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Dora is the main protagonist in the show "Dora the Explorer" her main occupation is exploring with her monkey friend Boots .


I hate the way she comes across as just knowing everything. Very patronising and with an extremely annoying accent. It was a great day when my child grew out of this phase. - wizardryuk

While Dora is not a great cartoon show, it certainly isn't the worst. Unlike most of the cartoons listed here Dora was made to make a positive influence on children. Although show Dora herself is quite dumb, the creators aren't trying make her a genius. The show once again unlike the others teaches positive and important lessons such as not to be greedy, be kind to others and much more. Most people who insult her (and I know because I used to do this) are immature second graders who think they are far more mature (and intelligent) than they actually are. Once again the show is pretty awful for anyone beyond the age of four, but she should not be on this list.

GOD I WANT TO STRANGLE HER! She's blind, since she's like "Can you see Swiper the fox? " and your like "Aha, just turn around" and she doesn't, and she can't see trees that are RIGHT in front of her, then she's so squishy- "Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping..! " In real life, fox's don't steal or stop if you stay STOP, they stop if you shoot them hough! Don't shoot them though, 'cause they rule. I hate her accent TOO- like she has a never-ending blocked nose or something... - pormrathorn


Common scenario on a Wednesday afternoon:

Dora is on T.V., and I am sat on the couch, forced to watch my whiney sister. Just when it can't get any worse, Dora turns to face us and says, "Where is the Bubblegum mountains? " Are you kidding me, it's right in front of you. Also... "How are we gonna get past the rock? " Seriously, there's like a five ft gap at the side, just go around it. "Who do we ask for help? The map! Say it again! Map... Map... Map... Map... " what WE GET IT ALREADY SHUT UP! Ooops, the T.V. is busted again...

IN CONCLUSION: Dora the Explorer is the reason over 50 million T.V.'s break per year.

This idiotic, fat, blind, short, annoying, ugly little girl wants me to throw my T.V. in the garbage, take it back, throw up on it, and burn it. She rudely interrupts, and the most likely reason she's fat is because it shows that it's ok to eat junk food. Also, this show is actually innapproprite. Really. Just do "worst things about Dora" Also, she screams very loudly, like if she's deaf. She says "Where's the big gigantic building? " When it is one centimeter FROM HER! Also, her clothes are revealing. This show should be canceled because of this horrid, vile, insane, blind, deaf, idiotic, short, fat, hideous, and revealing little girl known as Dora.

She is stupid, blind, annoying, and retarded character ever! Where's the lake? IT'S RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE! Ugh! Which would you choose to cut a paper? IT'S A SCISSOR YOU IDIOT! Look! It's Swiper! Swiper don't swipe! Swiper don't swipe! Swiper don't swipe! That' the worst magic spell ever exist!

Oh she's all like, "Where's the ice cream shop? " AND IT'S RIGHT BEHIND HER, IDIOTS COME ON. Dora's so fat, they had to measure her with an elephant. Boots is even more annoying. I think she's being sarcastic. I hate all the characters. It's all like, "I'm the map I'm the map I'm THE MAP! " I ABSOLUTELY HATE THEM - RainbowArtist191

I can't stand the show and I feel sorry for the actor. Though she is four, but almost no four year old is like Dorka (I did that on purpose). Here's my opinion on Dora and I don't give a rat's ass on what Dora lovers think right now: You Must Be Terminated You Dumb Character. Again I apologize to those who are Dora fans and have any involvement with Dora, I'm just hating on the character.

I have zero idea how this abomination won over millions of toddlers around the world. Everything is off, from her hairstyle to her babbling, talking companions.

Dora: What was your favorite part of today's adventure?
You: When the damn thing was finally over!
Dora: Really? That was my favorite part too!

Dora you idiot, stop trying to whore audience interactions and get a real job!

I can't believe how stupid she is! She is always asking: where is my bird? Where is my star? Where is my monkey? Where is my shadow? While ALL OF THOSE THINGS SHES SEARCHING FOR ARE RIGHT BEHIND HER BUTT! And I hope I'm not the only one to notice how fat she is. Thank you.

Dora listen here: There comes a time when you need to realize your parents can't afford to get you an education, your family hates you, and that you should take a gun and shoot yourself. It will make the world a much better place.

No idea why kids love her. She is a clueless explorer with talking companions. Everytime I see her I on television I feel the need to throw a rock at the screen. Especially when Swiper comes out.

good example of poor parenting at its best: let your 8 year old child roam the countryside with nothing but a talking map and a bag that randomly ejects various talking crap. not my child thanks

Dora is the worst show ever I mean how could they make such a pointless and obnoxious show. I mean there is a talking map and a talking backpack that's not even close to realistic fiction Dora is a low life person with dumb talking animal friends

Dora: Where's the mountain?

Me: Behind you.

Dora: Where?

Me: Behind you, idiot.

I hate this show, and I cannot believe my little sister used to TALK BACK to her! - mayamanga

I know this is a young kids' show, but really, Dora can't teach anything if the T.V. 's shut off out of annoyance by the parents. I would've voted everything on this list except Olive Oyl, though...

Dora drank 5 coffees 50 beers and 500 red bulls that's why shes dumb as Barney the dinosaur.

I remember an early memory of Dora. I used to play with the gigantic upholstered Dora The Explorer doll. In the game that I used to play, Dora would be an evil, low life jackanapes.

I hate it when she has to sing a damn annoying song every time she goes anywhere. And when she says "where's swiper? "when he's obviously right behind her! And geez her voice is as annoying as hell!

Here's what I'd do if so Dora.
Dora: Where's the forest?
Me: Oh hi there little girl. I'll show you where the mountain is!
Yanks her hair out, slaps her face, punch her mouth, tear her eyeballs out, plunge a knife into her heart, tear her apart with scissors, feed her flesh to sharks, give her bones to dogs, burn the bones, throw her ashes in the air and dance.

What Dora should be like
Dora: swiper no swiping
Swiper: (takes Dora's useless garbage) haha
Dora: but I said no swiping
Swiper: welcome to life you little kid

Dora is so annoying. She knows where the stuff is and all. She plays near dangerous things like a volcano (in the earlier episodes) SHE IS PURE ANNOYING AND EVIL

HER VOICE GIVES ME A HEADACHE! Can't she see the lake that's like 10 FEET in front of her. She also needs hearing aids. Say rapido Louder, Louder, LOUDER. This show needs to be canceled forever. NO KID OF ANY AGE SHOULD WATCH THIS SHOW!

She's always asking where something is, when it's right behind her back! Plus, she always has a sing an annoying song whenever she goes anywhere. Pretty annoying, indeed.