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181 Lohanthony's Fanbase V 2 Comments
182 Evangelion Fans

Nope, Gurren Lagann is the best. And with good reason too. A great beginning (I know a lot of people call it lackluster, but I liked the first episode in my opinion), an awesome plot, awesome characters like Kamina and Simon who actually teach people to kick logic to the curb and do the impossible, and the tale of a man who has yet to realize his destiny that conveys a universal theme to all people around the world that will even make non-mecha or non-anime fans love this series till the end. Finally, at least the fan base is not as worse as Evangelion's fan base. Sorairo Days is clearly better than A Cruel Angel's Thesis since it is more upbeat and actually inspires people to become stronger and spiral towards their dreams and pierce through the heavens! Plus, Simon is better than Shinji Ikari.

EvAnGeLiOn Is the BesT

Are you kidding me? ever is way more superior than Gurren Lagann. It's not my opinion but ever is said to be one of the best anime of all time and is THE best mecha anime. There's a difference saying something is your favourite and you just liking something. Gurren Lagann is just so cringy and annoying because of the fan base which is just my opinion and Gurren is, I will admit, more popular but ever has much much much more work put into design, character development and story. Take Naruto for example. It's probably the most popular/well known anime out there but that doesn't make it the best...

183 Harry Potter Fans

But Harry Potter is just that good! Can you really blame us?

Harry Potter is good, but stop obsessing over it.

Harry Potter is amazing

Oh god Harry Potter sucks so much

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184 Cartoon Network Fans
185 Skydoesminecraft/Sky army

This is already further up the list

All we can do is pray to the gods of Oblivion to take these parasitic feinds to the void to be forgotten for eternity.

It's irronic the gold is useless for weapons and armor, but the FANBASE! GRRR! I hate his FANBASE! Thinking that "butter" is the best...

"I found a bit of gold yesterday." "NAW UTS BUDDER you NOB CAK IT SUWBRHWNDNSISHNRJIWU" Nice army, of little Butthurt bratty kids that now scream bad words at the computer.

186 Drake Fans

Deserves to be pulled off the air for good.

I know how Drake got his name: because it rhymes with fake! He is the fakest rapper out there! He doesn't EVEN WRITE HIS OWN STUFF

"How dare you not like drake he is the best rapper ever! Drink bleach"

This is why I dropped modern hiphop. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Drake vs Eminem. Me: Eminem. Drake's Fangirls: DRAKE MY BOOO

187 Gamers

Gamers do not get along with any thing. If you look about any video game news on YouTube, there are so many flame wars about so many stupid thing and they hate it when someone has a different opinion.

Who put this up here?

188 Mario Fans

But Daisy's and Rosalina's though - ParkerFang

The Mario fan base is pretty good. But they treat Screwattack's "Death Battle, Mario vs. Sonic and Luigi vs. Tails" like thief something the devil made. Most of the comments are stuff like Mario (or Luigi) shoulda won. I personally think Mario should've won, but hey, I think Sonic winning was a nice change of pace instead of cliche Mario vs. Sonic sprite animations where Mario always wins. The only real bad part of the Mario fan base are the Koopaling fans. They just suck. But anyways, the Mario fanbase isn't that bad.

The only bad thing about this is the Rosalina and Koopaling fanbase.

Um? Seriously? Luigi, Daisy, and Waluigi all have terrible fan bases. - DCfnaf


Rosalina- oh she's sexy oh let me unzip my pants and go...



Peach-'Peach is so pretty. Daisy is her ugly clone and Rosalina is her prostitute clone.

Mario: F all you sonic fans Mario is way better - yunafreya648

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189 Final Fantasy Fans

Final fantasy 6 fans are the worse - ParkerFang

Kingdom Hearts is much worse, believe me. At least Final Fantasy itself isn't a god-awful Disney crossover fanfic turned canon and actually been around long before the Internet.

The worse ones are Final Fantasy VI fans. They think it's a superior game when it's their opinion. They get so butthurt when someone doesn't like FFVI fans. Just see the list "Greatest Problems with Final Fantasy VI fans" and you'll see how awful they are

Every time a new game comes out they whine and complain about how they can't handle change.
"Squeenix make a FF7 remake! "
"Lightning is ugly! That's why I hate this game."
"Final Fantasy is dead."

I've been belittled by FF7 fans for liking FF13 and FF14 music. These people have no theory of mind.

190 Jeff the Killer Fans

What so great about this retarded clown? Why do teenagers dedicate their life to this? Yeah people let's dream about having sex with a retarded clown in a hoodie. Seriously these are really retarded fans.

You ship yourself with Jeff? Good luck mate cause while you are trying to seduce that sick, he with be cutting you bloody head off!

The most annoying creepypasta fanbase. They're always saying I married Jeff or Jeff loves me. Jeff would cut your head off, and Jeff the killer sucks.

What's so appealing to a person that will gorge out your intestines and choke you with them? 😐 - Picklesthekitten45

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191 Markiplier Fans

Oh these fans they act like he's a god and when someone has a negative opinion they go insane

Um, um, good sire? This is about his fan base not him.



192 Gravity Falls Fans

The fans are disrespectful to people who don't think it is the best thing that ever happened to Disney Channel, I mean I don't mind if you think it is great, but if you shove down other people throats, you're just ruining the cartoon by spoiling everything about it. In my opinion I think Gravity Falls is a "watch it if everything else is not for children or boring" too me.

This needs to be higher. These idiots think this is the best Disney show ever and those who disagree would get destroyed or something.

Look, If you like it, good for you, not EVERYONE has to like it


I am a Gravity Falls Fan,but I respect your opinion,whoever put this on the list.

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193 The "Bro" army

Pewdiepie fans that cry if you don't like him and they always say " your just jealous" while no one is jealous such idiots

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194 Danny Phantom Fans

I am a person under that comment below. I hate Danny Phantom because he so overrated. The fans more annoying than Miraculous Ladybug fans. The reasons why they like him just because he is cute and hot. The fans are immature and always make a gay shipping name Pitch Pearl and can't respect opinion (always attack the haters who hate him). I'm glad he cancelled now. I never watch him again or forever. Danny Phantom drools! Please respect my opinion because I don't like him - ChatNoirFan18

They always have crush on him when they was a kid. How we can date fictional character?!

195 The Lion King Fans

They're the absolute worst. They treat the film like it's God when it's not even the best film out there. In fact, it's one of the worst movies ever made.

They act like it's the only "real" Disney movie and then push it around like they're better than everyone else for liking the Lion King.

I love The Lion King and I have since I was young.

I never understood the appeal of the movie. Not only is it filled with clichés, it also stereotypes hyenas and vultures as vicious, dumb creatures that are the spawn of Satan, when in reality they are actually intelligent animals. Even worse is the retraced art. - Swellow

196 Shrek Fans

Stop asking for Shrek to be in the next Smash Bros for Christ sake!

Shrek used to be good until now

Shrek has been the dankest meme since 2012, grow up

197 Fairy Tail Fans

It is just another generic anime series. And the premise is barely original either. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not calling it the worst anime ever (cough*Boku no Pico*cough), but the anime is far from flawless. Not to mention the anime has fallen to the filler episode trend just like, I don't know, EVERY SINGLE SHONEN ANIME. And the shipping department is intense. I can't even bare to go on the wiki just to view the comments made by fanboys.

The show is okay, but it has a terrible fan base. Don't get me started on the Lucy Heartfilia fans.

One of the worst fan bases in the history of anime.

Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Sword Art Online, and Attack on Titan are already on the list, so why not Fairy Tail?! I think the fan base gives this anime so much praise despite how generic this anime is. Natsu is just a boring firebrand, Lucy is a damsel in distress all the time, Erza is only badass and that's about it, and the fan base treats it like it is the best anime ever! Seriously, even Sword Art Online fans acknowledge their series' flaws and they want Reki Kawahara to do better. And so Reki Kawahara is getting better. But the fans of Fairy Tail seem to be more bad than all the anime fan bases I can think of!

198 SammyClassicSonicFan Fans

These 6-13 year old brats copy him and some of them copy super Minecraft kid as will.

Yes he's annoying and insane! Now where is Super minecraft kid on this list?

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199 Dog Fans

Ugh! Most of them are as annoying as little kids.

200 8-Bit Theater

I liked 8-Bit Theater. It was genuinely funny.

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