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281 Gumball Fangirls

The new Sonic fanbase. - lesanae

282 Yoshi Fans

He's so cute,he's just sooo adorable. How is he overrated? How can anyone hate him? This is literally all they say and it's so irritating

283 Ign Fans
284 Mike Pence Fans
285 Tattletail Fanbase
286 Pink Sheep Fans
287 Dab Fans

Dab fans are cringy. - TeamRocket747

288 Kirby Kirby Kirby is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. His first game was created in 1992, and the pink puffball has made his way into the hearts of fans of all ages.

No, the fanbase is awesome. I love that cute ball so much - FearMe

Kirby fans are butthurt losers that get riled up when they see their pink waifu hurt.

If you want proof then here: v=yRemK1yxVsM

This guy want to kill a YouTuber called Jesse Coronado because he saw this video: v=5sDpWioSybo

P.S. Watch these videos properly!

Also for Kirby fans, if you guys hate on this then fine. That only proves how butthurt you are! - lolxdlel

289 Dark Souls III Fans

Please don't get me wrong, I LOVE this fanbase. However, the hardcore fans with 200+ hours that stalk the forums give me cancer in places I did not know I could. Need advice? Git good. Need help with a boss? Git good. Need infomation on where to find that damned sword? Git. good. Trying to make a super cool character? Git good. (at sims) You beat someone in pvp? " YOU STUPID CHEAT, I ONLY INVADED YOU, WHAT THE HELL MADE YOU THINK YOU COULD USE AN ESTUS? I BBOWED FFS, AND YOU HAVE A WHOLE EMBER YOU STUPID NOOB! YOUR DUMB, BROKEN DARK SWORD HAS BS PHANTOM RANGE AND DAMAGE, MY 10+ YORMS MACHETE MEANT I HAD THE DISADVANTAGE, DON'T THINK YOUR BETTER THAN ME FOR SOMETHING SO STUPID! " - The kind of messages I'm used to from harcore "kid gamers" these days. - Dimyell

290 187 Fans

Germans know what I'm talking about! - Organ

291 Witcher 3 Fanboys
292 Emoji Movie Fans

Yes, there are people who worship the Emoji movie like it's their own God. Most of them can't tolerate people that dislike the movie. - anonygirl

293 Howard Stern Fans

They are immature, rude, and ignorant. Joey Boots (an extreme fan of Howard Stern) is one of them, just watch his video of domestic workers. The only time I found the fans entertaining was when they prank called the news channels, but that got kinda boring after a while. In short they worship him.

294 Transformers Fans

The are the main definition of "Dissonance" and "Schism", especially when it comes to the trilogy by Michael Bay. You see, everything in the Transformers films have a broken fan base, and I really can't give out any examples, besides the fact that whether people want to see it for the story, action, the actors, the robots, and the explosions, etc who also have an excuse to even recognize it as a "Transformers movie" when they meet their expectations. It also shows how contested the sequels are, too.

They are the main definition of "Dissonance/Schism"! When some fans saw the movies, they think of them as documentaries and as a matter of fact they don't realize that all these robots are CGI; they always claim they are real but they are actually NOT! (Masquerades are one thing, though) They are separated between "Geewunners", movie fantards, etc. Who couldn't realize that these movies and cartoons of the franchise are made to sell toys!

Another thing is that the sequels also separated the movie fantards. Whether they want to see it for the story, action, the actors/characters, etc who also have an excuse to even recognize it as a "Transformers movie".

They have a wiki page which pretty much says what ruined transformers forever and everything is on it except the 1st two season of the gen 1 cartoon

295 Megan Fox Fans

I know she's hot and sexy, but people say she's talentless. The fans just worship her like a goddess and they defend her constantly from criticism. Like the Shia LaBeouf fans, these fans can't let her go as well when she left the Transformers films.

296 Soul Eater Fans

Honestly the only thing that I see that could be annoying is them saying that soul eater is the best anime ever but every anime fan base has those people (narutards anyone) - Gamer4life

Although I love the anime the fan base is tiring

297 Mindless Behavior Fans (Team Mindless)

They are so annoyning and incrediably rude and mes towards directioners. They also swear way too much and they think they all that when really the only one who can sing in mindless behavior is prodigy. And you guess what I found otu yesterday.. Prodigy left haha

298 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Fans

How stupid are you? This game doesn't have fans anymore you must be thinking Grand Theft Auto v fanboys

Personally, I think GTASA was the best one in the series. But I assume, back in the day, the fans would have been godawful.

If they find a bigfoot on the ACTUAL game, not a mod, theey will scream " GUYS I FOUND MYTH M8 GET REKT LOLOLOL"

299 Floptina Fans

Christina is nothing but a flop. She has to realise a good and succesful album since 2006. She has to tour since 2006, she has 2 flop albums, she gained weight and her fans still claim that she is "The Queen". They are annoying and they can't accept otheres' opinion and hating all the time on other fanbases (little monsters, britney army, stans).

300 Vancouver Canucks Fans
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