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241 ClannadAftertards

Such a stupid name for a fanbase. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

242 Eevee Haters

Pretty much any Pokemon hater is awful. Pokemon rocks!

I like most pokemon and if you hate pokemon, I respect that. Person who put this up is immature and thinks all people who hate Eevee for a mature reason are "Stupid".

Well, Eevee is versatile, but that's all it has going for it.

These guys r annoying as crap because all they do is say"Eevee sucks, and he's ugly, and he's overrated! "I admit that eevee can be overrated at some points, but it does not deserve someof the hate it gets!

243 Rabbids Invasion Fans

What are you talking about flange-faces? This show is 2nd on my top 5 list right behind Shaun the sheep.

This is way better than angry birds toons. And no, I'm not trying to start a fanboy war.

The Rabbids are just rabid dumbasses who think they can go to the moon by launching themselves out of crap.

244 Bubbleine Fans

They are so annoying! There usually dark, depressed girls who are 8th grade girls who have girlfriends and are either atheists or Christians who think that dating the same gender is "cute! "

Believe me or not, I'm not against bisexually, but I'm am sick and tired of these Marceline and Princess Bubblegum lovers who want them to be gay. Real Adventure Time fans don't do that! I'm an Adventure Time fan and I don't do it! I thought it was Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, not Marceline and Peebles. But if you like those characters but don't ship them two to be lesbians because it's not healthy for show with parental guidance.

245 U2 Fans
246 Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fans
247 McJuggerNuggets Fans

So annoying and they think all those videos he does are real. THEY ARE FAKE. GET A LIFE

The comment section in his videos are CANCER.

248 Kancolle Fan Base
249 Kancolle Fans
250 Jigoku Shojo fans V 1 Comment
251 Battlefield 4 Fans

Game is good now but of very badz bufure

252 Alabama Crimson Tide Fans

Led by head coach Nick Satan. Yes, Nick Saban is Satan in football, and I am going to prove it.

See, Alabama is currently the king of football, as they have won more than half of the championships in the last 7 years. Their nickname is the Crimson Tide. Now if we take away Tide and add in King, then we get Crimson King. Since Nick Saban is the head coach, he is the Crimson King, and since the Crimson King is Satan, Nick Saban = Satan. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

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253 Big Hero 6 Fans

Look at the 'Reasons Why Big Hero 6 Is Awful' list. And you'll see...Butthurt fans If you ask me. But hey, I'm not the one to judge - MLPFan

All the kids, as in ALL, prefer tadashi. No, RATHER have him alive and his younger bro dead (seriously?! ) But so far I discovered I was the only one who cared about baymax and the others. Hiro for the majority because of his character design, personality, and plus I understand all the pain he went through. Lost his parents, his brother, being bullied at school, few friends, lost baymax for a while...

come on. The movie is actually fabulously underrated, but...he's already dead. Why do they want him back? (Not that I hate tadashi)

And after I read your sensible comment, I'm already thinking that tadashi is already dead, so they shouldn't bring him back.

Oh, and therell be a T.V. series about it, but they say, there's no Tadashi Hamada.

I love the movie, but everyone in the fandom obsesses over Tadashi like he's some hot boy candy. It's annoying. They're annoying. These little bitches want a sequel just for a bull excuse to bring back one of the most uninteresting characters back from the dead. Don't they ever care about Hiro? I think not...

254 Stampylongnose Fans
255 Jojo Fanboys

They deny everything but Jojo, lack common sense. They won't explore other anime and manga and say your favorite anime/manga is crap.The fanbase is full of ass who will badmouth you and make you feel like crap. I love Jojo's Bizarre Adventure as much as the next guy but I stay away from the fanbase if I were you. Sure some of them are pretty nice and mature people but some take it to seriously. I find them worse then Narutards.

The one anime I laughed more at than real life stand up commedy

256 Magcon Fans

I'm a Magcon fan but the fan base goes to far lots of times

257 Young Money Fans
258 Dubstep Fans

I honestly don't know how can people listen to this "music". And I am born in the 80's. I think music died shortly after dubstep has been mainstream.

I can't even listen to this drek for a full 3 seconds. Sometimes I find a song with a good beginning, untill the chorus (or the "base drop" if you enjoy this garbage), I just nope the hell out.

These people need to stop commenting on Doom Soundtrack, and actual music. Not HAL-9000 malfunctioning and WALL-E having a bad acid trip at the same time. - doodie

I love dubstep, it's bout beat and rhythm

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259 MLG COD Fanboys

God, I want to STRANGLE these little brats every time I hear an air horn.

Annoyinv squeakers are bad, they just scream just to distract playerw

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260 Fall Out Boy Fans

A little offended, but imma roll with your opinion.

The only thing I like from fall out boy was immortals for Big Hero 6

Ugh. They think Fall out boy is awesome. They are not

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