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221 Pittsburgh Penguins Fans

Let's face it, the only reason anyone likes the penguins is because of Crosby.

222 Olof Palme Fanboys V 1 Comment
223 M Night Shyamalan Haters

Don't get me wrong, I hate his recent films but the hate needs to stop. The haters, these uber-retarded wannabes and losers are stupid and irritating. They go way too far by saying he should stop making movies and he should die. These imbeciles need to know what every director has made a bad film means. The hate is getting old really fast. I hope M Night Shyamalan has a comeback.

224 Crash of Clans Fans

All people who live with their dads in the same home who make an account eventually lose them because their father took it over

They are so annoying and they act like little kids if they find something wrong with the game. Overall toxic community

I think this game is fun. Don't judge me for that! - Turkeyasylum

The game is fun I don't play IT as much as I did a few years ago but its still a pretty fun game

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225 Sones

Lmao when people insult their ass fanbase and idols, all they say are "your just jealous" get a new comebacks.

Sones think GG are so beautiful and talented, but their beloved group has plastic surgery. They then go onto other groups and bash them, saying they've had plastic surgery! Hypocrites, much? They also over-watch GG videos so they can be 'popular' which leaves more talented groups disadvantaged!

SNSD is horrible girlband and the most suck girlband with all member do plastic sugery. And, Sone is more terrible then snsd

226 Evanescence Fans

Why these fans are silent not annoying

They throw a hissy fit whenever a (better) female-fronted is compared to Evanescence and worship their "Queen Amy" when in all honesty there are much better frontwomen out right now.

227 Thatguywiththeglasses/Nostalgia Critic Fans

His fans are just plain terrible, they just accept anything he says as facts. Because of this there are some movies out there that I fear he may one day review and then those movies will suddenly get loads of hatred and backlash just because he said it was bad. I myself was a former fan of him but over time as he started to make certain movies more bad then they actually were, and tearing into movies, occasionally T.V. shows and sometimes even video games/video game franchises that didn't deserve it wherever they be the main focus of the review or not (examples: Pokemon, Rio) I started to hate him more and more and lose interest in him until one day I just stopped watching him altogether. It is such a pity what he has become because he used to be much better. (And even then he disliked things that didn't deserve it ex: The Flintstones) And so while I don't watch his videos anymore I do check his YouTube channel occasionally because as I said earlier there are certain movies I fear he ...more

I used to like NC, but then he started tearing into movies and shows that don't deserve it! And his fans are so annoying! They quote and reference the hell out of him almost EVERYWHERE, any movie he pans they just accept it and take his word for it whether they've seen it or not, or if anyone else says otherwise, and some of these movies he reviewed are considered classics! At least until he messed with them. And if you say ANYTHING negative about him or anyone else on TGWTG, his stupid fanboys come after you like a pack of rabid wolves. Not even AVGN fans are like this!

228 Ted Nugent Fans

Something wrong with people who support a guy who continually threatens the president of the USA with violence!

For real - the guy loves killing animals, is a gun nut, a racist, a sexist and some say a pedo. All I know is he's an obnoxious jerk, and his brain dead fans are too.

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229 Sanjay & Craig Fans

Sanjay & Craig is one of the worst cartoon shows of all time, there's butt talk and more potty humor than good humor, any fans have lost their respect of positive influence.

The fans are dumber than the actual show.

Wait what? This show has fans?


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230 Retro Game Fans

Retro games are better than modern games

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231 Westaboos

Westaboos don't exist. Its just something weaboos made up to justify their disgusting obsession with Anime, Japan, and wanting to be Japanese.

Actually it does exist, it's the Japanese counterpart of weeaboos (obsessed with western cartoons). They are strictly Japanese which is why you never heard of them. Either way, neither weeaboos nor westaboos are good.

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232 Ocarina of Time Fanboys

I hate them they treat this game as the best game ever and if I hate it they'll come after me faster than Usain Bolt on a sugar rush!

The water temple was easy and not tedious, I enjoyed it, stop moaning about it.

Tired of people praising this game like a god

233 Craft Beer Snobs

I'm not talking about the average beer reviewer, or someone who likes good craft beer, I'm talking about the idiots who think they are better than everyone else because they drink craft beer.

234 ClannadAftertards

Such a stupid name for a fanbase. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

235 Eevee Haters

Pretty much any Pokemon hater is awful. Pokemon rocks!

I like most pokemon and if you hate pokemon, I respect that. Person who put this up is immature and thinks all people who hate Eevee for a mature reason are "Stupid".

Well, Eevee is versatile, but that's all it has going for it.

These guys r annoying as crap because all they do is say"Eevee sucks, and he's ugly, and he's overrated! "I admit that eevee can be overrated at some points, but it does not deserve someof the hate it gets!

236 Rabbids Invasion Fans

What are you talking about flange-faces? This show is 2nd on my top 5 list right behind Shaun the sheep.

This is way better than angry birds toons. And no, I'm not trying to start a fanboy war.

The Rabbids are just rabid dumbasses who think they can go to the moon by launching themselves out of crap.

237 Bubbleine Fans

They are so annoying! There usually dark, depressed girls who are 8th grade girls who have girlfriends and are either atheists or Christians who think that dating the same gender is "cute! "

Believe me or not, I'm not against bisexually, but I'm am sick and tired of these Marceline and Princess Bubblegum lovers who want them to be gay. Real Adventure Time fans don't do that! I'm an Adventure Time fan and I don't do it! I thought it was Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, not Marceline and Peebles. But if you like those characters but don't ship them two to be lesbians because it's not healthy for show with parental guidance.

238 U2 Fans
239 Eminem Fans

Surprised they aren't on the list yet. Don't get me wrong, I love Eminem, but his fanbase is awful. They can't take criticism and/or get butthurt and attack when others say that there are better rappers out there.

Their not that bad I've seen way worse.

I am an Eminem fan but these 9 year olds are horrible iam not afraid to admit that Tupac is way better.

240 Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fans
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