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441 DC Fanboys

Literally their only reason for hating Marvel movies like Captain America: Civil War is that they're Marvel. - SomeRandomGuy9001

The annoying thing is that they've been trolling every forum regarding Marvel movies and just leaving a bunch of hate comments because they're still butthurt about Batman Vs. Superman not getting good reviews

442 Erza Scarlet Fanbase

She's so overrated! I mean she's OK, but her fans keep saying she's the strongest anime girl ever and that she can beat Goku in a fight and she's the most beautiful character and practically praising her like a GODDESS! Not everyone is like that, but most of them are. - Goku02

443 30 Rock Fans
444 Facebook Fans
445 Windows 8 Fans
446 Jill Stein Supporters
447 DOOM 4 Fans
448 The Thundermans Haters
449 ChannelFrederator Fans
450 Animal Jam Fans
451 Arena Shooter Fans

They can't accept any change that makes the games they play more noob friendly. Always hating on other games just like the Call of Duty Players, and scaring off players trying to learn how to play. - UserWhom

452 Mariah Carey fans
453 Tom and Jerry Haters V 1 Comment
454 Bob Clampett Haters
455 Modern SpongeBob Fans

Should be in the top ten. They are a bunch of hypocrites and can't tolerate different opinions.

456 DC Fans V 1 Comment
457 DC Superhero Girls Fans
458 Rogue One Fans V 1 Comment
459 MysteriousMrEnter Fans

Mr Enter isn't bad. And I'm one of his fans. - Catacorn

460 Jontron Fans
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