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41 2010s Fans

I am talking about the people who think that everything (from events to pop culture) of this decade is awesome, but everything from all the other decades are too old and gross.

They say decades in the 20th century is boring and they hate on songs on YouTube just because they are from the 80s. Seriously, shut the hell up!

Any decade fan is annoying. - anonygirl

42 Touhou Fans

What's wrong with playing an insanely hard bullet hell shooter?

I like listening to Bad Apple remixes but I don't warship Touhou.

Should be put in the supreme pentagram of internet hate, with Sonic, MLP, Pokémon and Minecraft

43 SVTFOE Fans

There's so much wrong with Mewberty fans. In fact, here's 10 things I hate about them:

1) They obsess over the episode and watch nothing else.

2) They are OBSESSED with both yaoi and yuri, even though the show isn't an anime.

3) They claim she is original, bit it's a ripoff of Something.

4) They are collapsing on each other.

5) All of them ship anyone imaginable.

6) If you say anything bad about Mewberty, and nice things about boys, they will shred you to pieces.

7) Their "Camps", which are boring and are a disgrace to good shows (like there's a bunch of Total Drama Big Brother camps)

8) All they ever do is bash fans of good shows.

9) All of them watch annoying object shows.

10) They make boring fanfictions. - TheKirbyCreeper999

Like Frozen fans, they think Star vs the Forces of Evil is the best thing in the world. First of all, the show is horrible. It is Johnny Test, but with a princess instead. Second, the fans keep posting inappropriate fan-art. Third, they think it is the best show ever and bashes other shows (Gravity Falls).

This show is Sailor Moon on drugs. There is nothing special to it. So why make a big deal of it?

People go nuts over this show because it's Disney. Anything made by Disney nowadays are nothing but big sellout cash cows. I think Disney is bribing critics and fans to give their work all the good reception they're getting these days... (come on, why? There is more to pop culture than just Disney, you know)

I'm Neutral to this show and but I sometimes nitpick the show and I think star is on crack

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44 Sky Army

Oh my god, people will not shut up for a full minute about this dumb ass.
People screaming "BUDDER! " in the most obnoxious, spine breaking and downright annoying ways. sky himself provides no intellectual content even remotely, they're always the same parkour videos. even when he described mods, even that was more tolerable. and with all the flare and bluster of a 6 year old dominating the monkey bars they assert that what you think makes you a hater, jealous, or both. look ass, you aren't even making an argument. if a hater's definition is someone who hates something, then that means we all are. shut up and get your miserable little ass off the internet. sky doesn't even care about his fans! On his server, the default text for a new joiner is almost black and un-seeable!

I was playing my normal game, super smash mobs. When I chose the squid class everyone got mad at me just because I like the skin class. So when we started the game everyone was targeting me just because they were fans. I'm not one of those ignorant people that get mad over targeting, but they kept on cussing at me and you name it.

My god. I don't really like his videos and I think he is a little annoying, but his fans! There is actually a video where sky said not to talk about it on other channels. and they did NOT listen. I would not be surprised if a large portion of them are pewdiepie fans too! - hurjelert

In my opinion there are better youtubers out there. Ones that don't scream "BUDDER" every 5 seconds. - Lunala

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45 Bandwagon Fans

These people are the most annoying thing in the world. They are normally the ones who join a fandom and say, "I've been here since the beginning! " When, in all actuality, they joined because their friend's friend has a boyfriend who has a sister who really liked it and would rant about it. When you ask these people about their fandom, they don't know ANYTHING. You can find these people in almost every fandom, but more so in others. *cough cough* fnaf *cough cough* And, a lot of the time, they do something really bad and stupid, which gives the whole fandom a bad name. Some fandoms wouldn't be on this list if it weren't for those idiots.

Only cheer for winning teams.Then abandon them because they lose in the playoffs. The fan base is really lame (cough Golden State,cough Patriots) - Randomator

46 Halo Fanboys

Halo fanboy here - halo is a great fanchise, but everyone gets so dissatisfied with every game. "oh halo isn't as fun as it used to be" and "343 killed halo". Kids, if halo is so bad, why do you own every game with the four letters "halo" in it? I can name some shortcomings of the game but, the things people can find are absolutely ridiculous. "THIS GAME DOESN'T COUNT BECAUSE IN THE ORIGINAL, COVENANT COULDN'T SPEAK ENGLISH."

Call of Duty famboys are worse but whats so fun about these games? At least splatoon has a variety of weapons and looks much more appealing to the human eyes, but whats great about Call of Duty and halo? Just the same every time

Ugh,no. Halo is a freat game,don't get me wrong,but the fanbase is super annoying. - Epicsauce45

47 Boston Sports Fans

Worse then Pittsburgh Sports fans

48 Simmers

I dunno. The Simmers aren't really all that bad from what I've seen. The only Simmers I've ever disliked were the ones on YouTube comments for a Sims LP. "MAKE HIM GAY! MAKE HER GAY! MAKE THEM ALL GAY! MAKE HER GOTH! MAKE HIM EMO! MAKE THEM ALL THE THINGS! "

The sims doesn't have a fan base...

I'm sorry. I mean it does, just they probably mean the 13 year old girls who like it

The sims! The only game where you can make someone pink and as fat as kirby with emo clothes! - mattstat716

I like the game, but it ticks me off that I have no clue what they're saying - Picklesthekitten45

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49 New York Sports Fans

I left a Mets-Phillies game in 2007 in the 4th inning because there was a Mets fan who was constantly screaming "F*** Jimmy Rollins" in New York. People say Phillies fans are annoying, but as a Philadelphian, the Phillies are only bad during a rivalry game. But when the Mets are good, they have fans come from NYC, about 30,000 of them, get drunk and start cursing.

It's really only the mets, Rangers, and islanders fans who are the ones people stereotype us on. Those people have no problem traveling to California for 8 hours, just to watch their team loose. And when their team is doing really good they act like they've been good since the beginning. Other ny sports fans do get passionate about their teams but they're more chill than mets Rangers and islanders fans. Oh, and also those fanbases say that every year is "their year". Seriously, even Yankees fans aren't like that.

It's the Yankees fans that are annoying. I am a 10 year old Mets girl, because my dad is a BIG fan (He has a lot of merch, a few signed things), and I can say that some Mets fans can get drunk during the last few innings and say some things. But everybody gets drunk sometimes. Me and my dad can't handle Yankees fans. They're all like "WE R the BEST! WE HAD BAB RUTH AN DREK JTR! " and I'm like "You HAD them. You had a few players that made you great. Now your team is going downhill because Derek Jeter retired. Face it, Yankees fans. You had your time. Let another team be known as the best. Actually, there are teams that are currently BETTER than the Yankees. Now shut up, Yankees fans."

Knicks are overrated

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50 PC Gamers

I love when PC gamers use their favourite insult to console gamer saying that they are a master race while console gamers are filthy peasants while not realising that a peasant (meaning ignorant, rude and unsophisticated) is really what you are being by saying that you are superior because of the platform you game on. Bottom line console gamers may not be perfect but at least with them I don't here "uhh you PC loving peasants you don't deserve to game because you game on a platform that I don't like - Gamer4life

Just choose a platform and go with it!

I myself am a PC gamer, and I'm fine with anybody who disagrees. What I'm not fine with is treating PC or consoles like gods. Everyone has their own opinion yet people can seem to figure that out

I own a PC and a PS3 and a Wii.
When someone calls you a console peasant but you own a PC, just say the following:
I am beyond your petty squabbles, for I am of the All-Console Master Race. - Syzygy

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51 My Little Pony Rule 34

Is there anything weirder then pony porn?! I mean, there's nothing wrong with shipping them. Heck, I ship doctor hooves and Derpy. But that doesn't mean you should put porn into the relationship!

Recently I was at a local ranch, and as I was leaving, I saw a male horse take out its 2foot black dick and started going to town on another horse. This made me think "this is what bronies want to see". I wanted to bath in gasoline and light my pubes with a candle lighter.

Why.. Just why? The show is good, but this makes me sick. Kill these idiots.

Kill me

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52 Teen Titans Go Fans

This show is actually underrated, since nobody one I know seems to like it.

This show is just depressing teen titans has been rendered a joke, quite literally, and its not even funny.

I hate Teen Titans Go and this show has was many fans or less fans or whatever - GenoKenneth

Does this even HAVE a fanbase?

Yes. It has one fan. "Johnny T" or something.

Probably the only reason the show is still going. - mattstat716

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53 Apple Fanbois

I'm shocked that this one has so many dislikes. In my opinion, ANY technical fan base has ways it's annoying. Linux, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, you name it. - 1337

Wait til this one gets down voted a lot and the Android fanboys increase on this list...

They literally talk about a new apple product like " the iPhone 7 is going to out today! Ah"

Look at these Assdroid fanboys saying stupid crap

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54 Kardashian Fans

The only reason why they're so popular is because they defended a quarterback suspected for murder and a sex tape.

This family actually deserves fans?! NO WAY!

The people that for some reason worship "Celebrities" (If you want to call them that) like gods among men, while they do absolutely nothing for any of us.

Anyone who says they have class need therapy

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55 Teletubbies Fans

Wait there are people who are above 3 years old that like this show - Gamer4life

The only fans of Teletubbies are babies and politically correct parents who think that this is education. - Pony

What the hell did we just run out of ideas?

Wait a minute...this show has a fanbase of adults and kids over the age of 3? I never knew they existed.

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56 Gardevoir Fans

What I find annoying about Gardevoir fans is that some of them sexualize the Pokemon Gardevoir just because it looks humanoid and feminine then they just gotta add a pair breasts on almost every Gardevoir fanart I saw and also treat it as a waifu material. In Japanese, it means Sirknight which it suppose to resemble a knight so that means Gardevoir is not only female. Male Gardevoirs exists too, which some of the fans forget or didn't know and that really disappoint me because I too, like Gardevoir as a Pokemon, but not as much because the perverted fans ruined it for me.

Even the creators hate themselves for creating such a sexist Pokemon. Don't people realize Gardevoir is a female AND A MALE? I know this, because I used to look up images of Gardevoir until I was ASHAMED OF BEING LIKE THOSE PERVERTED GARDEVOIR FANS.

They ruin the game by doing the gardevoir flash mem. OH GOD WHY

Look up Gardevoir, that is what I want to say about this crappy fanbase - TeamRocket747

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57 AC/DC fans

... why? I mean, I get it, there's always that one weird, spaced out looking slightly fat kid in the AC/DC shirt in your school, every school has one, but that's no reason not to like the music. - Syzygy

What's wrong with AC/DC?

Most acdc fans are in their 40s how are they even annoying?

Um...i'm acdc fan...and I'm that a problem?

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58 Anime Fans

These people.. I hate how they constantly say that anime is better than Western animation. Do you know what makes the style of Western animation good? That's right. YOU CAN TELL THEM APART. Take Ren and Stimpy and compare it to CatDog. You can tell the characters apart, right? If you were to Photoshop one anime character's head onto another's, it would still look the same. I mean, I don't hate anime, but stay with me here. What I'm trying to say is the fans act like it is the best thing ever when it's not. They swarm up on you like bees when you say the smallest thing about it, so I'm taking a risk here. The comedy? I remember watching a few comedy anime, and I never laughed once. It might have been the anime themselves, but I tried to watch a few and I didn't crack a grin once. The action anime are boring and hard to sit through, I give up at the halfway mark. Otakus, it is okay that you like anime, but look at your own fandom before you bash others.

As someone who likes anime, I'm on par with you. I think Western cartoons are worth the amount of effort put into them. About the comedy part, you're right. In my opinion, I don't find anime good in terms of humor, and yes some anime are pretty boring. What I like about Western cartoons is that the majority of them follow a different plot in each episode and can be pretty damn funny at times. But yeah, other than that, I want anime fans to stop bashing Western media and giving us a bad name. - AO1-H1KAR1

Even though I'm an anime fan I find this place true but I wouldn't classify myself as such a big fan to turn into a weeabo which is how the people have described I just like it but the problem is that the weeabos are giving us a bad reputation since you know soul eater? Just read the plot on wiki It'll explain the main stuff. When I sent my friend a picture of maka x death the kid, she was like NO what ITS MAKA X SOUL EW! She loves anime so much that the only thing she posts on Instagram is anime fanart that she didn't draw and scenes of fairytail and stuff and just... Oh gosh why... The problem is that I'm telling my dad that manga is different from western comics since they can't copy the plot and that's that but he keeps telling me he won't get me any manga since they're the same thing because of the drawings. The DRAWINGS. I'm talking about the plot and he says drawings. Okay I'm ranting right now so let's get back to the subject. People in my class love anime but they only go ...more

They think they know everything about Japanese culture (if they are not Japanese). They think they are so SPECIAL and DIFFERENT for liking anime. They constantly will not shut up about how anime is not cartoons even though the definition of a cartoon is an animated short film. Sometimes they act like they like anime, not because of the shows, because the fact that's it's considered an anime. They think everything American animated sucks and needs to go die. by the way I have watched Death Note, Attack On Titan, Blue exorcist, and some other anime. I just despise the fan base because of how immature the people in it acts. The funny part is that even though the anime / manga fan base likes to think they are the most mature people ever for liking something considered more adultish than American animation. They are very immature. Anyway that was long

- You don't care who I am lol

"Cartoons are for kids"

And Doraemon, Pokemon and Dragonball aren't?

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59 WWE Fans

Well, I'd say this only applies to a certain group of WWE fans. There are many WWE fans out there that are really good people. What this can apply to is the MARKS (ones who think WWE is not scripted). They revolve around the product, no matter if the writing is trash or excellent. When one performer has a change of heart to being booed, the marks COMPLETELY FORGET about their past. Same applies to being cheered. If you contradict what they say, they will sharply defend their point. They are just sheep following the herder. Ones who know WWE is scripted are people you can actually connect with. I'm a WWE fan. I know it is a SHOW. I connect with fans far and wide. I never get along with marks though. Marks are either children (when it is OK to be a mark) or people who should be kicked off the internet and have a doctor look at them. Stay away from these people.

WWE is STAGED. You read that right, it is all PLANNED.

It's a fact that it's rigged. - Anonymousxcxc

WWE is meant for entertainment and easy viewing. If you think it's real, unless you're under the age of 12, then you're an idiot. However, as I mentioned, it's just something meant to entertain on the weekends, and kids to be like 'Yeahhh, John Cena! ' It gives children their idols and action figures, why wouldn't you want that? - Syzygy

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60 Zootopia Fans

This should be higher in my opinion. - anonygirl

Basically People Who Make Fanart Over And OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN - VideoGamefan5

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