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381 Yoyo Fans
382 Smosh fans

Retards with no sense of humour

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383 Homer Simpson Fans V 1 Comment
384 Anti-Cosmo Fans

If you're talking about Cosmo in Sonic X, then yes, Cosmo haters are awful because they want Tails to be with Cream, which has zero percent chance of having a canon relationship.

Truth to be told, Tails loves Cosmo, has no interest in Cream.

Who doesn't like Cosmo? He's the best character in Fairly Odd Parents. - lorivega777

The one who's talking about Cosmo in Sonic X also has a brain, too. Not just Lorivega. TailsXCream is a terrible ship. Tails loved Cosmo. Tails never shown any interest in Cream nor did she in him. Get over it.

Lorivega is the only one here with a brain

385 Wanda Wendy Fans
386 Kid vs. Kat Kid vs. Kat Kid vs. Kat is a Canadian animated television series developed and produced at Studio B Productions, in association with YTV and Jetix Europe for its first season and Disney XD Europe for its second season.
387 The Boxtrolls's Fanbase

These people like to see a boy get hung over fire and tortured by idiotic town people? The frack... that poor thing really needs jesus and Laika is overdoing themselves. I don't understand how somebody can come out highly disturbed by it.

388 Wattpad Writers

When ever you comment something that's not about the plot they go berserk. Then they call apone they're stupid fans for pity because, "someone was being a critical reader and was trying to find my errors for me so I could fix them and not make reading my books so obnoxious." Then you get attacked like you killed the writers family! It's so stupid!

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389 Tool Fans

Look Tool fans, I know you think only you know what Tool's music is about, but please control yourself! - AngryByrd

390 Black Metal Fans
391 Pure Evil Black Metal Fans
392 Lil B Fans
393 Happy Madison Fans
394 Nostalgia Critic Fans V 1 Comment
395 Ke$ha Fans
396 Chuck Norris Fans

Bruce Lee beat Chuck Norris, he is not invincible you know. If he is a good he will come here and hit me...2 hours later...huh, guess he is not a god.

May I say that Chuck is now 75 years old?!

397 The Weeknd Fans The Weeknd Fans Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye, known professionally by his stage name The Weeknd, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer.

There is nothing wrong with The Weeknd or his music, just the fanbase he seems to be accruing as he gets more mainstream. Fanboys on YouTube used to be the worst, dickriding Abel so hard when commenters point out that with each release, his music is becoming less and less eclectic. Given the nature of what he sings about (drugs, sex, fame, loneliness) he was bound to attract a bunch of horny bimbo groupie-wannabes for fans. Often they call themselves "XO Girls, after his crew, XO. These girls seriously think he's singing to THEM in his music, thinking they have a chance with him and the obsession is unreal. The amount of times you see "bae" or "future husband" in his FB comments is sickening, and chances are most of them have his clique /label (XO) tattooed on them. When he started dating supermod Bella Hadid the hogs had a field day. So many heuxs came out the woodwork, some saying they were disappointed, and got into modelling only to meet him. Honestly, get f---ING real, he doesn't ...more

398 Onerebublicans
399 Knolpower Fans
400 Transformice Fans

Very toxic, could go toe to toe with the Call of Duty fanbase.

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