Taylor Swift

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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


She is the most worst singer. Her songs are meaningless, have no taste at all, so boring, most of are same most important thing she just sing one word many times like "trouble trouble trouble, shake it off shake it off, never ever ever ever oh stop you idiot. You are just a untalented annoying singer who just show her over attitude. You are not that beautiful that your fan saying all the time. It just make up magic. Just stop your bull attitude and sing some real country song. You can't sing pop so stop trying to. Its makes you no sense and stupid.

She always wins awards then uses that " I totally didn't even expect this" speech. One time there was an award for best music soundtrack for a movie and Taylor Swift was nominated for "The Hunger Games" soundtrack and the announcer was like "and the winner is..." Then the camera landed on her and she had this smirk on her face and she started to get up out of her seat and the announcer said "Adele for 'Skyfall'! " And she acted all pouty and sad! She thinks she can win every award! Plus, the only reason she's pop and country is so she can be eligible for more awards! And now she's going to start acting! Seriously?! She's playing Rosemary in "The Giver" which is going to look so bad now! In conclusion, I just find her overdramatic.

! I hate taylor swift, and everyone I know loves her,
So when I was in grade four, I would say, all of her songs mean I feel so sorry for myself,
I don't want to see you idiots again, so leave me alone, jerk.
And whoever said she looks so surprised when she wins, I agree her music is POP, NOT COUNTRY, I am so happy shes on here! I also hate justin bieber, oprah, and I love ed sheeran. Also, some of her songs mean wanting boys she can't have, and plus, she looks EXACTLY like two ugly girls who used to bully me, and they would not leave me alone.

Her lyrics have no meaning and people praise her for her songwriting abilities. Okay, it's cool that she writes her own music, but people act like she's a great lyricist. She just writes songs about her relationship, everyone can do that.

She is annoying, 90% of the people in my school hates her. Her music sucks! For example her song I knew you were trouble, she wrote songs just to dissed her exes. every time she has a breakup she creates a song and dissed them and then get on interview and starts talking bad stuff about her ex. While her ex didn't even dissed her back.

She is so fake, I don't even think she is pretty all she sings and writes about is boys, she doesn't deserve any of the awards she has won and shes not even country.

I can't stand this annoying little girl. The only reason why she is famous is because of all her child female fans. Once all those little girls grow up hopefully Taylor will disappear

I really hope her fan base would just grow up already so that she can disappear off the music stations. Her music has never been enjoyable and her sweet girl act is oozing in fakeness. She needs to act her own age and accept the fact that she is no longer a teenager nor is she sexy.

You are never ever ever ever ever gonna sing better

I just think she's annoying every time she voices to stand up for "artists" and all her song about how bad all the guys treated her badly... She's using all the fame of the guys she's dating to have more news, especially before she succeeds in her career. And sorry guys, she's targeting all the young guys. This is never gonna end, unless she doesn't have the "innocent" face anymore. As Katy Perry said, "Watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing..."

Stop the bull! Stop acting like a victim all the time! She always say how people r being mean to her and bully her all the time, but in actual fact she's a bully herself. She's definitely Regina George

I hate her songs but blank space the one song of hers that I think is SO ANNOYING is shake it off

No talent skinny greedy hooker

Her squinty eyes bother me and she wears way too much makeup. Her voice is terribly annoying and her songs are depressing. Bitch acts like a dumb 13 year old, except she's a major slut.

She should be number one. I honestly can't stand her. I mean does she really think anyone cares about her little break ups? No. No one does. So stop.

She is the most fake celeb in the world

She's annoying! She should be number 1! - Deadamanwonderlandgi

I'm just sick of her playing her perfect goody two shoes act. She plays guys and acts like the victim. Shes gonna screw up and I can't wait till it happens.

I hate her music and her relationships, and everything about her.

Her music is just about fake relationships. This so called singer only dates guys so she can soon break up with them and write a new hit

A goodie goodie who everyone loves for being annoying

Not a great singer, a bad dancer, a bad actress, a bully, a heart breaker, mean/rude (she couldn't even take a joke, she asked Tina fey to go to hell), she's so fake

America just loves everything she puts out even when it's TRASH! The girl nominated for a grammy for best COUNTRY album it was straight up pop music (thank she lost and rightfully so, and lets not forget the look on her face when she won album of the year laugh out loud) all her songs contradict each other, she goes after bad boys and LOVES IT and then writes some hatefull song about them after they break it off, she is the most pretencious thing around

I don't even know what happened to this idiot. She actually used to be a role model for my friends and I. She still is for some people I know, but she's just started jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend to boyfriend. And she's going from drama to drama. She's acting like a media hungry hippopotamus and she doesn't deserve a second of the attention she's getting. She used to be amazing, but even then I guess I didn't remember how she sung just about every song about boyfriend #284601947. Taylor needs to get a life.

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Taylor confuses me. Sometimes she seems like a sweetheart and other times she is a mean girl. She overreacts about everything. She couldn't be nice to another artist to save her life. She's like, 'it's fine if I attack you, but if you attack me, I'm going to whine about you in a song.' Taylor needs to realize she's a grown woman, not in high school. People look up to her, and she has to at least try to be a good role model. Demi Lovato is better.