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181 Kathy Bates Kathy Bates Kathleen Doyle "Kathy" Bates is an American actress. She began her career on the stage, and was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Lead Actress in a Play in 1983 for her performance in 'night, Mother.

She was great in "Misery". One of my favourite movies.

A class actress, can do any part well. Does serious, can be hilarious. Doesn't belong on this list.

I'm sorry...what? When was the last time you heard about her doing some stupid stuff? She is low key and she is a very good actress. Don't hate her just because she is not some young, bleached out. anorexic airhead who will give you an "upskirt" or a "nip slip" here and there. She is talented so she does not need any of that to make up for things she does not have. Go Kathy!

Kathy Bates is so annoying. She certainly looks like she loves to eat... Ew! She should drop some mighty lbs. It must be hard to do stuff considering she's carrying a ton all the time. She shouldn't be an actress. Her laughing and stuff is so annoying.

182 Billy Joel Billy Joel

By which I mean, the 45 rpm Top 40, not the album ones.


Ugly. Washed-up. Still playing his muzak in department stores. Annoying!

I'd just wish he'd let them play the REAL versions of at least ALL of his 1970s hits: "PIano Man","Entertainer","Allentown","Movin'Out","Just the Way You Are"(NOT to be CONFUSED with a certain Bruno Mars debut smash! ), "My Life",etc.

183 T.R. Knight
184 Vanessa Redgrave

Utter hypocrite and jerk. Loaded with money yet still supports marxist agenda. A political dinosaur trading on past stage glories. Would probably kill for a knighthood but realises she has backed herself too far into the corner to ever accept one. Must eat her up every time she bumps into Dame Diana and Dame Judi and the rest.

185 LaLa Vasquez

This chick is so annoying. She is another attention whore. She is only famous because of her husband Carmelo. She needs to get a life. Everytime you see her she is advertising or promoting herself or her lame ass life. - Raregem23

She became relevant by trapping and marrying Carmelo Anthony. Fake personality and annoying voice. She is the type of person at the party that will not shut the hell up!

Super annoying! I hate her self absorbed show. She keeps those 2 stupid sidekicks (tweedledee and tweedledumb) around to make her look better. The whole Kevin Garnett said this and that crap is stupid. She keeps bringing it up like she likes it. She just loves any kind of attention. Pathetic!

I agree. She is trying to hard to be famous and maintain her 15min of fame. She is so annoying.

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186 Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan Bryan Lloyd Danielson is an American retired professional wrestler best known for his tenure in WWE under the ring name Daniel Bryan.

He has horrible mic skills. Even, Kofi Kingston's promos are better.

I'm sick and tired of this midget. all he does is scream yes like a cat orgasming - DaTrueSwagLord21

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187 Ellen DeGeneres Ellen DeGeneres

It's not because she's a lesbian but because she's a perverted lesbian in public. Have you ever seen on YouTube how she's grabbing the boobs of Sofia Vergara in one of her shows? Very annoying to watch a person doing that in public especially when it's suposed to be funny according to her.

Honestly ellen isn't a bad person she does los of community work & ya so shes not selfish who cares if she lesbian shes still human?

A cool and genuinely nice person. Absolutely addicted to her show!

Please don't post disgusting comments

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188 Giuliana Rancic Giuliana Rancic

Glad to see I'm not the only one who finds Giuliana Rancic annoying and hard to watch

Weird facial proportions.

A humanoid

189 Lars Ulrich Lars Ulrich Lars Ulrich is a Danish drummer and one of the founding members of the American thrash metal band Metallica.
190 Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova

What were the producers of "The Biggest Loser" thinking letting her become part of the show? Apparently they got the lowest ratings since the show started. I wonder why. (! )
She is a walking, talking example of the culture of decay we live in. No singles tournaments won by her and she received so much attention and earned so much money. I thought it was really unfair on the hard-working female tennis players who wanted to contribute to the sport and, though overpaid, at least deserved the money they got. And when criticised, it was claimed to be "jealousy". Jealous of what? Years later, she is a standard by which over-hyped and unsuccessful athletes are judged. Sad.

She turned women�'s tennis into a joke. She was extremely stuck up when she was younger and now that she knows not many people will put up with that kind of garbage because there are younger and much prettier tennis players around, she is trying to come across as this cute, down to earth and talkative person. Yawn. Fake, arrogant and annoying. Go away and put some clothes on.

She is built like a boy. Broad shoulders and no hips whatsoever.

191 Emma Stone Emma Stone Emily Jean "Emma" Stone is an American actress. One of the world's highest-paid actresses, she has won the Academy Award Best Actress Award, been nominated for two British Academy Film Awards and two Golden Globe Awards, and has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards.
192 Rosanna Roces
193 Bill Oddie

Rambling reject. He just sits on his fat bottom commenting on how a badger is sleeping. Leave it in peace, I wouldn't like a overweight animal looming over me sniffling on about my face and my life in which isn't true. Stereotyping fascist. Go and have a 'bath' you wobbling wombat.

194 Nicole Richie Nicole Richie

She is stupid, obnoxious and a pain in the a**!!!! Eat Something!

Another one of Paris's victims, she managed to get pregnant before her friend... guess not everyone's smart enough to avoid the big one

195 Stephanie Seymour
196 Kara Dioguardi
197 Pink Pink Alecia Beth Moore known professionally as P!NK, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress.

So what? So she says bad words, but that doesn't make her a bad person.

Who cares if she says curse words, you nine year olds.

About 99% singers say bad words

Hey my dad likes pink.

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198 Sophia Grace and Rosie Sophia Grace and Rosie

Sophia doesn't let Rosie talk I love Rosie but I do not like Sophia that much

There annoying and think they got it all

199 Madonna Madonna Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. She influenced a lot of singers such as: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears . She is known as Queen of Pop and at modern pop culture specifically in 2012 "Madge" or MDNA . She has more.

She is a determined, opinionated person which is good but she takes it too far sometimes. Obviously I don't know her but the way she behaves makes me think she is a very demanding and difficult person.

Some of her songs are okay but I do not like her as a person. Too full of herself and mean.

This should be #12 on the list, she's a bad celebrity & she can't sing, her voice is autotuned & she does eroticism.

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200 Harry Styles Harry Styles Harry Edward Styles is an English singer and song writer, known as a member of the boy band One Direction .

He is just one of those that get right on your hooters... Such a smug looking git.

Simon's minion

You guys are so mean and that I'm a true 1 direction fan. haters are just gonna hate. well you guys are just mean. so harry styles is my favorite one direction member. well go away you haters.

He looks like a mop with stupid long hair😐🙄🙄🙄

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