disgusting and creepy.

172 Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!) Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!)

I am so sorry to all you toradora fans but this girl is the reason why I can't STAND that anime, I don't mind tsunderes but THIS GIRL IS THE WORST SHUT UP AND GO TO HELL AND THANK RYUUJI OR SOMETHING I don't know WHAT HIS NAME IS BUT JUST SHUT your FACE UP, please

I couldn't even watch the show she was so annoying

Taiga's not annoying. Shut up all you haters!

Little bitch calling her boyfriend a dog what.

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173 George Kojima (Case Closed)

All he thinks about is food in some cases and he post to be a leader but he not he get easily distracted and get some of his friends endanger! And sometimes take credit that he did all of that but it was Conan(Shinichi) in movie 5 I think he something very stupid( I don't want to spoil the movie) that might endangered so many life to the people! I want this and the others(expected for Ai and Conan) to be gone and stop being the main characters of this anime! Gosho you still have the enough time to take them down before you end the series!

174 Syaoran Li (Tsubasa Chronicle)

Dude he's not a brat to her in Tsubasa.. get your facts straight. He's trying to save her life by collecting all her missing feathers.. What you mean is Card Captor Sakura

Why is he in this list at least he was not that whiny

Why is he such a brat to Sakura? Especially Mei. After all the things she did for him. Arrogant Brat.

175 Matagu Shido (Please Teacher/Please Twins!)

Why is Winry on this list?

176 Hinata Urashima (Love Hina)
177 Kazuharu Fukuyama (Girls Bravo)

I don't know how someone can like this guy. At first I was cool with him, as He seemed like an interesting character, but the further it went and the further the story developed instead of a comic relief He became the number 1 annoyance. I hated Him after like 5 episodes, and I rarely ever hate any character no matter how annoying they are(since most of the time they either have a good character development or they are integrated in the story in such a way that they fulfill their role without hurting the enjoyment while watching). He had more screen time the the MC in some episodes and all he did was be a dickhead and get beat up, like 1/5 of the episodes was lost on him being annoying. Either way He's just a failed attempt at a comic relief and I'd have probably enjoyed the anime(and manga) much more if His character didn't exist altogether.

Fukuyama how can you hate this guy he is like the most awesome pervert ever since Lupin the 3rd

Why hasn't anyone killed him yet

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178 Inuyasha (Inuyasha)

I can't even began to tell you how annoying I find this idiot half breed. Not only is he a hot blooded idiot, selfish, and childish, he's also the biggest douche in anime to ever grace my television, and every time I see him, I can't help but be both disappointed and annoyed. Kagome needs to wake up and realize that she's wasting her youth on this moron, instead of pulling hair with Kikyo over someone who's so not worth it. - Kempera3704

Uh we have a problem how is he annoying if anything he is hilarious

Inuyasha is awesome

Put it higher up people!

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179 Monokuma (Danganronpa: The Animation)

THANK YOU but not only did I hate him I hated junko I mean they both killed off the characters that I like I mean sure he can be funny at times but he's just so annoying he mean lied to taka about the time machine crap and made him feel even worse so yeah I didn't really like him.

I don't really hate Junko, but I do hate Monokuma. He's just too OP and after a while he stops being so funny

He ruins everything! Even season 3! Whoever controlling him you ruin season 3!

I love Monokuma! - kawaiitohru

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180 Gedōin (Ao no Exorcist)

I just hate the guy. I mean come on! His face alone is enough to be disgusted. And his Annoying way of doing things and kissing up to Lucifer. It just aggravates me!

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