Just Giving My Thoughts: 90s Fans

Hello, everyone. This is Garythesnail with another post series called "Just Giving My Thoughts". I simply talk about a certain topic that's well-known and give my thoughts, and with that being said, today is 90s fans.
Now, we all know the 90s were great. Great cartoons, great games, great music, etcetera. So anything that's not in the 90s is awful and anything in the 90s is good, no matter what. Oh, wait-that's illogical? Well, a lot of 90s fans use this logic. I'm not saying every 90s fan to ever exist uses it, simply the majority of them. The problem with this is that it's complete bias and nostalgia-based. I have my nostalgia too, like in the case of Spongebob. But the thing is, even post-movie Spongebob was nostalgic for me. So I can accept when something from my childhood was mediocre/bad. The majority of 90s fans seem to automatically show bias to early Nicktoons and won't like anything past Spongebob's first season, and bias to 90s games like Mario 64, automatically assuming no 3-D Mario game is better because "it came first". There's no problem with having nostalgia, but being biased and obnoxious about it is a problem.
Of course, not every 90s fan is bad. Some are generally nice and can respect the opinions of those who like later media better. But others will bash anyone who disses anything from the 90s, and that's not fair or acceptable. It's not like being a 90s fan is bad;but being a certain type is.

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THANK YOU! Someone has finally understood my hate for 90s fans. They are crawling all over this site. I know that its ok to dislike some things from the future, but disliking EVERYTHING just because it does not have one quality, (in this case, made in the 90s) is just stupid. I like modern things and old things, just not everthing old. Which is ok, because (once again), hating on something because it was not made in a certain time period is very stupid. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Not all 90s fans are like this
they simply love the 90s
why can't you respect anyone else's opinion btiv - visitor

"Not all". Not even most 90s fans are like this. BTIV, your idea about 90s fans is flawed. If you disagree with me, how about you come up with an argument on this comment thread disproving my claim and let me answer it. - visitor

I like 90s things more than modern things (except for video games and stuff.) Am I a 90s kid? - visitor

I honestly do not like 90s pop, it was kinda cheesy and weird. But rock, metal, and punk were good. 90s shows are amazing, but not all of them. The video games, not so much. - visitor