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481 Twenty One Pilots Fans

Like, chill out, I know you love 'em and all that, but I don't need to hear it every damn 5 minutes.

I love Twenty One Pilots, but OH MY GOD! A large portion of the fanbase is insane. - JamesBourne

In terms of their tween girl fanbase, they're turning into the next One Direction

THIS SHOULD BE UP HIGHER! 81, really... It's even below "2016 fans". The Clique is the most cringey fanbase you'll ever find. They act like twenty one pilots is the only band in existence. They throw tantrums over people spelling their name like "21 pilots" when it's just a simpler way to type their name. They romanticize mental illness and think they're edgy with their "stay alive" moto. The music isn't even that good. 21p win awards that we all know they shouldn't get especially for catagories that they don't belong in. They even won an apma for "best fanbase" which is ridiculous. The fanbase acts like it so unique when Tyler raps, but 21p isn't the only alternative band that uses rap (hint: Linkin Park, Gym Class Heroes).

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482 The Five Nights at Freddy's Haters

Well, the game is vastly overrated. The fans are terrible. But the haters are annoying also.

These people hate too much, as the fans love it too much.

These idiots attack anyone that just has a profile pic of the game.

Also, this doesn't even belong here. This is most annoying FAN bases, not hate bases. My God, what was the idiot that added this to the list even thinking when he added this to the list? My greatest guess: FENF IS DURR BEZT GAUM ever! SCROO HATTUR S, TIYUM 2 ADD DIS TO DIS LIST WITOWUT EVEN REALIZENG DIS IS A WURSE FANBASE S LIZT, NOT WURSE HATE BAS E!

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483 Frozen Haters

I honestly think they are more annoying than Frozen fangirls. They think people who like the movie are stupid, 7-year-old retards when many of them are really nice. I don't think that all Frozen haters are like this, and I think you are free to dislike Frozen all you want. However, don't go on and on about how Frozen is the worst movie ever and everyone who likes it is a "retard." - anonygirl

Can these guys just leave us alone, I really like frozen and I admit the fans can be annoying but you wanna know what's even more annoying? All you haters! So many people now just like to bash frozen and say its crap, it's gotten to the point where people put it on worst films of all time lists, this movie is in my top 10 favorite Disney films but I can never say that without a bunch of you haters going "GRRR HOW DARE YOU HAVE THAT MOVIE ON YOUR FAVORITES LIST! " Just go away and stop trolling you haters

I hate how now it's pretty much impossible to say you really like frozen without getting attacked, and what's worse is that the frozen hate has spread so much that even people who like it or have never even seen it just like to call it crap because apparently now bashing frozen is the "cool" thing to do

Another sub-category of Lion King fans. *sigh*

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484 Warrior Cats Fans

The fanbase made me lose interest in reading the book and even the books themselves would've been better if it weren't for Scourge. I say that Scourge is the worst character in Warrior Cats because he is cast as a villain, and is a killer (He also started off as a victim, too). Villains that are sociopathic, murderous "Blood Knight" types of characters with a lot of fan praise are the absolute worst kinds of villains because their popularity outshines that of the heroes and they have that popularity for no reason, and those villains suck, big time. If Scourge was a good guy instead, then I would not have a problem, but that's not the truth, unfortunately. At least Scourge died later on in the series.

Ok, I know this fanbase is mostly made up of 7 year olds and 10 year olds but they're just rabid. I mean, seriously, someone get them their rabies shot because they're WAY overdue for them. They aren't just the plain crazy fans either, warriortards are meanest people I've ever seen, I guess you have to be kinda mean in order to like a book like Warriors. What creeps me out the most about these people is the fact that half of them find cats attractive, that's just wrong.

Evil cat comes into power or attempts to do it. Kills many cats. Hero kills villain. Whoop de do.

Warriors is a great book series, Erin Hunter is a great author... But the fans are a BIG problem!

Upset one of these fans, and they attack you! And they give themselves cat names like "Stormpaw".

They LARP (Live Action Role Play).

And they are just as bad as furries.

Don't get me started on the creep fans (Rule 34).

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485 Pastas (creepypasta)

There has been many cases where people have hurt or tried to murder others because they felt as if their beloved characters from scary Internet stories were real. A couple of preteen girls attempted to murder their friend because of slenderman. It's kind of funny because slenderman didn't even start out as a creepypasta. Also he's really cliche.

When I was playing Majora's Mask, some kid saw and screamed, "BEN! " right in my ear.

This is creepy I pissed my pants (9-19 times I believe)

486 Uncle Grandpa Fans

Wait, this show has fans?

I like this show


487 Team Fortress 2 Fans

The only thing I can tell you is this. Search YouTube, you will have tons of "dramatic" videos and just plain stupid ones.

Love the game but its just a simple shooter with not much else to it

We're annoying? Grow the hell up whoever wrote this! TF2 is underrated! Call of Doodoo is overrated!

The game isn't even for kids!

488 K-pop Fans

KPOP to me sounds like the same ol generic manufactured pop formula that's also use in American radio stations likewise. It's really too terribly bland. I prefer rock, jazz, and Motown.

No offense but American pop is like the same thing over and over again, but the K-pops music videos are top quality and the music is catchy - Picklesthekitten45

No, not really. Sure they're annoying sometimes, but not THAT annoying.

I like kpop but people do to much over a boy

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489 Star Wars Fans

They always hate on people who like The Force Awakens. It is fine if they don't like it, I understand how the similarities to A New Hope can be annoying, but they condemn people who like it. I mean boohoo, they like a movie, how awful. It's not like people aren't allowed to like it, people can like any movie they want. Also saying how it went PC, which I disagree with because it is not a bad thing for people of different races and genders to be main characters.

I hate the people who think Jar Jar is a sith lord.

I know 2 star wars geeks at school and god are they annoying - spodermanfan1000

The Star Wars fandom is the absolute worst I have ever seen because they're the only one that has ever made me quite being a fan of something.

When they're not worshiping the Original Trilogy like it's the perfect god, they're constantly fighting each-other over the Prequel Trilogy, giving blowjobs to a worthless nothing character like Boba Fett, shoving the Expanded Universe at people's faces and are just outright annoying as hell.

Ever since the release of The Force Awakens, they've gotten even worse.
It was the film that recharged by faith in the franchise and would've made me a fan again if it weren't for these heartless monsters. It's fine that a lot of people didn't like the movie but only if they expressed why they didn't in a constructive and fair manner. These haters aren't constructive or fair. They're just massive jerks who have been sending death threats to both the makers of the film and the critics and audiences who enjoyed it, refused to show respect to ...more

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490 Digimon Fanboys

Personally, I think both Pokemon and digimon are great. Also, neither are a ripoff of each other, they came out in the same month. A big point for digimon fans is the T.V. show has better quality and better values, as well as a developing plot and varying characters, but that's just because digimon was made to be a television show. Pokemon was made to be a game. You can't really compare something like that when both are two different forms of media.

To sum things up, Pokemon is an amazing game franchise, but the T.V. adaptation pales in comparison to digimon. Meanwhile, for the most part, digimon games suck. But the T.V. show USED to be good. (I don't like the reboots).

To those who would like a more interesting sum of Pokemon vs digimon, read The Experiment, a fanfic that helped me come to terms with both series being equal, as before I was a diehard digimon fanboy. Here is a link to The Experiment.

Many proclaim Digimon is always better than Pokemon in terms of T.V. shows and video games. Trust me, Digimon games are garbage and fanboys claim it as underrated!

We aren't that bad! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

It ripped off Pokemon and all the creature's names end with "mon". i.e Cutemon - mayamanga

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491 Legend of Zelda Fans

Who put this on the list? Some Call of Duty fanboy?

I didn't ever find a Zelda fan who is annoying. Never.

I don't find them annoying.

Everyone is so addicted to breath of the wild - TeamRocket747

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492 Super Smash Brothers Fanboys

These people are complete BRATS about the Smash 4 character roster, completely blowing any character they don't like out of proportion.

I wouldn't call them annoying. I think they are just enthusiastic. To me, an annoying fan base is one that shoves what they like in your face, bashes other similair things, etc. Smash fans just say that they love the game. And there is nothing wrong with that. Do I like PewDiePie, My Little Pony and Twilight? No. I dislike the fans who won't shut up about it and bash things that are similair, but I have no problem with fans who are just fans.

Overrated Fanbase - VideoGamefan5

How this is so low?

493 Super Mario

Mario fans want something new, sonic fans want something old...

I'm a Mario fan myself and I only find new super Mario bros 2 repetitive, new super Mario bros you finally changed and remodeled existing worlds, super Mario 3d world's creative level design and finally peach wasnt kidnapped, Mario kart 8 is amazing, (excluding battle mode) enough said. And I can't wait for Mario maker and captain toad, (why did they change the pal release to january) - Harri666

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494 Beatles Fans

The Beatles shouldn't be the best rock band of all time. Although the Rolling Stones were slightly less popular, they've been around much longer, and their overall popularity far exceeds that of the Beatles.

I see why this is at the bottom. It's appropriate.

To them you're not allowed to have opinions

They are so crazy they don't even let you hate or dislike them. - ule101

495 Math Fans

Only for geeks and math teachers.

I didn't know a school subject had a fanbase. - anonygirl

I love math... 5th grade math. Calculus, Algebra, Triganometry, no thanks

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