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461 Erza Scarlet Fanbase

She's so overrated! I mean she's OK, but her fans keep saying she's the strongest anime girl ever and that she can beat Goku in a fight and she's the most beautiful character and practically praising her like a GODDESS! Not everyone is like that, but most of them are. - Goku02

462 30 Rock Fans 30 Rock Fans
463 Facebook Fans
464 Windows 8 Fans
465 Jill Stein Supporters
466 DOOM 4 Fans
467 Twenty One Pilots Fans

Like, chill out, I know you love 'em and all that, but I don't need to hear it every damn 5 minutes.

I love Twenty One Pilots, but OH MY GOD! A large portion of the fanbase is insane. - JamesBourne

In terms of their tween girl fanbase, they're turning into the next One Direction

A portion of the Twenty One Pilots fans are nice people. However, it has to be that other portion of people who have to ruin it for everyone else.
NO, Tyler and Josh are not your dads and are not in love.
NO, people are not fake fans if they like Stressed Out or Heathens, or have only been a fan for a month or two.
NO, mental illnesses are not cute.
NO, you don't need to send death threats to people who have a different opinion to you about the band.
NO, you don't need to elbow other people in the face in order to get to the barricade at their shows. Everyone should be there to enjoy the experience of seeing their favorite band live, you shouldn't consider yourself so high above everyone else that you need to push them out of the way to get closer to the band.

These are all things I've witnessed in the Skeleton Clique, and that's why I don't consider myself part of it. I enjoy listening to their older stuff (self-titled, Regional At Best) and Tyler Joseph is very ...more

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468 Fionna and Cake Fans
469 ChannelFrederator Fans
470 Animal Jam Fans
471 Arena Shooter Fans

They can't accept any change that makes the games they play more noob friendly. Always hating on other games just like the Call of Duty Players, and scaring off players trying to learn how to play. - UserWhom

472 Mariah Carey fans
473 Bob Clampett Haters
474 Fans of James Cameron's 'Titanic'
475 DC Fans V 1 Comment
476 DC Superhero Girls Fans
477 Rogue One Fans V 1 Comment
478 MysteriousMrEnter Fans

Mr Enter isn't bad. And I'm one of his fans. - Catacorn

479 Jontron Fans
480 2016 Haters
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