Justin Bieber

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Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. ...read more.


His music sucks like most of today's music the only reason he's famous is because the music industry will make anyone singer because the more singers the more money the industry makes I hate the fact that people can't see the the truth behind this I'm 17 and I'm disgusted by this fact I'm teenager in this generation of people who don't know what real music is I'm sick and tired people saying how talented they are

. How can people say he's just five? Him and is bowlhead should get out of earth and never come back. I can say many flaws about this kid, but he's just to much to handle. He uses auto tune to cover up his screeches, his songs ore all about how he tries to date girls, he doesn't have a good eduacation because he obviously doesn't know what German is, his "Beliebers" are always shoving his worthless music down my throat, wile I should be listening to metal, but anyways, I can mention a lot more, but in my opinion he should be #1 at the top of the list. HANDS DOWN.

I can't stand him and his stuck up girlfriend saying that their Christian and decides to have sex and make out like crazy in public! I can't stand his girly voice saying "baby baby baby oh! " and gets 5 year olds liking him. Like seriously? Get a life you big 12 year old stuck up snob!

Justin bieber can't sing, rap, produce or anything musically talented. I bet he doesn't have any other non- musical talents either. Never mind, he's a master at bring an annoying little punk. He thinks the world revols around him. He shows up 2 hours late for concerts, he insults innocent people, and he cheats in girls. But all his equally annoying beliebers worship him. Not for his so- called music, but his "good looks". He makes Miley Cyrus look good.

What I hate most about him is that a lot of people say he's bigger than bands like Metallica, and led Zeppelin, when he only has made two songs the public can recognize and is only famous because of haters.

I've noticed some interesting things about this list, and frankly most Top Tens lists, that shows how negative Americans are toward women and minorities. All of the top 20 are celebrities who achieved their fame in the United States. On lists that are more positive in nature, usually there are at least one or two from other countries, particularly India. Since Bieber is actually Canadian, there are only three white American males in your top 20, those being Cruise, Thicke, and Bush. All the rest are either women or minorities. If this list is any indication of how sexist and racist our country still is, the news is clearly disturbing.

Just another overrated 17 years old boy who hasn't reach his puberty yet, sounds like girl when he is singing, looks like girl, has too many weird gossip. Overall, there's nothing nice about him

Let's see, he sounds like a chipmunk, looks like a girl, keeps making songs even though 97% of the world's population hates him, does this sound like someone you would want to listen to? NO

I hate him and his overrated music started out as a lame copy of Jesse McCartney and now it's just...TRASH. I mean anyone could copy his annoying voice, have a fake physique in every term possible and smell like a sweaty hobo. His songs are meaningless and trashy, the beat's trash, the lyrics are terrible and creepy as hell, his voice is so annoying, and don't even get me started on the videos. Do us a favor and stop singing because you're a wannabe. I don't know why you're winning Best Male Artist over good ones like Nick Jonas and Shawn Mendes.

I think he is whiny and annoying. The brat sings like a girl! When my friend first heard the song ' Baby ' she thought it was by a girl! I am so glad Justin Beiber broke up with Selena Gomez. She deserves someone better.

Bieber is by far the most selfish person the earth has ever come across. He aligned himself to get five of his songs in the top 10 at the charts all at once. I really hope and pray to God that every single one of his songs gets stripped from their titles because he's more interested in posing shirtless for innocent young girls. Please God make this world a better place by taking this evil bastard's life once and for all! For the music world's sake!

Although you have a man (really pretty much a boy) at the top of your list, I counted in your top 100 and there are 60 women and only 40 men. Nowhere is a moron like Rush Limbaugh in your top 100, but a beautiful, kind person like Jennifer Lawrence is. Your hundred most annoying people also includes people like Barack Obama and his wife, and Hillary Clinton, who are smarter than any of you will ever be. So have fun hatin' on all your LEE-BER-AWLS and have fun criticizing those that it takes no guts to criticize. As sexist as this list is, I guess I can see why Trump isn't in the top hundred.

He is a poor role model to the younger generation and he is very immature, irresponsible, disrespectful to others and a terrible singer. I am so glad my daughter cannot stand him. He needs someone to teach him how the real world lives with some respect and manners.

He is not even a good singer at all. I thought Usher had an ear for music, he kinda lost all my respect for this. JB is such a dumbass when it comes to music, I can't understand why everyone is such a big fan of him anyway

YES! Something that makes sense! I hate Justin Beiber! So this comment is amazing! I applaud whoever has posted this. Justin Beiber was a mistake! A crime against nature. Thanks a lot Usher!

Literally no one likes his fool anymore. I used to love him back during his early years because we're the same age. I don't know what it is but he really needs to fix his circle of friends and get it together. It's sad he turned out to be such a jerk but he portrays himself to be a saint to his still loyal beliebers. Wake up, preteens, he's a jerk.

He is so far up his own ass he almost disappears he said he will never come back to the UK can we get that in writing please plus he looks like a she-male and sounds like one too he constantly turns up late for gigs and doesn't seem to care about it or his fans.

One of the most untalented singers I know, he's only famous for his high voice and not any raw talent

I cannot stand him and his overrated excuses for music. My God, can't he sing one song where he doesn't sound like a sex-addict? Please. I can't stand how in EVERY SONG he sounds like he's ready to have sex. It's disgusting. Especially when he has young fans. And Purpose is trash. I would much rather listen to Selena Gomez's album Revival and Ariana Grande's album Dangerous Woman

I hated him from the start, when he first started getting famous I was like what nine or something and I thought he looked like a girl, he can't sing, he doesn't even write his own songs. All his fans are eleven year old girls, GO BACK TO Canada

He thinks he is amazing but it's all in his head. When he first became famous (was it in 2009 or something? ) pretty much every teenage girl was crazy about him but now his fanbase has reduced so much that he has more haters than fans.

After looking at him and listening to his music, my ears are bleeding and I can't see a thing!

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Annoying little kid who thinks he is cool -

His career needs to come to and end. He makes pop look worse than my poop.