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321 Starcraft 2 Fans
322 Peytonators (Peyton List)

That chick from 'Jessie' has fans that are hated? what? How? From what I know she's just a girl that acts in a Disney show. How can she even have an annoying fan base?

323 The Selection Series Fans

My friends went way to overboard. I wanted to read the series, but now...

324 Melee Fans

These people treat Super Smash Bros. Melee as the best Smash Bros. game of all time, and they think this way because of all the techniques that were unintentionally put into that game. - Jatboy1000

Too many tier queers

Brawl is better

Project M is full of em

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325 Lil Wayne Fans


Yo cheezy deezy lasagna lollipop bitchnizzez love my cock.

Every Lil Wayne song in one sentence. - Syzygy

326 The Tomorrow People Fans
327 Vocaloid Fandom

Well I don't know but for me it is fine! Most of the vocaloid fans I talked were very kind!

Hatsune's annoying.

I like vocaloid but I respect your opinion - mayamanga

I'm a girl and their voices are ANNOYING to me. They sound TOO unnatural and the MMD software is terrible. Hair physics? NOPE.

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328 Hetalia Fans

Bash anyone who hates the anime. They will call you "rude and ugly" for hating their anime. It's also a bit racist IN MY OPINION because of the stereotypes.

How is this not higher? I know this because my sister knows what the fan base is like. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Literally every "Fan fiction" is a ship.

Now, the show and the fanbase are almost like 2 different things...

The show is an amazing show. It's also probably the best anime I've ever watched. The show is about the countries of the world if they were turned into people. Now, before I continue (I'll get back to this when I talk about the fanbase) HETALIA IS NOT A YAOI! It's a comedy! Now, back to the info about the show. Some people might find the show offensive (The dub is very offensive, the sub isn't nearly as offensive) but it's very funny and all of the characters have something about them that you can love. For example, who wouldn't love America's "I'M THE HERO! " and Italy's love for pasta? The show makes me happy and it gives me something more to think about in history class (unless we're talking about something serious, then I think about the actual event and not Hetalia).

The fanbase, however, is very very VERY different from the show. About 95% of the fanbase is full of insane weeaboos who are ...more

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329 Indie Wrestling Fanboys
330 X-Japan Fans
331 Huntards

If this is about Hunter x Hunter then the poster doesn't really know what they're talking about

332 GenThreers V 1 Comment
333 Tangled Fans
334 Nickelodeon Fans
335 Sam & Cat Fans
336 iCarly Fans

Simone put all Nickelodeon shows here

337 Marvin Marvin Fans V 1 Comment
338 How to Rock Fans
339 Wendell & Vinnie Fans
340 Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures Fans
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