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21 Big Brother Fans

Big brother is about some idiots who volunteer to be locked up in a house full of other idiots. - Enderninja327

Seriously. There are many lunatics within the base.

My mom and sister are Big Brother fans, and I find it annoying. - anonygirl

To be honest I lost intresrest in Big Brother a long time ago it's so retarded! Everyone on there are idiots and just awful people! And it's boring and repetitive! Trust me when I say this, DO NOT WATCH IT! It is NOT worth it!

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22 Roblox

I have went deep down to this, not joking. The rest of the fanbase is full of mindless children who shout out "NOOB! " all the damn time.I swear one more crappy comeback I'm about to save some money fly to whatever area you live in and kick your ass. No one knows how to troll in ROBLOX so I don't why they try so hard on that. But what do you expect from children these days?

TROLLS TROLLS TROLLS. It's not child friendly and the forums are full of brats. Upset one of these idiotic brats and all your games get thumbs downs and "LOL BORING" plastered over it.

The kids are stupid, so I go on there to piss them off, for entertainment.

I do like Roblox, but Roblox fans are horrible. They're a bunch of 5 year olds that shout, "NOOB" every five seconds. - Ultron123

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23 Pokemon Go Fans

Pokemon go should be duppied it's so crap. The majority of this fan base haven't played an actual pokemon game they just jumped on the bandwagon. One even said pokemon go is better than the handheld games - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

People are not dying because of the app, it's because their stupid.

And despite the warnings to check your surroundings, people still get distracted on their damn phones and walk on the freeway to oncoming traffic - Picklesthekitten45

What ticks me off is that kid that sings " I play Pokemon go everyday" song in a annoying voice that makes me want to rip all of my hair out. - Picklesthekitten45

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24 Avatards

That is not a good name for a fanbase. - Garythesnail

What fanbase is this? The James Cameron movie? Avatar: The Last Airbender? The Last Airbender? The Legend of Korra? What is it? - Anonymousxcxc

The movie isn't that good or original. Stop saying it's so original.

WHICH AVATAR?! - mattstat716

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25 Boku no Picophiles

People who like this have serious, serious issues... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

The fans who "love" Boku no Pico. Worst anime ever.

I am ashamed to be an anime fan due to the existence of this pornographic torture device.

Anime in general is great. This is awful! So there should be no shame in being an anime fan. - SelfDestruct

I actually hate this anime. Shotacon and lolicon are actually supporting child porn. -Vestalis

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26 The Loud House

I like this but people are making child porn art of it. Boku no pico all over again. - mayamanga

Ever heard of the porn fan fictions and porn art? - Fandomstuck

This should be in the top ten - MrMonkey

This fanbase is getting so ooold - UntitledMan

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27 Philadelphia Sports Fans

My family is a philadelphia sports fan. I don't care about sports and my family is rude and don't EVER care about me and they insult me constantly. About my family not even caring about me sometimes I have to HURT myself for their attention. You maybe thinking that's just my family. All the other Philly fans are obnoxious as they are. - spodermanfan1000

Flyers fans especially are obnoxious, rude, and sore loser pigs.

700 Level, enough said.

76ers are a pretty damn good franchise

Why does Cleveland have bad franchises?
Cause God hates Cleveland.

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28 Metalheads

Much better then pop music fan bases especially bielebers 1d fans and Selena Gomez fans

Well at least they don't tell you to kill yourself if a person says that they don't like that type of music (I love that type of music). - Anonymousxcxc

I'm a metal fan myself and it's a great genre. But I hate the 'elitists' who take it upon themselves to hate on anyone who likes certain bands. They act like thrash metal and heavy metal are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY different types of music, with NO similarities whatsoever. Dividing bands into different sub-genres of metal does not make them unique or different at all. - VaultDude101

I'm a metalhead, but as far as I know this is a rabid fanbase. You can't even say that you dislike metal without being bashed upon. - Yungstirjoey

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29 Furries

The only bad thing about this fan base is the excessive amount of porn. The actual fans tend to keep to themselves and are almost never seen unless you directly search them up.

They have loads of disturbing porn they post all around social media

My friend is a furry and I respect him but I don't respect the idea of him in a relationship with my pet lizard - HothouseDesign

Furries should be subjected to the most terrible pain imaginable

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30 Creepypasta Fans

I like Jeff the Killer's story, that's it. 12 year old girls are saying that they're married to Jeff! I will assure you if Jeff was real he would not marry you, he'd shank you till there's nothing left of your organs... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I remember on the news hearing about two girls stabbing another girl in the name of Slenderman. THAT is how far the fanbase goes. - Nirocart

See, Jeff the Killer is but one of many creepypastas, which in essence are just spooky stories. Nothing wrong with a little campfire horror. Plus the two girls stabbing another girl over the slenderman thing was most likely a product of mental issues. They could have done it in the name of anything.

I only hate creepypastas beacuase they keep me up at night.

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31 Pop Extremists

Liking pop music isn't bad. Even if you're mad about it then no problem. After all music is madness. But starting war is very annoying. Not only for pop fans. But applies for other genre too. - zxm

It's ok to like Pop music just don't take your liking about it too far... - BoredJeff02

32 Adventure Time Fans

Great show (although they're going a really "weird" direction now). The fans are obnoxious. They look too deep into parts that aren't meant to be looked that deeply into. They have crazy fan theories. These theories usually come true because the show is very progressive and the writers cater fan service (which is a good thing in this case). However, the fans feel very "proud" for predicting a very easily predictable plot twists from overly subtle foreshadowing.

Honestly, if I hear another person say that this is the best show ever because,"Finn says mathematical," in a way that is going to be outdated in a few years, I will punch someone in the throat. Seriously, talk about bandwagon, these fans share their amount of embarrassing fan art as any sonic or brony fan. What pisses me off even more are the people who think that saying a bunch of outdated lines and having a supposedly "dark" back story instantly makes a good show, just as long as everyone else watches it.

I like the show but this is obviously a love it or hate it show. I like to call it my guilty pleasure. - hurjelert

I actually don't mind the show, but I've heard the fandom is not the best. - Lunala

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33 Hillary Clinton Supporters

Annoying how most people are voting for her just because she's a woman - doodie

These people are starting riots right now. They said they want to blow up the White House, they attack police and some of them say "What do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now," or "Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon." what is wrong is wrong with them. They say death threats to Donald Trump, they attack innocent people, they want Trump's entire family to die and they bully his 10 YEAR OLD SON! WHAT! They must be higher than Trump supporters.

Trust me, you'd vote for Trump if he's running against Clinton because of what she's done. You'd rather vote Trump, that's how corrupt she is, I'm being dead serious. This is free speech protected by my first amendment right.

As long as I hate Trump, at least his supporters are calm and have their own sanity but the Hillary supporters, they are trash. I hate her more than Trump but her supporters are idiots. Bunch of uneducated people, ignorant hippies, radical feminists, race baiting bastards, BLM supporters, illegal immigrant sympathizers, easily offended people, and ANTIFA members. Screw both of them especially Hillary Clinton.

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34 Toronto Maple Leafs Fans

I live nearby Toronto, and of course you'd see a lot of those kinds of people.

No wonder they ended up as the most hated team in the NHL.

Only the ones who think there the most amazing team ever. They may have one a lot of Stanley Cups, but that was years ago.

Ok, this team has not won a Stanley Cup in 50 years. Don't get me started on the fan base. - Randomteenager

35 Family Guy Fans

This show is pretty bad (and I never really thought it was all that great it was kind of okay and had potential when it started, and then progressively got worse and worse), but it's got some of the most obnoxious fans I've ever seen. People who call people who hate the show for its mean-spiritedness and stupid, immature humor "too sensitive," but being a grown adult (or a teenager, which is close enough) and complaining because not everyone likes your favorite cartoon pretty much seems like the definition of "too sensitive" to me.

They are so stupid and retarded! They said The Simpsons is a ripoff.



Family Guy used to be funny, but then it turned into complete liberal propaganda and all the characters started to become unlikable as the series progressed.

I don't know how they love it.

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36 PETA Fans

This is a really good example of an organization with a great cause, making sure animals have rights, that blew up mid flight and as it spiraled toward the ground it started becoming an organization based on hatred rather than love. Since this is an organization, the fans are the same as peta itself.

God, PETA sucks. They slaughter animals in shelters, hate Pokemon for no reason even though it's about friendship, gory parodies, the fan base and the mind of the founder! A lot of idiots say "this is why I'm vegan" over and over when PETA does their protests. PETA needs to die and it's 2 Million or so fans.

They are based on hate now. Fun fact: in most of PETAs animal shelters, most if not all animals are put down right away, and they keep pulling up the crappy excuse that the animals won't survive anyway. PETA kills more animals than they claim to "save", a bunch of hypocrites. If you support animal rights, please pick another organization. PETA is corrupt.

They get away with EVERYTHING. - naFrovivuS

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37 California Fans

It is okay to have a preference on a certain state or region. However, it is really annoying when people go on and on about how California is the best state ever and hate and disrespect people who don't like California. - anonygirl

Why is this on the list?! what is wrong with people liking a certain state?

A lot of people that like California tell others to get a life if they dislike California. Not all California fans are bad, but a lot are judgmental. - anonygirl

38 Console Fans

Always debating on which console is better who cares everyone their own opinion.

They bash on a better thing: PC.

Get out of here PC fans! Anyway, console fans are immature. - DCfnaf

They are always arguing what's better PS4 or Xbox one not caring about the originals or pc

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39 Twihards

I have nothing against people liking a certain franchise or whatever... Even if it's technically bad.

I do, however, have a problem when the same exact people act like psychopaths... Indeed: This fan base is a great example of such a thing.

Granted, in recent years (at least since 2013) Twilight has gotten a dropping fanbase and has even gained more criticism than ever before. However, as we all know, the left overs are still on the plate.

First off: Twilight itself is terrible. Again, nothing against the people who like it, but still. The story's not that good, the concept (while somewhat promising) turned out to be very awful, and the characters were horrendous... In fact, that is pretty much the most criticized part of Twilight. This whole thing alone is a big fat middle finger towards the entire Vampire/Werewolf Genre... Look, if your gonna use them in a different way: That's completely fine!... Just be careful with it. Sadly, the author of Twilight thought ...more

This should be in one of the Top 10 why is it down here?
Oh don't get me started on Twilight and Twihards. They're like the Beliebers of the films and literature fanbases. Many Twihards I never get along with because they hate me because I don't like what they like. I only get along with a small portion of the fanbase. Just like many Beliebers, they don't respect different opinions. It's because they think that it's impossible to hate Twilight when there's nothing in this world that never gets hate. They're so full of themselves. They think that anyone who hates Twilight deserves to die. Some Twihards are so obsessed that they tried to kill people for not liking Twilight. A girl threw HCl at a boy for admitting that he doesn't like Twilight. She asked him if he likes it and he said no. A girl shot a rocket flare at a group of kids who were bashing Twilight and she hit one of them. The kid she shot apparently got third degree burns after she shot him. A girl threw a brick at an ...more

I have true writter"s block for this one. Twilight is awful, it doesn't vampires and werewolves justice at all. The fans are awful. In fact I've heard attempts at murder because someone doesn't like they're movie. Why aren't they higher? I haven't had any experiences. - dudesterravensfan

Honestly, I don't get why young girls go gaa-gaa over sparkly boy band figures so much. There is nothing wrong with, uh, staying single for the rest of your lives, you know.

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40 Rosalina Fangirls

Daisy's worse. They complain about Rosalina being in every game when she had more importance. And no Rosalina is so Space Peach. She's unique. I do agree that Rosalina's are bad but now Daisy's are worse. They do threatened Peach fans and telling them that they wanna kill them. So yeah this proves my point. The only reason why people complain about her being everywhere is because of that stupid theory on YouTube it's not from MatPat. And why isn't Rosalina haters on this list?! They're way terrible and annoying especially on Deviantart.

They will never ever stop gushing about this 'goddess like queen'.

Actually the fan base is not that bad. Daisy fans just overreact - Randomator

Unique my ass, Rosalina is just a Space Peach. The only reason why you guys say she's different is because she's "hot." These "defenses" also come from fetish artists and pissbabies that reblog 80,000 porn posts about her.

She's unique because she is a space queen and has a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT personality. Also, she doesn't get kidnapped and she looks similar since she was made by the same artist. - DCfnaf

Yep - ParkerFang

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