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201 Star vs. the Forces of Evil Fans (Starinators)
202 DanTDM Fans

All he Does Is Play Minecraft, Whats The Point? His Fanbase Sucks. If someone plays the same game he played (Even Before DanTDM) His 10-13 Year Old Fans Will Go And Tell them that he/she copied DanTDM's Video

I absolutely love Daniel. He is cool!

They terish him too much as if he's God
They even post their phone numbers in the comment section

Imagine Sky's fanbase. Then multiply the annoying factor by 100000000x. I love Dan, but his fanbase sucks!

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203 Mother's Basement Fans

Ugh! They ruined one of my lists and the stuff they say about Mother's Basement being the best and the worst is so annoying and just complete nonsensical garbage! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

204 Cory in the House Fans

This "Cory in the House is best anime" meme made me want to cut Cory in the House out of my life forever. I'm not even exaggerating - JARHEAD5000

This "[NAME OF T.V. SHOW/GAME/MEDIA is my favorite anime" stuff needs to stop. It's so repetitive and annoying - TeamRocket747

205 Nike Fans
206 The Cenation

These are people who worship the ground John Cena walks on. They consists of little kids who don't know wrestling and 30-40 year old idiots who think John Cena is the greatest wrestler ever (*cough* SeanzViewEnt *cough*). They get butthurt when people say Cena Sucks and cry when Cena loses (seriously, there are Youtube videos of people crying when Cena loses). - ZeMegaMan

God I hate John Cena and his fans.

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207 Minion Haters
208 YouTube Poop Fans V 1 Comment
209 Suicide Squad Fans

I HATE Harley Quinn's progression throughout the growth of DC Comics... and this just was the straw that broke the camel's back (though her actor kicked ass and didn't bother taking names... she tore a muscle in her ribs and continued to do stunts! )

210 VanossGaming Fans

I feel this deserved to be on this due to the fact that Vanoss's fanbase is toxic and filled with audiences varying from ages 8-12, anything you criticize Vanoss for, whether it'd be a positive or negative opinion about him or his video, the fans will immediately get butthurt and insult you, etc. I truly hate the fanbase. Don't get me wrong I don't hate Vanoss, it is just that I personally believe his content and humor has gotten stale and repetitive. - Raizen

211 Paw Patrol Fans
212 Jake Paul Fangirls

One of my old friends (we're not friends anymore), devoted her life into becoming a Jake Paul fangirl. She wore all the JP merch and would be like "Yeah I'm gonna marry him and if you disagree I hate you! " Jake Paul is is overrated and terrible. - Catacorn

213 BlackJacks
214 Anggunesia
215 Tobytards (Tobuscus Fans)

Just face the fact that his channel is dead. - Picklesthekitten45

They are basically the equivalent to Pewdiepie fanboys

On Pokémon Y one of my Friends is named Tobuscus. So do you think that he could be this person? And what does Tobuscus do on YouTube or something? Iv'e never heard of him except on my Friends list on the 3DS. - RiverClanRocks

216 Sony Fans

I hate sony fans in general with a passion, they call themselves hardcore gamers just because they have the PlayStation vita and the rest of the PlayStation franchise and bash on anyone who plays Nintendo! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Never met an annoying sony fan before, infact, loads of my friends are. - Harri666

217 Looney Tunes Fans

The 2011 show isn't insulting to the old one! - Garythesnail

I'm just worried about the fans who complained about the drastic changes from the Looney Tunes Show released in 2011.

The fans of the classics constantly complain about the drastic changes about the 2011 Looney Tunes Show. Guys, come on now! Slapstick comedy wasn't that funny in the first place! Or was it?

Am I the only one who prefers the Looney Tunes Show?

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218 The Walking Dead Fans

Seriously, I don't see what's so good about this show.

It's an overrated series that just needs to die already

I love the walking dead and I can't wait for the spin-off this sunday

I think it's a good show

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219 Green Day Fans

I love green day for life okay I know their names but there also comedic but why the hell would someone listen to justin gaytits over green day but id say the only thing I'm confused with is how did billie get his hair puffy?

Such a thing only exists in the 4th dimension.

220 Pittsburgh Penguins Fans

Let's face it, the only reason anyone likes the penguins is because of Crosby.

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