Top 10 Most Annoying Cartoon Characters

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221 Pumba (Lion King)

Any one who likes him will be shoot in the pee pee

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222 Minnie Mouse (Mickey Mouse) Minnie Mouse (Mickey Mouse) Minerva "Minnie" Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. She was first drawn by Iwerks in 1928, as was Mickey Mouse.

Why is she on the list?

Minnie is a bitch and she is so annoying I like daisy more

223 Princess Rapunzel (Tangled)

Take her off, at least she's not an Aurora who literally only has like 5 lines and four scenes, yet the movie is all about her.

224 Gil Gunderson (The Simpsons)
225 Lizzie Devine (Codename: Kids Next Door)

She was abusive towards Nigel Uno.

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226 Dingo (Taz-Mania)

I would love to slap that annoying pest in the face!

227 Orko (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)

This guy is so annoying and all he does is to keep pissing off the eternians and royal family with his antics. His magic sucks, his skills suck, his manners such, his appearance sucks, his voice sucks! Practically, everything about this guy sucks! All I wished was that orko would make himself disappear.

I swear! Orko definitely is jar jar binks's long lost cousin and he doesn't admit it!

They didn't even tried to give him a decent name. It's like they knew that this guy is going to be hated by the he man fans, so they decided to give him a name that can be easily be mistaken for an insult.
Orko = dorko

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228 Loo-Kee (She-Ra: Princess of Power)

Truly one of the most annoying characters ever to appear on She Ra. I would love to see Hoedak or any of his minions eradicate that little"Reject from Rainbowland" pest!

229 The Glo Wees (The Glo Friends)
230 Nina (Nina Needs to Go!)

Nina needs to go to hell!

Nina needs to die!

Nina needs to go? Yes, Nina needs to go... far far away and never come back ever again! - mayamanga

231 Kate (Nina Needs to Go!)

Lazy woman who can't take a four year old to the stinking bathroom - mayamanga

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232 Rebecca Cunningham (TaleSpin)
233 Nose Marie (Pound Puppies)

She was cute at first as "The Nose" in the pilot episode with that nasally voice of her. BUT they changed her into a horrid Z--Grade drama queen actress doing the worst Scarlett O'Hara in history!

234 Mindy's Mother (Animaniacs)

Makes you wonder why she's not in prison for child neglect, child endangerment and animal abuse?

235 Pearl Slaghoople (The Flintstones)

Old abusive battle axe harpy "monster-in-law". Wish they had a T-Rex to take her out and devour her (but the poor creature might die of food poisoning. )

236 Cookie Kwan (The Simpsons) V 1 Comment
237 Remi Bugharir (Tiny Toons Adventures)

Annoying rude and a total jerk! Make you wonder why he owns the Acme Mini Supet convince store and acts like a ill tempered @$$#0£€?

238 Dom (Tasty Time With ZeFronk) V 1 Comment
239 Edna Jucation (Codename: Kids Next Door)
240 Quico (El Chavo Animado)

In the original show he is funny, in the animated show is a jerk

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