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61 Don Johnson
62 Uwe Boll Uwe Boll Uwe Boll is a German-born Canadian filmmaker and restaurateur, whose work includes several films adapted from video games.
63 Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera Christina María Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known for songs such as "Beautiful", "Genie In A Bottle", "Fighter", "Hurt", "Dirrty", "Your Body", "Lady Marmalade", "Reflection", "I Turn To You", "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" "What A Girl Wants" and more.

She is just tasteless and over sings everything which makes my ears bleed.

I have heard her name before but her fame is so minimal that I had no idea that she sings...

She can sing but she just cannot get that image of hers right. The clothes etc.

She can dome me up any time.

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64 Bridgit Mendler Bridgit Mendler Bridgit Claire Mendler is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. In 2004, she began her career in the animated Indian film The Legend of Buddha.

Sweet girl has a unique voice, and is still working on getting better.. Why is she on this list seriously. -_-

And I thought her acting skills were bad! She cannot sing what so ever, her voice is ratchet.

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65 Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Anne Hudgens is an American actress and singer. Hudgens rose to prominence playing Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical series.

Hate her with a passion, she has an annoying laugh, she seems so stuck up and arrogant and very very clingy towards Zac who I might add deserves better than Vanessa - thetalkingtortilla

Gives actual hippies a bad name

She has a fake smile, like seriously she's not that good looking

I don't know how people still manage to look in the mirror after their pictures are -cough- "leaked" -cough-.

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66 Richard Simmons

ugly and stupid how has no one said anything maybe I'm the only one with real guts

He needs to go for exorcism rites. He acts like a possessed clown.

Why do you guys have to call, everyone ugly? Everyone's beautiful in their own special way. It's never your apperence.

67 Ellen Pompeo Ellen Pompeo

I cannot stand her lisp. I know she wasn't born with it because it wasn't there in the first couple of seasons ( Grey's anatomy) and I want to stop watching the show immediately when she comes on.

The first time I wanted the main character to be killed off.

68 Michelle Obama Michelle Obama Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is an American lawyer and writer. She is married to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the first African-American First Lady of the United States.

Use of the terms "monkeys" and "baboon" shows the quality of the minds behind them. Unfortunately, in a democracy you have to let the morons rave.

Use of the terms "monkey" and 'baboon" to describe a person shows just how our society is filled with racism.

Wife of Barack Obama the most useless president of them all.. most simplest reason for her to be on this list.. Especially the fact that she doesn't try to convince him to save those innocent children and people out there, but to bomb and start wars. :) GOOD DAY TO ALL OF YOU.

It's a transvestite. - olliv

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69 Macklemore Macklemore Ben Haggerty, known by his stage name Macklemore and formerly Professor Macklemore, is an American singer and songwriter from Seattle, Washington.

He thinks he is so better than all the rappers because he has boring repetitive songs


70 Tom Kenny Tom Kenny

He's good, he created the voice of SpongeBob.

He looks like bladder cancer - DaTrueSwagLord21

I have seen Tom in a number of situations, always nice to fans, super versatile, ridiculously humble,… I can name about 500 celebrities who could take a listen tom!

71 Zoe Levin
72 Chris Christie Chris Christie Christopher James "Chris" Christie is an American attorney, politician and member of the Republican Party who has been the 55th Governor of New Jersey since January 2010. His term ends January 23, 2018.
73 Sabrina Carpenter Sabrina Carpenter Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She stars as the young version of Chloe Goodwin in The Goodwin Games and as Maya Hart in the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World. She plays Jenny Parker in the Disney Channel Original Movie Adventures in Babysitting . (She) more.
74 Zac Efron Zac Efron

Can a magazine please put someone else on the cover of their magazine. Yah, he's cute and whatever but its so annoying seeing him like everywhere.

Saw him on Graham Norton - very full of himself and not interested in anything anyone else had to say

One of those annoying twits who insists that he's straight when he's a walking gay stereotype. - NibiruMul


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75 Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson (born November 22, 1984) is an American actress, model, and singer. She made her film debut in North. more.

Oh shes trying so hard tobe one of the sexiest women alive, I mean come on, some guys are stupid, when she talks like that and pose like that, they fall in love with her, shes not that hot, or that sexy, no, what she does is sexy, so wake up people, shes fake, not because she knows what could turn you on, then it means her face turns you on, no shes not that beautiful, charlize theron or angelina jolie is million times hotter than her, shes like any English actress, so I wont let her live a lie, scarlett, your not that hot, or that beautiful, take it from me and accept it, cause you'll never change a wide known fact like that!

she should be a porn star, not a movie star, shes not a good actress, shes just knows what could turn me on, so shes in the wrong place dude, I hope she realizes that soon, cause shes only good at porn, and nothing else. bottom line, shes fake, empty and her movies sucks, she got some borring stories, the only reason she gets these roles, is beacause of what she does, cause she knows what could turn you on, shes annoying in all ways. - crackinsteve

She pretends her fame is actually about her talent and she wants to create this image that she's smart and humble but she isn't any of those things. She is famous for her boobs and for her rear and pretty blond hair and overall very generically beautiful. She feeds into being a sex symbol with all the pictures and roles she takes but tries to pass them off as actual "talent. " She seems very self involved and kind of whorish with her antics.

What's with these nasty comments...oh, it's the jellies on a plate, jellies on a plate, wibble wobble wibble wobble jellies on a plate! - Entranced98

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76 Katy Perry Katy Perry Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry) was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Katy Perry is a singer, songwriter, actress and an ambassador on one of the most popular companies of now, UNICEF. more.

Annoying voice. Just wants to seem relevant. First started out with "I kissed a girl" for which supposedly means she's for gays/ lesbians but her song "your so gay" negates that because she's basically saying the stereotypes of being gay. From wearing ridiculous clothing and colored wigs and having a song about wanting to see a "peacock" to songs like "firework. " Nope, cannot take you seriously.

None of her songs will be remembered unless we want to make fun of bad music. Not to mention, she is a talentless, racist, annoying, fake person that always wants to bring contempt. She tries to meet the president, but comes from a right-wing, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic family, so something is shady here. Actually, everything she does is shady, especially when she manipulates the charts to get number one hits.

How can you people insulted her like this, she's talented she can sing act and dance. Her hairs are awesome, she's not satanic or a weird trendsetter like lady gaga. She deserves the last position

Hate every one of her songs

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77 Adam Sandler Adam Sandler

He should emigrate to Mongolia and enter their entertainment business.

Probably a nice guy but a talentless one trick pony.

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78 Matty B Matty B

This kid never grows does he. Also, he needs to stop this "rapping" he does and go to school. He'll more likely be successful in life with an education than this awful "music career" he claims to have.

He just never grows up, from his annoying wannabe rapper phase. - Chatsa2

Excuse me person he's cute

79 IceJJFish IceJJFish
80 Flo Rida Flo Rida Tramar Lacel Dillard, better known by his stage name Flo Rida is an American hip hop recording artist from Carol City, Florida.

All of his songs are garbage and annoying his voice is annoying overall HE'S ANNOYING AS HELL and he needs to SHUT UP about his house - christangrant

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