Most Annoying Call of Duty YouTube Trolls

These are some Call of Duty trolls that are so annoying that when I read their comments I wonder why there was ignorance in this world. Which of these do you thing is the dumbest and most annoying COD troll to ever be born. If I didn't add one be sure to add it.

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1 IntelligentCODFanboy

He thinks he can change gamers by telling them that they should only play Call of Duty and nothing else. He thinks everyone agrees with him when no one does. He is ignorant and only plays Call of Duty and the games that are not Call of Duty he calls mediocre. He thinks that anyone who doesn't play Call of Duty is a "lesser gamer". He is completely biased and should have never been aloud to live. - PS3gamer12

Yep there the worst There always recording people - kosdff

2 xJakeyH

Almost as annoying as the guy on top. The only difference is that this guy is less calm then IntelligentCODfanboy. He tells lies that Call of Duty has better graphics then every other game and that it's more realistic. He trolls on a lot of game videos especially Halo and Grand Theft Auto. - PS3gamer12

Without a doubt, "Call of Duty is based on a true story. " Not even close to a true story. "Call of Duty is realistic. " Yep, surviving 20 bullets to the chest but dying from a single knife to the foot is TOTALLY logical. Thanks PS3gamer12.

3 CODisRealistic

He is exactly the same as xJakeyH. He even writes the same comments. He and xJakeyH are working with each other. - PS3gamer12

I think xJakeyH and Call of Duty is realistic is the same person

4 IgnorantCODFanboy

His name says it all. He is the dumbest of them all. That's all I have to say. - PS3gamer12

5 AmazingCODplayer7

He thinks Call of Duty is superior. He thinks it stands on top of all other games and that it should be the only game to exist. - PS3gamer12

6 hunterinfected6

He is part of a dumb group called the Call of Duty enlightened army where they brain wash people to think Call of Duty is the greatest gaming franchise of all time. Good thing it's a small group since no one agrees with them. - PS3gamer12

7 CODizboss

Check his channel and ten you'll see why he's here. - PS3gamer12

8 DefensiveCoDFanboy

Don't even get me started. This guy needs no explanation. - PS3gamer12

9 TheReviewSpace

Everything about this dude has slapped the word "Annoyance" on his forehead; his voice, his "Fanboy Reviews" and their intros, his behaviour, his conclusions, and the rest of his videos! In my eyes, he is an insect. Not literally an insect, though. But by that, I meant that he is an obvious source of annoyance. He loves nothing but to insult Nintendo games and just any video game in general if it isn't the Call of Duty franchise, and always judges games by the graphics. All he does in his videos is that he stutters and boasts his head off without needing a script. He mostly uses MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker (which are both not that great) to make videos which are not really spectacular at all. Oh, and did I mention that he loves being a grammar nazi? Basically, he wants everyone to fanboy what he is trolling, believably making him a "sadomasochist". If that's not true, I don't know what is. Like other users, he can't show his face on camera as he covers himself up and to only show ...more

I HATE TheReviewSpace with a passion! I really do!

He also has somewhat hilarious ways to mispronounce certain words. Instead of "Mario", he says "Merrio", instead of "Super NES", or "S.N.E. S", he says "Sness".

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10 dishwasher123a

He will never shut up about Call of Duty. Good thing he's banned. But the bad new is he made a new account called CODisRealistic. - PS3gamer12

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11 xXMysteriousManXx

I also forgot to mention that he is also a manchild and a failtroll, just like mariotehplumber. They both can't handle criticism, and they both overreact over just about anything.

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12 MonkeyGameGuides V 2 Comments
13 Jared Milton

He said that video games like Mario and Zelda are violent despite that he says he likes Call of Duty when it's ALSO really violent! Games he hates are not that violent!

14 FPSEpikz
15 VanossGaming

Vanoos is amazing one of the funnies YouTubers like ethangamertv a child friendly YouTuber like markiplier he is great so vanoosgaming should'nt be on the list

16 Gligar13vids V 1 Comment
17 YourMoviesSuckDOTOrg
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