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401 Auburn Fans
402 Balto Fans

Balto has the worst fandom of any non-Disney animated movie and it especially reeks when people think it's a ripoff of TLK when it is not.

403 Classic Cartoon Fans

It's safe to say that, in this generation, fans of classic/vintage cartoons are worse than fans of anime. First, they become obsessive with their favorite characters to the point of unhealthy, sexual obsession, then once they grow out of the unhealthy obsession they turn dramatic and even suicidal. They also complain about how old cartoons back then are "racist" or "politically incorrect" according to today's standards when they were made in a different time back then.

404 Stucky Fans V 1 Comment
405 Gamegrumps Fans

I love the GameGrumps, but damn is the fan base annoying. For some reason they're still not over Jon leaving even though its been over TWO YEARS! They have so many ridiculous conspiracy theories about why Jon left it puts 9/11 conspiracies to shame. They also complain about every little thing. Arin missed the manhole in Sonic Adventure, they complain. They didn't upgrade the master sword in A Link Between Worlds, they complain. People still keep asking them to finish games they confirmed they wouldn't finish on multiple occasions. Also they can't take criticism. If Arin, Dan, Ross, or any of the rest of them say they don't like something whether that be a video game or movie they will get overwhelmed with hate. Once Arin said he didn't really like One Piece and a little later he said that he got hundreds of emails telling him that he's wrong for disliking One Piece. Also people can't seem to get through their heads that GameGrumps is more of an entertainment channel then an actual ...more

406 American Tokusatsu Fans

First they laugh at Power Rangers for being inferior.

Now they complain about every little thing in their Tokusatsu shows.


407 Fans of The Lego Movie

Pretty much anything you can say about Frozen fans, simply replace "Frozen" with "The Lego Movie" and you get the idea.

Difference is it is mostly original and not recycled trash.

408 Sofia the First fans

The show is not my cup of tea but The Lion Guard is a way lot worse... Especially when it comes to fandom.

I like the show, I know it is weird, but remember, at least one fan and one hater per show.

I hate this show so much! I thinke Star Wars the Clone Wars is way better than this!

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409 Sword Art Online Haters

Wanna know what's worse than the Sword Art Online fans? The Sword Art Online Haters! I mean, even fans of SAO like me know it has flaws, but we just watch it because there is more good stuff like when Kirito and Asuna actually get together instead of being shy and awkward towards each other, the Phantom Bullet arc, and the Mother's Rosario arc than the haters actually know about or just plain forger. Haters don't even try to give a good solid reason and just rant about it without looking on the good side of this series. Haters be like "SAO sucks! " or "Kirito sucks! " or "Worst anime ever! " Really, those are your only reasons? How illogical. I'm pretty sure there are other flaws, but it just gets annoying when people hate on an anime series that others just want to watch. So if you thought the Sword Art Online Fans are bad, Sword Art Online Haters are more worse, because they have not even experienced the worst anime until they have seen either Mars of Destruction, Elfen Lied, or ...more

Is the hate even that necessary? Even if Sword Art Online has flaws, don't forget it is not the only anime series with flaws. Anime series such as Fairy Tail (only Erza is good), Soul Eater (really bad ending), and even Attack on Titan (Eren is more of a stereotypical hotheaded, angry male protagonist even though I admire him). So don't go bashing Sword Art Online just because that is the only anime series you can think of that you might not like. Besides, like TOM 3.5 said, "We welcome the criticism, but always, always ignore the haters." Like he said, just try to let the author know how he can do better instead of just ranting on a popular anime series.

These guys are just plain Hypocrites! They say " Klein should have been the main protagonist" and later saying "Every character including side characters are bad" - Hoxton

The protagonist is boring, and the fans suck. But the people who go on and on about how bad it is, even though they're right, are annoying too.

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410 Jersey Shore Fans V 3 Comments
411 Doom Haters

I know! They like crappy games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Big Rigs but hate the best game ever.

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412 We Bare Bears Fans

I LOVE we bare bears. I didn't know there was a fan base. More importantly, I didn't know there was a BAD fan base.

I saw some we bear bears stuff that was sometimes off topic. but I think the fanbase died now. haven't seen anything anymore.

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413 Bayonetta Fanboys

Let's be real here, the story was crap, the gameplay was awesome, but all of that gets clouded in favor of staring at Bayo's ass for five hours. If I wanted to ogle at chicks, I read playboys.

Bayonetta is awesome! With that said, her fanbase is cancer!

And of course said fanboys had to go and swarm the Smash ballot...

She had to come to smash...ugh...

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414 Kawaii Art Fans On Deviantart

These girls are rabid SAVAGES and their "senpai's" aren't any better, case in point: Dav-19.

415 South Park Fans
416 Honey Boo Boo Fans
417 Coppercab Fans
418 Log Horizon Log Horizon

If I see one more of these fans bash Sword Art Online, I will throw a hissy fit Kanker-Sister style. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Um, the original name for this fan base was Log Horizoboos. Apparently the admin thought I misspelled it and corrected it to the actual name of the anime. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

419 Kissxsis Fans

Check out Most Overrated Animes and you'll know why. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

420 Angel Beats! Fans

The anime is great. But not the fanbase. This does not refer to people who like it. I'm only referring to the obnoxious fanboys and fangirls who bash others for not liking the anime. Other than that, it is totally okay to love this anime as long as you aren't a rabid fan. This doesn't mean people like CastlevaniaFanboy128, since he likes the anime, but doesn't fit the category of rabid fan. No offense to any of my followers. I apologize in advance if I do. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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