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121 Ty Lee (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Ty Lee (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

No offense but she's annoying. I mean I'm slightly better about her now and Ikki from The Legend of Korra is more annoying but Ty Lee is still annoying. - Anonymousxcxc

122 Flash Thompson (The Spectacular Spider-Man‎)

He tries too hard to do an evil laugh only to sound like the moron he really is

123 Doug Funnie Doug Funnie

Not annoying! - ChuckECheese

124 Lazlo (Camp Lazlo) Lazlo (Camp Lazlo)

It kind of pisses me off how Lazlo mimics Rocko's voice from RML. I know they're both voiced by the same guy but COME ON! - xandermartin98

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125 Julie Yamamoto (Ben 10)

She is a terrible girlfriend Ben is a busy superhero yet she doesn't recognize it she keeps saying that Ben takes her for granted and that he isn't always there. Hello! What part of busy super hero don't you understand?! She always wants Ben to be with her I mean sure that's what boyfriend and girlfriends do but come on she doesn't even care if anybody or the universe is in trouble she only helps Ben is because she knows she has to she never even bothers to thank Ben even if he saves her she only cares about Ben being there with her even if the universe is in trouble she still doesn't care so let's say that there on a date and then vilgax shows up with a bomb that can destroy the hole planet except his and if Ben tries to go and stop him she will just stand there sad I know that he skipped on a date but come on he's a superhero he's got responsibilities but Julie probably fails to see that so anyway after ben saves the world she's gonna be all like "ben you skipped out on our ...more

I'm glad he'd broked up with that no good tramp Julie. I hope she dies. I'm glad Ben Tennyson is dead.

126 Steve Smith (American Dad)

That's the point though, his voice is supposed to be annoying, that's what makes him funny

Really annoying, he gets in everyone's way and has no meaningful rolls in the show.

Instant migraine when this moron talks

Teen version of quagmire

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127 Muscle Man (Regular Show) Muscle Man (Regular Show) Mitchell (Mitch) "Muscle Man" Sorrenstein is the sixth main character of Regular Show. He is one of the groundskeepers of the Park. He is a middle-aged, green, strong, and obese human, who is often seen with his best friend, Hi Five Ghost. Muscle Man made his first debut as a cameo character in the more.

I came to this list just to find Muscle Man. The episodes his in has lower ratings than the ones he is not in. He is annoying to listen to, useless character.

Annoying fat jerk who took over the show in the later seasons

He never shuts up with his mom jokes.

Muscle Man is a fatty who cries a lot

128 Gary Oak (Pokemon) Gary Oak (Pokemon) Gary oak appeared in the anime series in seasons 1-5 . He was ash's rival and childhood friend . Though they had a dispute once they fought over a rusty pokeball they wanted for luck, which broke after they fought over it . Gary was the grandson of professor oak . He had cheerleaders & his own car. more.

You hate him! I'm leaving this. Smell ya later! - Goatworlds

You all have said what I wanted to say.

I like gary

How is this not higher? Someone can yell at Rainbowdash for being cocky but let Gary get away? My ass. He's probably one of the most egotistical characters I've seen. Period. I'm not kidding when I say he is the main reason I've started to really hate this trait, as well as making me really question the morality and point of self esteem on others and myself. I'm surprised how many fans he has, specifically on deviantart.

129 Earl of Lemongrab (Adventure Time) Earl of Lemongrab (Adventure Time)

He has a disorder. And yes it is a real thing. It ruins lives. Some of us have them and some don't. You should just be a little more considerate of people who can't always control how they think or act. It is really sad how little you care.

I like lemon grab 2 but lemon grab 1 is a different story

Dammit I hate this bastard all he does is scream a lot and yells unexcptable and puts people in prion all the time. really?

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130 Homer Simpson Homer Simpson Homer Jay Simpson is the protagonist of the American animated television series The Simpsons as the patriarch of the eponymous family.

Easily the most overrated and annoying character on the show as you can tell by the other comments. His humor is lukewarm and his attitude is that of a jerk, he is abusive towards his son, Bart, as he strangles him to near death for pointless reasons.

He is also, as mentioned above, annoying. He is seen everywhere you go, his voice is that of an idiot and his (above mentioned) jerky attitude doesn't help. You don't let your son watch a movie for over 20+ years due to a simple punishment? You are a terrible so-called "father", Homer.

Though he is not as annoying and unlikeable as EVERY SINGLE My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character, I still had to vote for him. The show in general is also annoying, it is so overrated and I am surprised that it didn't make it to the "1" spot on that list.

Anyway, unlike the other members of his family, especially Lisa, Homer is one of the most annoying characters on The Simpsons and he doesn't deserve to be this low.

What are you guys talking about Homer is awesome and funny. Him and. SpongeBob (although new episodes are bad he used to be loveable) shouldn't be on the list

He shouldn't be on this list. Who hates Homer Simpson not me

I love homer

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131 Gideon Gleeful

I would rather rip that guy's dumb hair.

132 Clamantha (Fish Hooks)
133 Swiper (Dora the Explorer) Swiper (Dora the Explorer)

A fox guy who gives up too easily.

I like Swiper just because he hates Dora. - 445956

134 Edward Bighead (Rocko's Modern Life)

That grouchy little brat deserved to be on this list! But I think he's much worse than Heffer! I just wanna punch him in the face for what he did to Rocko! Mr. Bighead is the worst! He sucks hard! So hard, I hope he dies and goes to Heck!

135 Wakko Warner (Animaniacs) Wakko Warner (Animaniacs)

He's stupid, obnoxious, ridiculous, repulsive, dirty, annoying, crazy and I hate him with a passion.

Why he's on the list? Mindy of Mindy and Buttons and her mom are more annoying than Wakko Warner!

He makes me punch him in the face!

136 Nana Sheila (Nina Needs to Go!) V 1 Comment
137 Sarah (Ed, Edd n Eddy)

She has a ill tempered attitude that's so nasty that even anger management classes don't want her!

Her anger and attitude make her funny, kinda the point


I am so happy she is on here.

138 Lucy Van Pelt (Charlie Brown and Snoopy) Lucy Van Pelt (Charlie Brown and Snoopy) Lucille "Lucy" van Pelt is a character in the syndicated comic strip Peanuts, written and drawn by Charles Schulz.

Don't let the Anti-Lucy Van Pelt haters from YouTube see this! :O

139 Sophia Tutu (The Raccoons)
140 Randy Marsh (South Park) Randy Marsh (South Park) V 2 Comments
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