90s Fans


I'm getting sick and tired of 90's fans complaining about our generation, when they know good and well that they're a main source of the problem. Seriously, nostalgic people think it's okay to insult the things we enjoy from our generation, and they're always whining about how much better things were back then. Um, hello? Wars, Messed-Up Cartoons, and so much more that I can't even begin to blab about. Now I'm not insulting the new generation on account of I do enjoy something's about it. But stating that us kids nowadays are bratty and fat, get on somewhere with that crap.

"I was born in the 1990's and I MUST SAY that it was way better than the CRAP of nowadays"

So what proof do you have to back this up? Exactly. None whatsoever. See this is another problem of our generation. We have spoiled 90's kids who think that they're so special because of what decade they were born in. Are you kidding me? That doesn't make you special at all. Now I'm not trying to insult anyone from the 90's but still. It seems like almost every kid born in that time period thinks they have a right to go out on us 2000's kids when they know good and well it makes them more childish then 5 year olds. We have some great things to look forward to of this generation. Think. I don't have proof? Well I do.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Steven Universe
The Amazing World of Gumball
Adventure Time
Sonic X
Digimon Tamers
Digimon Frontier
Teen Titans
Codename Kids Next Door
Kirby Right Back at Ya!
Pokemon Omega ...more

I can't stand these people! To them, the only thing that's important is Entertainment. Entertainment isn't even a big deal when you really think about it. It's just Entertainment!
I am the only one who likes Modern Entertainment? There is bad Entertainment today, but I just ignore the bad and focus on the good, both classic and modern. I was born in 2002 and people bash on those like me just because we're kids of today. "Kids are idiots today because they like shows like Uncle Grandpa." Are you kidding me right now! I like Uncle Grandpa, but I'm not an idiot. It's just my opinion. I respect your opinion on disliking Uncle Grandpa, but can you just respect mine. "Kids are idiots today because they go on the Internet a lot." come on! I go on the Internet a lot but I don't act like a idiot! "Kids these day can't respect opinions." Says the people who literally bash on kids of today for liking modern Entertainment!

90's idiots are stupid as hell. There's this kid in my class who was born in 200-BLOODY-1 and thinks he was born in the 90's just because of Pokemon. The 90's idiots claim that there was no war or sadness back in the 90s and everybody was happy back then. So the genocide in Rwanda wasn't war or sadness? School massacres like the Dunblane Primary school and Columbine High school massacres weren't war or sadness? The crap that happened in places like Bosnia and Somalia weren't war or sadness? The first gulf war that happened in 1991 wasn't WAR or sadness? Just what the hell!? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Blah blah we had a few good cartoons that automatically makes the entire decade the best ever. If I hear the term 90s kid ever again. I'm gonna break something. this problem is dipping into good people that I know too - hurjelert

Kids be like "You guys don't know what it was like to experience the 90s" Was born in 1999 - ryanrimmel

Oh Jesus Christ they piss me off so much! They act like the 90s was the best year ever and the world was perfect back then.

I know this generation is corrupt but you're not better than others for watching old cartoons, listening to older music, not drinking, smoking etc. If you seriously think that pleases shut up.

Definitely agree with this. Why?

1. They bash on modern music and claim it to be bad most of the time.
2. They often bash on the new Spongebob episodes as if they will always be bad. I also think there were some episodes of the new seasons that were bad but really, they say it as if all of them are terrible even when some are actually good.
3. Basically, they think the fads of today suck now and that they claim the 90s to be the #1 decade. No it's not! You can't tell if a decade is the best or not because that is based on one's opinion. The fads of today are for the new gen children. They are not for you.

I'm not gonna say that all 90s cartoons are horrible because they have good things about them (i personally don't care for them but if you do whatever it's your opinion and I can accept that) but if you're gonna make a rant on a T.V. channel like Nickelodeon (which by the way was aimed at children) please watch the show you're talking about because I can't count how many times I watched a rant on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel or Cartoon Network and heard the person say something like "there's this dumb show called (insert random modern cartoon here) and I haven't watched it but I know it sucks because it's a modern show" or something along those lines - Gamer4life

People born from 1992-1999 are not 90s kids but don't be ashamed/embarrassed. People born in 1992 would've been 7 in 1999, people born in 1993 would've been 6 in 1999, people born in 1994 would've been 5 in 1999 people born in 1995 would've been 4 in 1999, people born in 1996 would've been 3 in 1999 people born in 1997 would've been 2 in 1999 people born in 1998 would've been 1 in 1999 and people born in 1999 would've been 0. Yeah you will remember 90s things because they hadn't died out. But you wouldn't remember much of the 90s born from them years or remember nothing from the years if you was under five in 1999. Just remember things because they continued into the 2000s.

Yes, this decade was pretty good but HOLY GOSH, WILL PEOPLE JUST SHUT UP ABOUT THE GOD DANG 90S ALREADY? And it's not just 90s kids either, it's all the people born from the Late60s-Early90s that praise this generation as some sort of natural heaven never seen before by eyes. IT'S A DECADE PEOPLE THAT PROBABLY NO ONE WILL GIVE A CRAP ABOUT ANYMORE BY THE LATE 2020S. Yes the 2000s/2010s weren't always perfect but the 90s was a time when America just didn't seem to care about too much worldwide events. Here are a few problems in the 90s that people need to understand:

We were constantly threatened by terrorism and we did literally absolutely nothing about it and that's why we led up to 9/11. The Rwandan Genocide in the Early 90s happened in which MILLIONS LITERALLY LOST THEIR LIVES and America didn't even bother to care in the slightest. The Gulf war happened and people just forgot about it. Hurricane Andrew almost wiped out some major miami area cities back in 1992 and ended up ...more

At first I didn't mind 90's kids, but I changed my mind when I saw two of them in a compliment comment in Rebecca Black's My Moment video saying we should listen to other things like Nirvana, Pink Floyd and etc. They are really closed minded, and before you say anything, this song is good. Many songs of this style were created before and nobody complained. Now just because she made a song considered bad by many she sucks? Every artist has bad songs, including their precious Nirvana, Pink Floyd. - BlinxTheWinx

I really hate how they act like the 90s are the only good time for media and all that. We have plenty of good shows, video games, books, etc. Today. And it's not like everybody who lives in the decade is bad. Their basic logic is usually "Duuh, it's better 'cause it's in the 90s, and if a kid grows up and it's not in the 90s they're retarded". See what I mean? But they probably won't listen since I'm not a 90s kid. - Garythesnail

They think that 90s cartoons are best and they hate 2000s cartoons which they probably never even seen before when Avatar the last Airbender began one of them said: Why must nick torture us with god awful show!? Who the in the hell watches this crap? Am I like really I thought Avatar was like all the 90s cartoon combine and they probably didn't see it cause once they think that everything made after the 90s suck. 2000s kids childhood is none of their business.

I wouldn't even include this because this is going to keep happening. For the 2010s, people are going to forget the bad cartoons there and then say that was the best decade ever. This reason is pointless since this is going to happen to almost every decade.

I absolutely can't stand them. They seriously need to a grip and quit acting like stuck up snobs. You don't see that much 70's or 80's kids bragging about their generation. Heck even 2000's kids are mature than them.

I wasn't born in the 1990s and a lot of my favorite shows are from that decade, but I'm not all rabid. Like I love and like a lot of shows from the 2000s decade also (my favorite show ran from 2005-2008) and from the 1960s, 1970s, late 1950s, and the 1980s. And I even love a show from the 2010s decade (Gravity Falls). But I'm not some rabid freak. - Anonymousxcxc

These people seriously need to get over it! The 90's decade are over it was a long time ago and unless they have a time machine then there nothing they can't do about it cause time never stop and they seriously need to quit complaining about 90s cartoons cause there adults now and their still stuck in their child days if they don't act mature soon then there literally wasting their adulthood away.

For all the the 90s kids who think the world sucks nowadays no this in a few years time the 2010s kids you talk about having lousy entertainment will think the same thing about the late 2020s and 2030s as you do about the late 2000s and 2010s. - Gamer4life

90s was just a decade. For a 90s Kid childhood was a very simple time, not a care in the world. I had a childhood in the 90s. But it seems to be an obsession, I haven't noticed it with any other decade. (Guessing some 2000s Kids are either 16-19 early 20s, no 2000s obsession with them and they are older now.) I love history and sometimes I kinda miss childhood but please do not be obsessed with the time when you was little.

Oh damn, I voted for bronies, but if I could vote again I'd vote this. I WAS born in the 90s, I just don't get the praise it gets. It's just a DECADE and just slightly different from the 00s or 80s Also, this "90s kids" thing is humongously cancerous: people who call themselves "90s kids" just keep shoving down everyone's throat that "90s videogames were the best! " or "90s cartoons were the best! " and much other stuff.

90s kids say that every cartoon today sucks and that T.V. networks should cancel everything modern and play the 90s cartoons on loop. I will let you in on a secret 90s kids the cartoons you complain about are made for people much younger than you so if you don't like them there maybe a reason that you don't like them beyond cartoons today sucking. - Gamer4life

My biggest problem with 90s fans is that they do not respect other past decades (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, etc.), and they think that something automatically sucks if it was not released between January 1, 1990 and December 31, 1999. I am a 90s fan myself (I don't really like the 10s), but I enjoy many things released from the 1920's-1980s, some of the things from the 2000's, and a handful of things from the 2010's. - anonygirl

UGH THESE PEOPLE. I usually hate when "Nostalgia" is used as an insult but these guys...their eyes are so clouded with nostalgia for the "Good Old Days" that they fail to see the great things about this day and age. I hate when the act like cartoons were better in the 90s. I know Cartoon Network shows a ton of crap (Teen Titans Go) but it also has some excellent cartoons as well. - SugarcoatShadowBolt

I was a child but please stop the obsession. The 00s wasn't a bad decade 9/11 and the war in Iraq was not the only thing that happened in that decade, there was 00s teens who were 90s kids and 00s kids too young to remember any years of the 90s or not born in the 90s. Don't give people who were children who remember any years of the 90s a bad name. (Usually born in 80s to early 90s)