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301 K-pop Fans

KPOP to me sounds like the same ol generic manufactured pop formula that's also use in American radio stations likewise. It's really too terribly bland. I prefer rock, jazz, and Motown.

No offense but American pop is like the same thing over and over again, but the K-pops music videos are top quality and the music is catchy - Picklesthekitten45

No, not really. Sure they're annoying sometimes, but not THAT annoying.

The K-pop fangirls are WAY too obsessed. You never see anyone shipping or writing fanfics or doing fanart for deathcore bands.

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302 Howard Stern Fans

They are immature, rude, and ignorant. Joey Boots (an extreme fan of Howard Stern) is one of them, just watch his video of domestic workers. The only time I found the fans entertaining was when they prank called the news channels, but that got kinda boring after a while. In short they worship him.

303 Transformers Fans

The are the main definition of "Dissonance" and "Schism", especially when it comes to the trilogy by Michael Bay. You see, everything in the Transformers films have a broken fan base, and I really can't give out any examples, besides the fact that whether people want to see it for the story, action, the actors, the robots, and the explosions, etc who also have an excuse to even recognize it as a "Transformers movie" when they meet their expectations. It also shows how contested the sequels are, too.

They are the main definition of "Dissonance/Schism"! When some fans saw the movies, they think of them as documentaries and as a matter of fact they don't realize that all these robots are CGI; they always claim they are real but they are actually NOT! (Masquerades are one thing, though) They are separated between "Geewunners", movie fantards, etc. Who couldn't realize that these movies and cartoons of the franchise are made to sell toys!

Another thing is that the sequels also separated the movie fantards. Whether they want to see it for the story, action, the actors/characters, etc who also have an excuse to even recognize it as a "Transformers movie".

They have a wiki page which pretty much says what ruined transformers forever and everything is on it except the 1st two season of the gen 1 cartoon

304 Legend of Zelda Fans

Who put this on the list? Some Call of Duty fanboy?

I didn't ever find a Zelda fan who is annoying. Never.

I don't find them annoying.

Aside from the Tingle haters and the Sheik gender debate (which the latter has been put to rest since it is confirmed that Sheik is female and just Zelda in a different outfit), the Zelda series does not have a bad fandom at all. It is a great franchise, and I understand why people like it.

If anything, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Star Fox Command and the entire Sonic series have much worse fanbases, even though I like all those games as well.

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305 Megan Fox Fans

I know she's hot and sexy, but people say she's talentless. The fans just worship her like a goddess and they defend her constantly from criticism. Like the Shia LaBeouf fans, these fans can't let her go as well when she left the Transformers films.

306 Soul Eater Fans

Honestly the only thing that I see that could be annoying is them saying that soul eater is the best anime ever but every anime fan base has those people (narutards anyone) - Gamer4life

Although I love the anime the fan base is tiring

307 Mindless Behavior Fans (Team Mindless)

They are so annoyning and incrediably rude and mes towards directioners. They also swear way too much and they think they all that when really the only one who can sing in mindless behavior is prodigy. And you guess what I found otu yesterday.. Prodigy left haha

308 Super Mario

Mario fans want something new, sonic fans want something old...

I'm a Mario fan myself and I only find new super Mario bros 2 repetitive, new super Mario bros you finally changed and remodeled existing worlds, super Mario 3d world's creative level design and finally peach wasnt kidnapped, Mario kart 8 is amazing, (excluding battle mode) enough said. And I can't wait for Mario maker and captain toad, (why did they change the pal release to january) - Harri666

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309 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Fans

How stupid are you? This game doesn't have fans anymore you must be thinking Grand Theft Auto v fanboys

Personally, I think GTASA was the best one in the series. But I assume, back in the day, the fans would have been godawful.

If they find a bigfoot on the ACTUAL game, not a mod, theey will scream " GUYS I FOUND MYTH M8 GET REKT LOLOLOL"

310 Floptina Fans

Christina is nothing but a flop. She has to realise a good and succesful album since 2006. She has to tour since 2006, she has 2 flop albums, she gained weight and her fans still claim that she is "The Queen". They are annoying and they can't accept otheres' opinion and hating all the time on other fanbases (little monsters, britney army, stans).

311 Vancouver Canucks Fans
312 SGTC (Slash Gash Terror Crew)

If you say anything remotely bad about their idols Dahvie and/or Jayy, prepare for nonsensical paragraph-long rants from angry scene kids, filled with profanities and grammar errors. It's hilarious.

I fail to see how they are annoying. How about you go up to a BVB fan or a BOTDF fan or maybe an My Chemical Romance fan or others and ask them why They like the band.. You'd be surprised how well their music provides a getaway for people with problems. No offense but sometimes I think people need to get theit head out of their ass and be respectful of theirnfriends opinion, rather than saying BOTDF if crap and that's that. I think they're fab... Especially Dahvie ^. ^

313 5 Seconds of Summer Fans

I love 5sos they are not a boy band they are rock/pop but I'm not one of those people who grab them or scream over why someone hates them but all I want you to know is that they are not a boy band and don't judge me for liking them.

They are just like One Direction fans.

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314 Warrior Cats Fans

The fanbase made me lose interest in reading the book and even the books themselves would've been better if it weren't for Scourge. I say that Scourge is the worst character in Warrior Cats because he is cast as a villain, and is a killer (He also started off as a victim, too). Villains that are sociopathic, murderous "Blood Knight" types of characters with a lot of fan praise are the absolute worst kinds of villains because their popularity outshines that of the heroes and they have that popularity for no reason, and those villains suck, big time. If Scourge was a good guy instead, then I would not have a problem, but that's not the truth, unfortunately. At least Scourge died later on in the series.

Another thing that bothers me, aside from Scourge, is that the main hero and his love interest are the same colors as Simba and Nala, hence all the awful Lion King crossover junk so many fans spew out on the Internet. Kind-of wished they had different colors or features so that they can differentiate from Simba and Nala such as markings or different personality traits. (I never read the Warrior Cats books, so correct me if I'm wrong)

Ok, I know this fanbase is mostly made up of 7 year olds and 10 year olds but they're just rabid. I mean, seriously, someone get them their rabies shot because they're WAY overdue for them. They aren't just the plain crazy fans either, warriortards are meanest people I've ever seen, I guess you have to be kinda mean in order to like a book like Warriors. What creeps me out the most about these people is the fact that half of them find cats attractive, that's just wrong.

Even as a Warriors fan, I just need to rant about the toxic side of the fanbase, which is only the minority.

They always get mad if someone doesn't use the right color for something. The other day, I was watching a YouTube video that is related to the series and there was a comment that said that wasn't how the character looks like. Well, you know what? It ISN'T your art! Feel free to copy every exact detail for that character when you draw YOUR own art, but don't tell ME what to do with MY art! I can do whatever the hell I want with my art, so please stop ordering me around!

The second thing is the terrible fanart there, too. I know, some of them probably try their best, but it is AWFUL. At least I put the time and effort into mine, just like a lot of others do.

The third thing is how they can't take critcism on any character that they like (ie: Scourge, Firestar, Spottedleaf, etc.) But they think they have the right to critcize mine, which they are always ...more - IcetailofWishClan

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315 Virginia Tech Fans
316 Stans

This shouldn't even be on this List! Like who is a lover of Hip Hop and a hater of Eminem?
I remember a song lyrics of Eminem:"Your Hate is what gave me the Strength! "-Lighters - abhishah901

Stans are hating on others fan bases just like Eminem! They are asss!

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317 Pokemon Gen 1 Fanboys

They always complaining about LAVENDER TOWN

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318 Digimon Fanboys

Personally, I think both Pokemon and digimon are great. Also, neither are a ripoff of each other, they came out in the same month. A big point for digimon fans is the T.V. show has better quality and better values, as well as a developing plot and varying characters, but that's just because digimon was made to be a television show. Pokemon was made to be a game. You can't really compare something like that when both are two different forms of media.

To sum things up, Pokemon is an amazing game franchise, but the T.V. adaptation pales in comparison to digimon. Meanwhile, for the most part, digimon games suck. But the T.V. show USED to be good. (I don't like the reboots).

To those who would like a more interesting sum of Pokemon vs digimon, read The Experiment, a fanfic that helped me come to terms with both series being equal, as before I was a diehard digimon fanboy. Here is a link to The Experiment.

Many proclaim Digimon is always better than Pokemon in terms of T.V. shows and video games. Trust me, Digimon games are garbage and fanboys claim it as underrated!

They are just annoying like Pokemon fanboys. Especially they call each others rubbish! - therealman

It ripped off Pokemon and all the creature's names end with "mon". i.e Cutemon - mayamanga

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319 Street Fighter Fanboys
320 Lupita Nyong'o Fans

I'm sick of them claiming she the most beautiful women ever, no wonder men are saying she is ugly. It's her fans she needs to control her fan base

They always put down light skinned black people and white people. That is so mean and they also claim Lupita is most beautiful woman in the world. NO SHE ISN'T! What if I said she is ugly then and then they will get all butthurt about.

What the actual hell? I loved Lupita Nyong'o's performances in Star Wars:TFA and the Jungle Book.

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