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461 2016 Haters
462 Rule 34 Fans
463 EthanGamerTV fans
464 Club Penguin Fans
465 Twilight Fan Girls
466 Denisdaily Fans

They swarm roblox - TeamRocket747

467 Yooka Laylee Haters
468 Kansas State Wildcats Fans

No class whatsoever. Just rude and obnoxious. Think that they are the best in the country when they aren't even in the top 25 in anything. Also chant F*** you at opponents at games - Randomator

469 King K Rool Fans

Do him no good by the way they behave. - Randomator

470 Hamilton Fans
471 Stans

This shouldn't even be on this List! Like who is a lover of Hip Hop and a hater of Eminem?
I remember a song lyrics of Eminem:"Your Hate is what gave me the Strength! "-Lighters - abhishah901

Stans are hating on others fan bases just like Eminem! They are asss!

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472 SuperWhoLock

A mix between supernatural, doctor who, and Sherlock. Sure the shows are great but nobody in the fandom is willing to admit to any mistakes at all! The majority of the fandom threatens to "hack your computer" or say that they know how to hide a body because of the shows they watch. Calm down, not every one has to agree with you.

473 The Once Ler Fandom

Even though the young once ler is hot, the fanbase is annoying

I think the Lorax is an okay movie, but this noob has a fanbase?

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474 Coffee and Tea Fandom V 1 Comment
475 Polandball Fans

Whats wrong with them? They don't seem to bother anyone

Poland balls fanbase isn't that bad. After all, the subjects are only spheres with country flages and 2 white circles for eyes plastered on them, making steriotypical, but not racist, jokes of one another. This fanbase is more innocent of what is on this forum.

476 Fans of James Cameron's 'Titanic'
477 Steven Universe Fans

I mean I always liked the show because it was cute and more mature than most cartoons but some of the fanbase is just awful

I love steven universe but the fandom can be weird. They sometimes sexualize the cartoon characters which is super odd.

Why is this so low on the list? This should be top 10 for sure.

It's an okay show, the fanbase is bad, yeah, some yaoi and yuri stuff here and there, pretty awful, but not as bad as, say, bronies, furries, or hardcore weeaboos.
It's like being a softcore weeaboo. - Syzygy

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478 Duke Fans

I have no idea if this is referring to the video game character Duke Nukem and his games or the college Duke University. - NuMetalManiak

Duke Blue devils basketball not duke nukem

"I'm and equal opportunity ass kicker" - RobertG101

You either love or hate Duke. Me? I hate Duke and simply they're fans should go away. They truly annoy me. - dudesterravensfan

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479 GoAnimate Fans

I'm a GoAnimate fan and I can't stand these "grounded videos". They are the most annoying type of videos on YouTube. I want to do something creative using the GoAnimate4Schools website rather than making a grounded video out of Caillou.

Stupid kids who have a fetish for grounding Caillou. They portray him as some kind of teenager, but say he's FOUR.

Extremely annoying fanbase who rehash everything. - Swellow

Do they HAVE to say "GROUNDED" 1000 times? - Lunala

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480 Total Drama Fans

Okay-I understand why you would say some people are bad for the fan base. But that's only if you're PART of the fan base. Yes, I am a Total Drama fan. Yes, it IS my favorite animated show.(not including anime) But I don't go obsessing over everything about it. I believe that EVERYTHING popular has a bad fan base, but Total Drama is a tame one.

Naturally, BigbrotherYES has added Total Drama fans to the list. - Minecraftcrazy530

I agree Noah and Dawn fans are annoying but other than these the fanbase is ok.


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