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201 Markiplier Fans

Oh these fans they act like he's a god and when someone has a negative opinion they go insane

Um, um, good sire? This is about his fan base not him.



202 Fall Out Boy Fans

A little offended, but imma roll with your opinion.

The only thing I like from fall out boy was immortals for Big Hero 6

Ugh. They think Fall out boy is awesome. They are not

203 Gravity Falls Fans

The fans are disrespectful to people who don't think it is the best thing that ever happened to Disney Channel, I mean I don't mind if you think it is great, but if you shove down other people throats, you're just ruining the cartoon by spoiling everything about it. In my opinion I think Gravity Falls is a "watch it if everything else is not for children or boring" too me.

This needs to be higher. These idiots think this is the best Disney show ever and those who disagree would get destroyed or something.

Look, If you like it, good for you, not EVERYONE has to like it


I am a Gravity Falls Fan,but I respect your opinion,whoever put this on the list.

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204 The "Bro" army

Pewdiepie fans that cry if you don't like him and they always say " your just jealous" while no one is jealous such idiots

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205 Danny Phantom Fans

I am a person under that comment below. I hate Danny Phantom because he so overrated. The fans more annoying than Miraculous Ladybug fans. The reasons why they like him just because he is cute and hot. The fans are immature and always make a gay shipping name Pitch Pearl and can't respect opinion (always attack the haters who hate him). I'm glad he cancelled now. I never watch him again or forever. Danny Phantom drools! Please respect my opinion because I don't like him - ChatNoirFan18

They always have crush on him when they was a kid. How we can date fictional character?!

206 The Lion King Fans

They're the absolute worst. They treat the film like it's God when it's not even the best film out there. In fact, it's one of the worst movies ever made.

They act like it's the only "real" Disney movie and then push it around like they're better than everyone else for liking the Lion King.

I love The Lion King and I have since I was young.

I never understood the appeal of the movie. Not only is it filled with clich├ęs, it also stereotypes hyenas and vultures as vicious, dumb creatures that are the spawn of Satan, when in reality they are actually intelligent animals. Even worse is the retraced art. - Swellow

207 Shrek Fans

Stop asking for Shrek to be in the next Smash Bros for Christ sake!

Shrek used to be good until now

Shrek has been the dankest meme since 2012, grow up

208 Fairy Tail Fans

It is just another generic anime series. And the premise is barely original either. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not calling it the worst anime ever (cough*Boku no Pico*cough), but the anime is far from flawless. Not to mention the anime has fallen to the filler episode trend just like, I don't know, EVERY SINGLE SHONEN ANIME. And the shipping department is intense. I can't even bare to go on the wiki just to view the comments made by fanboys.

The show is okay, but it has a terrible fan base. Don't get me started on the Lucy Heartfilia fans.

One of the worst fan bases in the history of anime.

Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Sword Art Online, and Attack on Titan are already on the list, so why not Fairy Tail?! I think the fan base gives this anime so much praise despite how generic this anime is. Natsu is just a boring firebrand, Lucy is a damsel in distress all the time, Erza is only badass and that's about it, and the fan base treats it like it is the best anime ever! Seriously, even Sword Art Online fans acknowledge their series' flaws and they want Reki Kawahara to do better. And so Reki Kawahara is getting better. But the fans of Fairy Tail seem to be more bad than all the anime fan bases I can think of!

209 SammyClassicSonicFan Fans

These 6-13 year old brats copy him and some of them copy super Minecraft kid as will.

Yes he's annoying and insane! Now where is Super minecraft kid on this list?

Wait- this guy has fans? - doodie


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210 Dog Fans

Ugh! Most of them are as annoying as little kids.

211 8-Bit Theater

I liked 8-Bit Theater. It was genuinely funny.

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212 Jar Jar Binks Fans

This should be number one. For the sake of our children's innocence!

People like this thing? He's probably one of the reasons why everyone hates the prequels. - Picklesthekitten45

There's no such thing.

This is a thing? - WickedWeavile

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213 Star vs. the Forces of Evil Fans (Starinators)
214 DanTDM Fans

All he Does Is Play Minecraft, Whats The Point? His Fanbase Sucks. If someone plays the same game he played (Even Before DanTDM) His 10-13 Year Old Fans Will Go And Tell them that he/she copied DanTDM's Video

I absolutely love Daniel. He is cool!

They terish him too much as if he's God
They even post their phone numbers in the comment section

Imagine Sky's fanbase. Then multiply the annoying factor by 100000000x. I love Dan, but his fanbase sucks!

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215 Mother's Basement Fans

Ugh! They ruined one of my lists and the stuff they say about Mother's Basement being the best and the worst is so annoying and just complete nonsensical garbage! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

216 Cory in the House Fans

This "Cory in the House is best anime" meme made me want to cut Cory in the House out of my life forever. I'm not even exaggerating - JARHEAD5000

This "[NAME OF T.V. SHOW/GAME/MEDIA is my favorite anime" stuff needs to stop. It's so repetitive and annoying - TeamRocket747

217 Nike Fans
218 The Cenation

These are people who worship the ground John Cena walks on. They consists of little kids who don't know wrestling and 30-40 year old idiots who think John Cena is the greatest wrestler ever (*cough* SeanzViewEnt *cough*). They get butthurt when people say Cena Sucks and cry when Cena loses (seriously, there are Youtube videos of people crying when Cena loses). - ZeMegaMan

God I hate John Cena and his fans.

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219 Caillou Fans

Wait...caillou has fans? What is wrong with this world?

Caillou Is bald because no one loves him. Not even his own body loves him enough to give him hair.

220 Minion Haters
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