Anime Fans


Did it ever occur to you anime fans that an anime can be good but it can also suck just like any cartoon can, anime is not above cartoons in terms of quality, they're on the same level, and people who dislike them more than likely have good reasons for it, they're not just "ignorant Americans" as you call them (hell, a lot of people who call other people that ARE Americans) So stop thinking that anime is perfect and calling people who don't like it racist, cause they're not

DUDE anime is garbage! Yet it is A garbage I'm kinda into. The anime fan base is quite divided on how YOU looks at mainly because anime itself is really diverse. You got your crazed otaku'a that are uncomfortable to be around but they are pretty chill when it comes to western AND eastern animation. Then you got your weeabos. The ones that try to become Japanese and looks down on western culture even though they are a part of it. (They're also the one that pull the anime is not a cartoon thing.) but thankfully there are a good bit of people in between that watch anime AND western animated shows and are really chill. (I'm one of these. I don't really lean towards anime or western shows I just watch whatever seems interesting.) so yea anime does have a pretty bad fan base but it's not the worst

The bad anime fans get ironic at times. They always tell people to respect people's opinions and don't hate on them for it. Yet I made a list on why I thought Anime was bad and then they were telling me to die and what I thought was wrong.

Ironic isn't the correct word. The word you're looking for is hypocritical. - NotVeryFun

You have every right to state your opinion, them telling you to die just because you don't watch anime is just plain immature and unnecessary. - FlakyCuddles43

You know what's sad, SOME(not all) anime fans will criticize you and actually harass you if you don't watch anime. As someone who witnessed and experienced name calling at school for not watching anime, it gets pretty hurtful and annoying at times. For those certain Anime fans who actually harshly call out people for not watching anime, I'm kindly asking you to please stop. I have no problem with you watching anime, but you don't have to bully someone for not watching it. - FlakyCuddles43

You don't need to be Japanese in order to like anime. Believe me, anime is popular and known all around the world, and many of the new American animated series have been drawn in the style of anime. To me, "anime" doesn't mean just "Japanese animation", but rather, it is a style. Yes, it originated from Japan but that doesn't stop westerners from liking it and drawing in said style.

99% of them are just a bunch of Americans who think they know everything about Japanese culture, defending and worshiping anime saying "I know so much about anime, you just don't understand it". Not to mention the fact that it feels like if you say even 1 criticism about an anime show or movie, they'll skin you alive

A lot of the fans nowadays are just a bunch of Americans who try to pretend that they're Japanese, always dressing up like anime characters and saying weird anime phrases like "Kawaii" or some other weird stuff like that, not to mention the fact that they start hating on American cartoons and say they'll only watch anime shows/movies. We get it, you like anime, but please stop trying to pose as a Japanese person when you're not

I am an anime fan who actually likes western cartoons SO I must not exist! Seriously, Don't prejudge all of them like this!

You know what anime fans? You need to stop saying that Anime is better because it's "deep and meaningful" and American cartoons are just idiotic nonsense, there are a lot of mature cartoons out there, not every American cartoon is Ren And Stimpy you know!

We get that you like anime but that doesn't mean YOU CAN'T BREATH WITHOUT IT. And no, that character isn't your wife.

I actually love anime, but a handful of the fans are crazy over it.

I understand why this is on here. But come on! Not ALL anime fans are bad! For example:People who watch Death Note don't go on psychotic rampages about how Rem died. Durarara is a tame fan base that doesn't think too deep into other fans opinions. And my GOD will you not find a SINGLE annoying MM! Fan out there.

I love my share of attack on titan, but some anime fans are weird. They draw R34 of it and everyone hates on the people who don't like their anime. I don't get why they do it. Its really immature, in my opinion.

There are kids in my class, who are always talking about anime. Its all they ever talk about! On his accounts and stuff he only puts pictures of anime characters. And he draws the fairytale logo all the time! It's so annoying!

While every fanbase has their crazies, it seems that nowadays that western animated movies, shorts and shows (especially those made in the 1930's, 1940's, 1980's, 1990's and the 2010's) have even worse fandoms than any anime.

If you ever feel like you're depressed, or the worst person in the world, just remember, someone somewhere on Earth is beating their meat to anime

I am an Anime fan, but I don't insult the culture of the Western Animation. Cartoons and Anime are the same, except in different style of the visual. I'm the sane one here. - yamionthetrap

Anime fans are mostly alright, it's only a small (but extremely vocal) group that bring it up at every available opportunity. Also the ones who can't comprehend that many shows are for kids (much like bronies).

I'm one of the normal Anime fans but I agree that some of us are a crazy.

Cartoons are good too but I love anime - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Hey I like them both. I'm not rabid. - Anonymousxcxc

I really hate how they freak out over the smallest criticisms. The prime example is that 99% of them will have a spaz attack if you so much as call it a cartoon

I like anime but I play football so I keep it to myself just so I keep a good image

I like anime, but there are 2 people in my second period class who never stop talking about anime.

I watch anime, but the fanbase is terrible. Shipping, favorites, Mary sues, everything is terrible in the fanbase.