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Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswoman and model.


I just don't understand why it's okay now, to take 1 million pictures of YOURSELF. If WE did that back in the 70' and 80's, we would have NO friends. It's so annoying to watch her... where ever she is (vacation, shopping etc. ) she is constantly posing for HERSELF. I think she even had a photographer with her on her last family vacation.. does anyone else think that's a bit much?

How the hell is she 23rd, this girl has done nothing useful or contributed anything in terms of acting, singing or anything. Her and her equally dumbass untalented boyfriend Kanye are possibly the most irritating people on the planet

She should be on NUMBER ONE. Why? Because Justin Beiber sings, and actually works for a living. Meanwhile Kim Kardashian made money and fame off a sex tape. She is a business woman, which is great except that all the products she tries to sell us is a fad. Like remember the time she tried to convince us that she stays in shape by using spanx trainers ( when for real its liposucktion). Or when she tried to sell us some slimming pills (that got sued later on). Or the time her sister, the little kim tried to tell us her lips are bigger cause of superb make up skills ( to sell Kylie Lip Kit) or when they said eating candy gummies made hair stronger. This is all true. Please don't encourage Kardashian business, they are cheats who will lie and fall low to make money. And please don't believe anything they say, they lie about the products they sell as well as their personal lives on their fake show.

Shes just so irrelavant... But it seems as if everywhere you go her name is on some ablod or on the T.V. eVERDAY!
And honestly I don't see how all that silicone in her body makes her attractivt.. And shes stating this epidemic of doing stupid things like a sextape and other dumbness just to get famous... What is the worls coming too...

Kim and that whole joke of a "show" So staged and pretentious. They talk to the camera in their solo interview crap and act like they are talking to people that have no clue about anything in life. Famous for nothing, well except the porn. These people would die if they did not get attention. How pathetic. They rub there lucky lives in the peoples faces like they are better than the average person. I will celebrate the day that show tanks and quits polluting the air waves. Go away! Scott is te ONLY talent in that family and I do not know how he puts up with that miserable woman he is with. Uggghhh!

Does nothing, is rich, pays to have her plastic face everywhere, and yet we the people are supposed to like her? Laugh out loud. I'd much rather shoot her than be anywhere near her whorish ass. - vavagavoon

Epitomises everything that is wrong with the modern world - she has no apparent talent whatsoever - I fail to see how having a big fat ass makes you famous. Inventors, scientists, engineers, people finding cures - these are the clever, talented people who should be recognised, not pointless nobodies like Kim.

Megan Fox is a lot better than this trash star that rules over Los Angeles! Why, because Kim is more like a goddess from heaven and Satan's little girl from hell! Quit showing your ugly face on every T.V. and magazines, Chum Kardashian! I don't like you, period!

She did it in front of a camera and became a millionaire and an "icon". What a disgusting world we live in.

Her voice drives me insane. And she thinks she broke the internet, with her stupid ass. Honestly why is she famous? I wish I could just rip her stupid butt off so she wouldn't be famous.

She should be #1 hands down and here punk ass husband should be #2 totally discussing people, even a poor 10 year old girl from Thailand could see thru he's fake personality and those have naked pictures she posted it is so gross, what a freak!

It is a complete mystery to me WHY anyone in this family is worthy of even a sentence in the news -- what is wrong with people that they find these nothing's to be interesting or having any reason to give a damn what they are doing - they are truly NOTHING

Why can"t this trashy, no talent idiot just disappear along with the rest of this disgusting family!

Oh yeah! Could not agree more. She is on my list of annoying people for sure. I can't stand her. Her mother is even worse. The only one I really do like is the middle sister.

She's just blah. All you ever hear about is half naked pictures of her like we are supposed to be surprised? Her family and ugly face is splattered all over magazines. Just disappear.

Come on! Is she famous for singing? Nope! Acting? Nope! Doing something good for the community? NOPE! What is she famous for you ask? Posting pictures of her butt on the internet!

Should be number one. She is only famous because of a sex tape. That was probably released by her own mother to make them all famous. So sad that it worked.

She is a prostitute and a total shame of my Nation. Oh, wait, she's NOT part of my Nation at all.

I don't think it matters what nation you're in, she's a plague to the entire world. - LostDream258

I have a pet pot belly pig and named her Kim Kardashian, feting... but after much thought I am changing her name. My pig has more class.

Good thing you're changing the pigs name -- that's an insult to pigs. [And pigs tend to be very intelligent, too.] - LostDream258

Justin is wringly given no. 1 spot. He sang at young age and made career off some work at least. Kim kardashian made her career on sex tapes. And even that is not her own original idea, that gimmick was used by her old best friend Paris Hilton long before her. And while Paris Hilton's given up on fame whoring, Kim is still the greedy self obsessed person she was 10 years ago.

She's just a big bottom that has a complete lack of talent, morals, intelligence and depth.

What a loser. She's only famous because of that sex tape.

Basically I'm just sick of hearing about her life and family. I don't like her work, or herself in general.

FAT UGLY AND USELESS! I don't get why she is even on anyone radar.. she is he opposite of what life is about ship her to the taliban!

I voted for her because at least others on this list have something they call a career. Kim is simply a reality star and a fake one at that. She has a clothing line but the clothes are an expensive rip off of other designers. The make up products aren't quality either. Anyways everything she has is thanks to her fake plastic ass, and her monster momager.