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381 Stampylongnose Fans
382 Nicki Minaj Fans

She should just give up on her bad music and move to porn already.

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383 Slayer Fans

I hate them so much. They spam Doom OST videos and say "SLAYER1111! 22111"

384 Metallica Fans
385 Thrash Metal Fans
386 Death Fans
387 Death Metal Fans
388 Music Fans

They're everywhere on this site. EVERYWHERE! There's not enough movie lists or anything on here.

I'm pretty sure most people like music. But the rabid people. Oh god.

389 Snakeys (Juliet Simms fans) V 1 Comment
390 Zonelings
391 Sonic X Haters

They are not even annoying. Who wrote this a sonic fanboy?

People think that because of the badly drawn bestial porn Sonic is bad.

I bet your a sonic x fan.

People only hate Sonic X just because they favor SatAM. Both shows are good in my humble opinion.

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392 Music Elitists
393 Nanalan Fanbase

Watch the show on YouTube, then youll see why I put the fanbase here.

394 Yo Gabba Gabba Fanbase
395 Alvin and the Chipmunks Fanbase

Who likes these retards these dumbass chipmunks ruin a good song.

Wait- these stupid rodents that should get run over by a car have fans?

Worse than kids... Oh wait, kidz bop and this are the worst things in the history of humanity!

They didn't have to make four movies one is enough they have

396 The Mysterious Mr. Enter's Haters

God, these people are obnoxious. They ignore any positive factors he has and blow his negative factors out of proportion, sort of like Sonic fans. I also love how they accuse him of being disrespectful of other people, and if you say you disagree with them, they'll tell you to shut up. The irony is that they call him a hypocrite.

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397 YouTubers Fangirls and Fanboys

Yes! My friends get angry if I don't give a fudge about YouTubers, like who cares about their life? Or how they apply makeup or who cares about their boyfriends putting their makeup

398 Killjoys/MCRmy

They are the One Direction fans of emo music.

399 The Legend of Korra Fans
400 Super Junior Fans

THE MOST ANNOYING FAN BASE EVER! They love bash another fandom. And can't accept critic. Oh, go to hell you ELF!

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