Five Nights At Freddy's Fans


The game's not bad, and the theories aren't either, but if I see one more shipping, you'll be seeing blood on the streets tomorrow

I like the games, and some of the theorists, let's players, fan songs, fanart etc. are genuinely good. But then there are the annoying children who are EVERYWHERE, don't understand what simple words mean, will shout at anyone who doesn't like the game or their favourite character but then say "But everyone's entitled to their own opinion! " when you call them out on being sexist or homophobic (and this fandom is surprisingly full of sexism and homophobia), repeat the same jokes over and over without changing them, and, most creepily of all, obsess over and fantasise about the killer, calling him "sexy" when he has no canon appearance and no personality outside of "murderers children".

The games in general are amazing, but the internet has been flooding with these fan bases. Artwork on it is fine, but the shippings... STFU ABOUT THE SHIPPINGS! It seriously annoys everyone, finding a robotic animal crushing on another... We all can't stand it. If I hear one more annoying irrelevant thing about the game, I will go murdering people on the streets for it. ( We all wonder how poor Scott is going to deal with this... )

I don't hate the game, in fact I love it. The way Scott unfolds the story is interesting. However, the fan base is rabid and won't shut up about it. It makes me sick to my stomach.

The first game was good, perhaps even the second was too, but the fandom is what make this game hated. They are hated for the same reason almost all other fanboys are: the fans are too openly obsessed with this game. It grabs onto a quarter of their thought processes and they cannot stop thinking about. I honestly feel sorry for them. I bet they are good people inside. Just give it a year or two and they'll be swallowed up by the chaos that is the internet, only to be replaced with another fandom yet to come. Kinda ominous if you think about it.

After some 7 year old fanboy said "YOU ARe A POOP! " I lost all faith in the fanbase.

I love the games but I hate the fanbase. It's no wonder Scott pays little to no attention to them.

Despite it being a well-polished and unique horror game, most people hate it because they would feel embarrassed to play a game which is played by members of the fanbase. What makes it even worse is that most of these members of the fanbase have not played the original game. Instead, they play free copied bootlegs of the game, and to top it all off, it's only been barely over a year since the first FNAF game came out.

The fan base treats Scott like a slave!

The fanbase is honestly the worst I've ever seen. Yes, even worse than the Sonic fanbase and Bronies. The games are also hashed out between two months time and have no real improvements.

Looking through this list, I had a hard time choosing which fanbase I hate the most, because I hated every single one on this list. But I then saw this and I immediately had to vote for it. The game isn't bad, I'm not a fan of horror games, so I've only played it one or two times. The story is actually very well thought out though, so I've been keeping up with that. The fan base ruins the game though. I had enough about the shipping and THE ROLEPLAYING! The roleplaying is the worst, it is so annoying... - itz_izzy

This game can't be considered a horror game. Horror is meant to still have you scared after watching/playing/reading it. The fans are mostly people who have never played this game before, and the amount of times I've heard kids scream to me about how 'scary' this game is is uncountable.

I love these games, really I do. But do you know what really grinds my gears? Fans who can't handle other people's opinions. And some of the theories just don't make sense. Long story short, I love the games but hate the fan base.

I'm one of them, I enjoy theories and facts and stuff like that, but I'm not a hardcore fan. And I think the people are only saying this because of Shipping. Yes it is very annoying. I totally agree.

Honestly, I can't understand how this became such a huge hit. The fanbase is one of the worst I've seen. Every little thing that they produce is the raw essence of cringe. They say it has an incredible plot and lore, but I don't see it. If you want a good story, you play a game like Persona 2. Don't even get me started on the theories and roleplayers...

This fan base consists of 5 year olds. Enough said.

Why this is not #1 I will never understand. I went to watch an ashens video on YouTube. A ASHENS video, and found the comments full of deprived fans who wouldn't shut the hell up. Nobody cares about your stupid animatronics. Keep to yourselves, and try not to get TOO offended when somebody calls you out on how annoying it is to have to see you and acknowledge your existence. And this isn't even mentioning the sexualizing of some of the game's characters. You are infatuated with a mechanical anthropomorphic animal. Get help.

And with that I conclude my rant. Or rather my truthful perception.

The game is fine, But the fans.. Oh the FANS! They give the game a bad reputation. They should even be at least in the top 5! What are you guys doing putting it on number 9?

Five Nights At Freddy's is a bad game, because the creator attempted to milk as much money as he could from it, making 5 games, 1 book and 1 movie. The fanbase is so ridiculous it makes me want to give up on life.

FINALLY someone says it without worrying about being judge. Yes it's okay to love in but people are too crazy about it.

Literal cancer on the highest degree, the game is terrible, everything the fans produce just adds to the list of reasons why I have lost faith in humanity.

They shove it down EVERYONE'S throat! They are about 10 times worse than bronies.

Honestly, I must speak my mind. This has passed me off FAR too long. When it comes to Fandoms, the fnaf Fandom is full of unspeakable stuff, including robot pornos, Way too much shipping, and Moronic 5 year olds. If you say anything negative about cartoon or his games, you'll be personally attacked until you run away. Roblox, Minecraft, This bull is EVERYWHERE. To sum up, Robots have no emotions, The whole Fandom is Five year olds jerk ingredients off to fnaf porn, and that there's too much shipping. In conclusion, I used to like that franchise, but I don't like that franchise any longer, became of all these reasons. FNAF is the worst Fandom ever (Beating undertale by a little bit)

All I hope, is that Bendy And the ink machine Fandom won't get as crappy as this.

Sincerely, And FNAF porno hater.

The fans ruined what could of been a great game and brats call it cancer I'll call it a short lived franchise

I'll admit, I was starting to become one of those guys, but I found out that if I do, everyone will get on my case. so, I stopped paying a lot of attention to it. I like the games and certain fan games, but the extreme fanbase has to stop making sexual stuff off of it.