Cataclysm Essay: The Annoying Fanbases That I Really Hate It!!!...

Hey guys, this is CNF18 (call me Chat or Noir-chan. This was my first series named Cataclysm Essay. In this post, i will review what i dislike. First, i want to tell who are the most annoying fanbases based off my opinions. So, don't judge me or calling me a jerk, hypocrite, or many abusive nicknames, so let's begin, Claws Out!

Here the fanbases that i really hate so much (no offense):

1.Danny Phantom Fans - Oh god. Can't stand this fanbase anymore. The reasons why they like Danny because he is hotter or blablabla...
I'm sick about this fanbases. They harrasing or bullies people who hate Danny Phantom and they whine like a baby by said "bring back the show, it's my favorite good nick show!" and they ships Danny and Sam and called them "cute couple" which i really hate about it. And they make their stupid confessions to Danny like said "When i was a kid, i have crush to Danny" and "Danny is my first crush when i was little". Hello! Danny is a fictional character, not boyfriend in real life!

2.Miraculous Ladybug Haters - Really broke my heart. They called Chat Noir fans are stupid, hypocrite, and annoying. And also they treats Danny Phantom fans like a pet and bully the Miraculous fans. They also called Miraculous Ladybug "a new nick garbage show". What da fuq. And they try to make the people hate the show with illogical reasons. Most haters on this hatebases are Danny Phantom fans who get jealous to Chat Noir just because they think Chat Noir ruined Danny Phantom.

3.Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja Haters - Most this hatebases are Danny Phantom fans. They called Randy is failure, ugly, and dumb character and they harrasing people who like the show and they don't know this show is underrated. They also said like this "Randy's joke like what the juice are not funny at all" and they send abusive message that the show should ends, which according to me are really rude to fans. The haters of this hatebases are hypocrite and immature. They trying to make Randy looks bad and suffered which is i really hate it so much. HATE IT!!!...

4.Hello Kitty Fans - Ugh... Pink. They labelled theyself as "kawaii" which i really hate it so much. And they stuff are pink or white. They are feminism and always think that pink is a good color for girls. They also really childish and act like a 5 years old girls. They wear most pink clothes and really hate to be tomboys and they harrasing people who hate Hello Kitty and they stuffs are all of them are Hello Kitty like pillows, plush, plate, spoon, fork, bag, bed, toothbrush, and blablabla.... AAARGH!!!!.... I'M DONE!

5.Rainbow Dash Fans - Remember this fanbases? Oh god, this fanbase are awful, they can't respect opinion who hate Dash and they bullied people who don't like Dash. They also send death threats to haters that they are deserved to die, especially clivenator. The only nice RD fan here is Neonco31

6.Serena Fans - LunaDude1996 in the nutshell. I agree to eventer51314, MSBS, and Ruee. They look similar like DP fans, like the character just because they are perfect and they are super duper bratty, selfish, just similar like Serena. They also bullied people who don't like Serena. They can't respect opinion, enough said.

7.The Loud House Fans - They can't respect people who hate the show and called them with abusive nicknames. I interested to Loud House but i currently hate it because this fanbase (the only Loud House characters i like are Luan, Leni, and Lucy (she is less annoying). But, not some of this fanbase are bad.

8.Beliebers - I very lazy to review this fanbase. It's too mainstream but they are god damn awful. Justin Bieber is a bad singer! He spits his fans in Toronto, despising Argentina's flag, peed in the mopping bucket and more. The fan of this site is JUSTINBIEBERLOVER (obviously)

9.Anti-Bronies - Like Neonco said, they harrasing people who like the show by said "girls only can watch girl shows!" but they watch PPG? What the... But, not some of them are bad

10.Frozen Fans - My classmates in a nutshell. They keeping sing "Let It Go" and they are too hypersenstive (though i never met them) but, i have to agree to the people who hate it.

11.Liv & Maddie Fans - Disney1994 in a nutshell. Honestly, i never met this fanbases, but, man they sound so harsh. They always think L&M is the best show ever and always send death threats to the peoples who hate the show. Enough said.

So, this was all my opinion. They tried to broke my heart and make me cry, but, they also try to troll and annoys me.

So, thanks reading this, all the Toptenners! Noir-chan out!

Claws Off!🐱🐈🐾🐾🐾

Note: i will update this post if i made another annoying fanbases


I'm look cynic when I make this post - visitor

No. 10 - Brony haters - the fandom may be bad but the hatebase keeps beating it up like a punching bag. - visitor

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I agree, I kinda hate MLP, but I do not think the fans are gay and immature. Nowadays, people finally know the truth. In fact, many MLP fans, bronies and pegasisters are some of the nicest people I know and respect opinions. - visitor

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Add this belebirs feminists and liv andmmaddie fans - epictoonsfan1

There is an error on number 8. It's supposed to be "I'm very lazy". Sorry - visitor

You probably don't know this but Barneythedinosourrocks is JUSTINBEIBERLOVER - epictoonsfan1

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