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Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Sasuke, in my opinion, is an ungrateful baby. He should learn to grow up. As a kid, he shut himself away from everyone who tried to approach him. Arrogant, no? He is constantly saying how he'll get revenge on his nii-san Itachi, but in the end, Itachi dies of TB or whatever the heck it was, and Sasuke completely wimps out. Later, he brags about how he killed him to other opponents. NO! Just NO! And then he joins up with Akatsuki and forms a little group of people to help him conquer the world. After Itachi dies (I refuse to say that Sasuke killed him), he's like, "Okay, guys, since my brother died after dedicating his life to protect my village, the village where Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Neji, Kiba, Hinata, Shino and plenty of others still care about me and want me to go home and give up this lunatic mission I'm on, I'm gonna go ahead and destroy it! " Like, I get that your tiny little brain thinks that the village may have treated your village ...more

Sasuke Uchiha is THE definition of annoying. If someone asks what annoying means Sasuke Uchiha is the answer. I had heard before reading the manga that Sasuke was annoying from quite a few friends, but I gave him a chance. He had a similar background with Naruto and was hot so why not? Then all of a sudden he starts getting jealous and power-hungry because his best friend starts getting stronger and betrays the village. He seems to find his life unfair because he's alone but at least you're a genius with cool powers other kids don't have! I mean Naruto basically started off a failure but he doesn't go around complaining about his circumstances! After Sasuke basically abandons everyone to soul search or whatever, he fights with his brother and even learns of Itachi's amazing heart. I was expecting him to change for the better now that his brother has clearly stated to him that the village's protection was most important, but then Sasuke just mopes around before finally coming to the ...more

Sasuke is just stupid. I can't believe that he went so far even though he had people that loved and cared about him. I meann seriously okay his clan was killed by his brother and for a long a time (almost half of his life) he thought that his brother was a really bad guy and he wanted revenge and etc I know that when you lose someone is incredible hard, specially when this special one is from your family, ut seriously his life wasn't worse than Naruto. Naruto was hated by everyone and it took a lot of time for people to respect him, he had to work really hard but he never give up on himself and he cared about ohers even if they were awful friends with Naruto (like Sasuke and Sakura). But Sasuke on the other hand didn't have his family but everybody loved him. All the girls and he was admired by everyone because he was a good ninja and he was an Uchiha. come on everybody put a lot of expectations on him and people did nothing for Naruto, but all Sasuke could think is about revenge and ...more

I agree. I'm gonna go on a little rant.

Sasuke is so annoying and such a twat. Everyone has already listed them but some of his fans are not agreeing. Sorry Sasuke fans but let me LIST for you why he is a twat. Going from the first paragraph being the least reason why he is annoying to the last being the most reason why he is annoying.

1. Prideful

He has his head shoved so far up his ass I don't know what to even make of him. Like he thinks its all about him and that he is higher than EVERYONE! E. G: thinks he's higher than his teammates, his village. He is so arrogant he reminds me of Ayato from DL which I despised for a while

2. Manipulative. People care about him but he doesn't give a flying pig about them! Which leads on to...

3. Selfish. I don't even need to explain this, we all know. The more I think about it, Sakura and Sasuke are so alike. One just acts like an raging wannabe emo.

4. Now the last one which will tie everything together ...more

How dare you guys only sasuke is a single serious ninja in Naruto. He trains seriously instead of spending all his time on eating and doing stupid stuff. He is more realistic than Naruto. If you don't believe me then try it yourself. Take two guys and tell them to train for learning martial arts. Ask one to be fully serious and train hard and ask the second guy to do stupid things and eat a lot. After a week ask both of them to fight. We all know who will be the winner. Obviously the guy who trained hard. Sasuke is not annoying. He is just a guy who takes his training seriously. And he is not announcing his tragic past. First of all he hid it from other people. I am like him too. I know how it feels. It's Not necessary to do stupid things all the time. I like sitting alone too. I also don't like talking too much to people or do stupid stuff. I think Naruto is annoying.

Come on guys he is not annoying. Please he is a guy. Who wants to be left alone. Nothing else. He takes his training seriously. And trains hard to become a good ninja. I am also like him. I know the feeling. It's just when you were alone in the past you felt bad but then you decided to be alone in the future too. He is just a serious guy who wants to keep distances from everyone. He has a bad past. This happens when someone from the past made you believe that people should not be trusted. When someone breaks your trust. You feel really bad. So please stop saying that someone who is quiet and keeps distances from everyone is annoying.

I hate his arrogance! He thinks he is the best and that no one can beat him. If it wasn't for Tobi, Karin, Jugo... He would have died countless times.

That is so not true! It's his hatred and lust for revenge and power that's driven the poor guy crazy think about it! His head is all messed up cut the dude some slack... - Fate

Why is Sasuke annoying? Put yourself in his position, and learn some compassion. He has a right to call his life miserable. I don't agree with some of the things he does, but it kinda makes sense why he did it. He was devastated over what Itachi did to the Uchiha clan, and since all his friends and family were killed, nobody was there to console him and lead him down the correct path. Later in the series, Naruto wants to be his friend and save him, but he was too late. He should have reached out years ago. Stop hating and put yourself in his shoes. - DBZ_Precure_Naruto_BB_Furuba

Sasuke whines and bitches about his life and when comparing to Naruto so horror life he says " YOU CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND MY PAIN BECAUSE YOU NEVER HAD FAMILY IN THE FIRST PLACE! " Honestly I HATE this guy think about all the privileges he gets that Naruto doesn't he gets seriously trained by Kakashi, orochimaru, and even a little bit by itachi while Naruto had to gather basically training that would be like getting leftover food (very little) and still was able to match sasuke if Naruto had the same training as sasuke (serous training with jiraiya, Kakashi, Yamato, ie.) he would almost be at the same level as the entirety of the akatsuki come on man stop your whining..

I fail to see how Sasuke getting trained by Kakashi and Orochimaru is a reason to dislike him and what's it the relation between Sasuke's training and his past. - Addiction

I hate sakuke so annoying I hate how he is mean, arrogant and such an ass I just can't stand that guy I think his name should be sasgay and he is so cocky and way to far up his ass I really don't see why girls go so crazy over him in real life or in the anime and why is he so far up in the polls I swear it piss's me off.

In the beginning in Part I he overwhelmingly overestimates himself and when Naruto gets better,he just can't stand it. Then he thinks he's the only one with problems with life.

In Shippuden during the 5 kage summit arc all he does is UCHIHA UCHIHA UCHIHA... and grumbles about avenging itachi... I mean common first he kills him then wants to extract revenge on the leaf village trusting all the crap TOBI tells him without any proof here he appears like a colossal idiot without having any brains of his own.

and then he suddenly wants to protect leaf village after talking to the hokage and event wants to be the hokage. I mean even the chameleon doesn't change so many colors. He's has no fixed ideals.

Guy just pissed me off he is always like my life is so horrible no one's life can be as bad as mine, Naruto you just don't understand. I mean it's not like everyone loves me and hated you when we were younger. Your also fortunate to have never met your mother or father than me losing mine. Oh and my relative I feel I need to kill, I just must kill him I will do any stupid thing you can think of to try to kill him. Even then I won't be strong enough and he has to let me kill him, cause I would never on my own be as strong as him, my life is so horrible, cry cry cry...

People come on Stop Hating Sasuke How would you feel If you were in his place you don't know How it feels to lose a family His Family was killed by his Own Beloved Brother and all he wants is Revenge But he doesn't know that Itachi actually always loved him and Itachi is my favorite anime character you guys have no idea of the Pain you feel when you lose a family so Stop hating sasuke everyone

Unlike Gaara and Naruto, Sasuke had a chance to start a new life with the people who accepted him, but he choose to live alone and continue to suffer, and become the a-hole he is.

Naruto might sometimes be annoying, but not annoying as Sasuke. Naurto wears orange, is loud, and gets into trouble because he wants to be acknowledged, while Sasuke is insulting people that he thinks are below him like the snob he is.

I admit that he can be a good friend to Naruto and Sakura, but he just needs to lose that unnecessary attitude.

I know right. He is emo since his clan died and whines that Naruto would never feel his pain. He is accepted by everyone as a prized Uchiha unlike Naruto and Gaara who suffered so much. Sasuke was a king while Naruto had no family, friends, or live and was HATED by everyone. Still he was happy and kept his unresistable cute grin on. Sasuke knew that Naruto felt that Sasuke was a brother to him but left and crushed Naruto. For that Naruto almost got killed trying to get him back. For that I will hate him and never forgive him for hurting Naruto

I'll kill the one who made this list! Sasuke is the best of the best of the best! And as far as how I've watched the manga, I'm just 6 episodes ahead of when Sasuke returns and joins the war, willingly protecting the village... He's powerful.. Very powerful... Ohhh.. That hot Uchiha... I'm already in love... And he's my first and last love! Sasuke is the most famous character in Naruto... There are hundreds of people who watch Naruto solely because Sasuke's there... Especially girls... Excluding me... Because I like other characters too... Not as much as I like him... And there so so so so many guys who watch Naruto because of Sasuke and his coolness... And blah blah blah... Plus... Kishimoto has stated Sasuke to be his favorite character... And that.. He has given him a different and a hot look... Especially with his hair... And his onyx black eyes... ! He can never be in this list... Instead... I advise you to add Sakura twice! As she is multi-annoying... And plus.. Mind my words... ...more - archiesweirdmysteries

Everybody has different opinions about different characters. Seriously, can please be mature without threatening to kill someone over a character that DOESN'T EXIST!

Sasuke such an ASS. He's ungrateful, annoying, and predictable. He's always complaining about how his life sucks, even though his entire clan was killed, but Naruto had it worse! His parents were killed soon after he was born and everyone hated him and you don't see him hating on everything! But with Sasuke? HE'S UNGRATEFUL. He was liked by everyone else and he's still being a moany twat! When he said 'I'm going to become hokage' my first words were 'ARE YOU SERIOUS? ' - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I was disappointed with Sasuke in the series...

I mean, okay. He found out that his brother killed his clan to protect the village and now he wants to destroy that place? I'm sorry but his image makes his back story seem lame and worth nothing...

God I never sounded this mean before

What, how can sasuke and Naruto be in this list, I admit that he does everything to gain power and defeat Naruto but at the end he becomes good again, understands meaning of friends then he is set free but he goes for a journey to atone for his sins with his own free will

Actually Sasuke is probably has the strongest characterization in Naruto. I don't understand why everyone has a hard on for a nobody like Naruto. Sasuke is handed power? The only character that's really handed power is Naruto, without that demon he would probably still be chasing after that cat.

Well, he has some good points, but Sakura is just pure pathetic. At least Sasuke turns good again at the end of the series. Sakura has never improved and just STAYS bad from the beginning to the very end.

If you like a character who's always complaining on how his life sucks through out the series. Then Sasuke you will love. No wonder Sakura is obsessed with him. Match made in hell, I wish them luck.

Naruto is such an amazing character... BUT WHAT A SQUAD HE HAS! BOTH SASUKE AND SAKURA ARE SUCH A PAIN! With no doubt, the stupidest team ever! (Except Naruto)

Just when you think you are too mature to hate a cartoon character. Sasuke and so much potential to be the good guy. I liked him so much at the beginning but then I feel like punching him every time he says 'because I'm a Uchiha' or 'I'm superior' or 'don't let yourself get in my way.
So his family died. Get over it!

Oh come on, He DID have a tough past. I have an elder brother I love so much and I think I can understand Sasuke's character. - Goku02