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401 Anti-Bronies

Are a few bronies creepy and annoying? Sure. But anti-bronies act like every single one of them are.

They keep saying that Bronies are gay, while studies suggest that EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT are heterosexual. Dumbasses

I don't hate the pony things, per se, I think it's a respectable kids show. But the fans, oh god, they're terrible.

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402 Nicki Minaj Fans

She should just give up on her bad music and move to porn already.

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403 Slayer Fans

I hate them so much. They spam Doom OST videos and say "SLAYER1111! 22111"

404 Metallica Fans
405 Thrash Metal Fans
406 Death Fans
407 Death Metal Fans
408 Music Fans

They're everywhere on this site. EVERYWHERE! There's not enough movie lists or anything on here.

I'm pretty sure most people like music. But the rabid people. Oh god.

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410 Zonelings
411 Frozen Haters

I honestly think they are more annoying than Frozen fangirls. They think people who like the movie are stupid, 7-year-old retards when many of them are really nice. I don't think that all Frozen haters are like this, and I think you are free to dislike Frozen all you want. However, don't go on and on about how Frozen is the worst movie ever and everyone who likes it is a "retard." - anonygirl

Can these guys just leave us alone, I really like frozen and I admit the fans can be annoying but you wanna know what's even more annoying? All you haters! So many people now just like to bash frozen and say its crap, it's gotten to the point where people put it on worst films of all time lists, this movie is in my top 10 favorite Disney films but I can never say that without a bunch of you haters going "GRRR HOW DARE YOU HAVE THAT MOVIE ON YOUR FAVORITES LIST! " Just go away and stop trolling you haters

I hate how now it's pretty much impossible to say you really like frozen without getting attacked, and what's worse is that the frozen hate has spread so much that even people who like it or have never even seen it just like to call it crap because apparently now bashing frozen is the "cool" thing to do

Another sub-category of Lion King fans. *sigh*

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412 Music Elitists
413 The Five Nights at Freddy's Haters

Well, the game is vastly overrated. The fans are terrible. But the haters are annoying also.

These people hate too much, as the fans love it too much.

These idiots attack anyone that just has a profile pic of the game.

Also, this doesn't even belong here. This is most annoying FAN bases, not hate bases. My God, what was the idiot that added this to the list even thinking when he added this to the list? My greatest guess: FENF IS DURR BEZT GAUM ever! SCROO HATTUR S, TIYUM 2 ADD DIS TO DIS LIST WITOWUT EVEN REALIZENG DIS IS A WURSE FANBASE S LIZT, NOT WURSE HATE BAS E!

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414 Nanalan Fanbase

Watch the show on YouTube, then youll see why I put the fanbase here.

415 Yo Gabba Gabba Fanbase
416 Alvin and the Chipmunks Fanbase

Who likes these retards these dumbass chipmunks ruin a good song.

Wait- these stupid rodents that should get run over by a car have fans?

Worse than kids... Oh wait, kidz bop and this are the worst things in the history of humanity!

They didn't have to make four movies one is enough they have

417 YouTubers Fangirls and Fanboys

Yes! My friends get angry if I don't give a fudge about YouTubers, like who cares about their life? Or how they apply makeup or who cares about their boyfriends putting their makeup

418 Killjoys/MCRmy

They are the One Direction fans of emo music.

419 Steven Universe Fans

I mean I always liked the show because it was cute and more mature than most cartoons but some of the fanbase is just awful

I love steven universe but the fandom can be weird. They sometimes sexualize the cartoon characters which is super odd.

How is this not in the top ten?! They nearly drove a girl to commit suicide for drawing a character "wrong" and the bullying got so bad even one of the show's creators has to step in saying that it's okay to draw any character like that. Plus, I remember seeing a screenshoted tumblr post staying that you're not allowed to cosplay as certain characters if you do not share the same body type/shape, race, and even sexual orientation as the character! Those alone to me is way more toxic than bronies, Homestuck, and even pop stars!

It's an okay show, the fanbase is bad, yeah, some yaoi and yuri stuff here and there, pretty awful, but not as bad as, say, bronies, furries, or hardcore weeaboos.
It's like being a softcore weeaboo. - Syzygy

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420 The Legend of Korra Fans
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