Top 10 Most Annoying Cartoon Characters

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301 Numbuh 86 / Fanny Biggs (Codename : Kids Next Door)
302 Beast Boy (Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go!) Beast Boy (Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go!)

Beast boy from the original teen titans was dumb but funny in Go he's really stupid and lazy

I like him in Teen Titans original - mayamanga

He's stupid

303 Cringer (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)

Talk about a "Wuss Puss"! No wonder why when they remade He Man they elimated his whiny human voice to make him sound like a real cowardly cat! - bigg3469

304 Kid Icarus (Captain N: The Game Master)
305 Scooter (Challenge of the Gobots)
306 Snarfer (Thundercats)
307 Starscream (The Tranformers) Starscream (The Tranformers) Starscream is a fictional character in the Transformers franchise. He is one of the most frequently occurring characters in the Transformers fictional work, appearing in almost all versions of the story.

A character more hypocrite? IMPOSSIBLE

308 Courtney (Total Drama)
309 Gabby Goat (Porky Pig)

Rude, obnoxious no wonder a lot of people hated Gabby Goat and had him eliminated from the Looney Toons!

310 The Kanker Sisters (Ed,Edd n Eddy)
311 Captain Planet (Captain Planet and the Planeteers) Captain Planet (Captain Planet and the Planeteers)
312 Jabberjaw (Jabberjaw)
313 Captain Caveman (Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels/The Flintstone Kids)
314 Cavey Jr. (Captain Caveman and Son/The Flintstone Kids)
315 Godzooky (Godzilla/Hanna Barbera)
316 Lou (Lou & Lou: Safety Patrol)

They're both name Lou (but the girl prefers to be called Louise) and they're a pain in the arse with their nitpicking and safety rule that sometimes doesn't make sence!

They should be known as "The Butinsky Twins" because they act like a couple of butinskys!

317 Raven (Teen Titans Go!) Raven (Teen Titans Go!)

Whoever put Raven on the list is drunk

The creators did BOT wached the show so they just give them another personality

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318 Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!) Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!)

Cyborg is the biggest jackass in Teen Titans Go! He used to be awesome and kick ass in the old Teen Titans but they made him an ass. In one episode, he and Beast Boy just say the word "Waffles" exactly 188 time (yes I counted) and dividing that by eleven minutes, you are expected to hear that word once every four seconds for 11 minutes. And that episode culminates with them saying it's not funny anymore. In another episode, Cyborg is having a MEATBALL PARTY and shooting meatballs in the air. When he forces Raven to eat a meatball, being the idiot he is, and whoop-de-do Raven cracks her tooth every time she opens her mouth, tentacles from a demon octopus will either beat the crap out of Beast Boy or cause her to devour one of the Titans. After this thing devours Beast Boy and Robin, Cyborg decides to throw another party and be an ass. After devouring starfire, he is willingly devoured by this thing to beat it (Ha as if that will happen) and inside Raven's mouth the Titans are ...more

Bring back the old teen titans and I will give you a million bucks - mayamanga

Cyborg is a big chicken - WHY AND FOR WHAT REASON DID HE PUNCH RAVEN? Cyborg go to hell.
HE'S SO RUDE TO RAVEN SO HE SHOULD DIE AND BE DEAD FOREVER! (I will hide inside his sistems and put TNT in there and blow up the poophead)

319 Brandy (Brandy & Mr Whiskers)
320 Mr Whiskers (Brandy & Mr Whiskers)
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