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61 Bubble Guppy Fans

We just found the only fanbase with no people in it.

Is this a real thing? - Garythesnail

It's every 3-year-old's favorite thing on earth, I think It's a huge one actually.

Lol my brother is one

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62 Yuri

What's the difference between girl's love and lesbians? There is none.

I guess this varies from person to person.

Annoying, heterophobic and they threaten anyone who doesn't like them. Enough said.

Better than Yaoi. - Syzygy

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63 Overwatch Fans

Everything about Overwatch was great until tumblr got a hold of it. Now there's big debate as to whether or not Mei is fat and a lot of fans ride on that claim, more so to the point where recently, one girl drew Mei skinny and she got so much over it. I'm not kidding you this literally happened people! Thank god she didn't have it as bad as that Zami girl in the Steven Universe fandom. Mei's not even fat! It's her coat that makes her look fat! Jesus Christ people, grow up!

Lets pay full price for a game that is 20 years will not exist because the servers will shut down, that's a great idea. Seriously, add a single player and I will care.

Annoying as hell

They make porn and use great songs like Destiny's Child survivor. They ruined that - ParkerFang

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64 Mortal Kombat Fanboys

Wait people take this series seriously

I FOUND IT! YES! Ok, now...

There is an MK fanboy who screams randomly, yells "Get over here", dances randomly, does fake martial arts, and is a LEPIDOPTEROPHOBE! Scared. Of. BUTTERFLIES!

...Did I mention that he is a brony?!

If you manage to film him doing that stuff you should put him on cringe compilation - Picklesthekitten45

65 Rick and Morty Fanbase

Not a bad show, just the new fad show teenagers like to like because it's popular to do so. In a year's time the fanbase will be out there to slobber over whatever other show comes out then.

I don't know anything about Rick and Morty, neither about its fanbase. How bad is it? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Nah don't want to say my opinion

Probably the worst thing the fans do is overreact to everything Rick and Morty themed. For example, in one episode we see a pickle rick. Okay. Then fans start yelling "PICKLE RICK! " everywhere they go and start tatooing pickle rick on them. However, the worst example of the fans overreacting has got to be the Schezhuan sauce controversy. Fans all across the country were rioting and bombarding McDonalds for one reason- because they couldn't get their hands on some sauce that's nearly twenty years old and only became popular after the main character, Rick Sanchez, mentioned it. While I was disappointed when I found out that my McDonalds ran out of sauce, the fans of this T.V. show took it a step too far. Honestly, this fanbase might outrank Undertale, Bronies, and even Call of Duty fans as the worst fanbase ever. While Rick and Morty might be one of the best television shows of the modern decade, it's fanbase is starting to turn me away from this spectacle of a T.V. show.

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66 Selenators

Selena can be nice but fans! Nah they thinks selena is the only one singer. If anyone say her one of of song is not so well or bad they are like "oh my gosh you don't have good taste in music, you are sucks, go cut your self blah blah blah. How stupid!

Selenators suck dick just like Selena probably one of the rudest fan base in the history of fan bases

Yeah her fans are so annoying.

Selenators aren't annoying, Selena's haters are

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67 Star Fox Fanbase

Two words: 64 Elitists.

The only cancerous people in this group are the Star Fox 64 elitists and the Krystal haters.

I never found any star fox fans. there's nothing wrong with liking the series. I like it. But maybe people who are obsessed with it can be annoying, I guess.

Star Fox Command has the worst fanbase of any Star Fox game, not 64. Even though I like both games.

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68 Finding Dory Fans/Haters

Take A Math Quiz, And There - VideoGamefan5

I went to Petco 2 hours ago, it just opened today, and I noticed a clownfish. Then, this 4-8 year old came up to the clownfish and said "NEMO! " and another girl saw a blue fish and said "DORY! ! " Fish are being invaded by being called nemo and dory, it needs to stop - TeamRocket747

69 Hardcore Oakland Fans

Seriously Raiders fans scare the living daylights out of me. They wear skull masks and dress up like some odd mix of a hardcore sports fan, metal fan, and a horror fan. And not to mention they're really brutal. - dudesterravensfan

Think that they are the best even though they have been irrelevant for a decade - Randomator

Oakland is the better than new york damit

70 Angry Birds Fans

That game is old, I can't wait until people are saying "Angry birds? Wasn't that the thing we played when we still carried our phones in our hands? That game was terrible." - Syzygy

71 Warm Weather Fans/Enthusiasts

There is nothing wrong with preferring summer over winter. However, it gets on my nerves when someone thinks I am an idiot for not liking the heat.

I do prefer the cold over the heat because you can add as many layers as possible in order to get comfortable. However, when it is hot, there is only so much you can take off to get comfortable. I respect your opinion as long you respect mine. - anonygirl

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73 Arianators

Grande licks donuts, says she hates America, and insults her fans. The result? "Ari, we'll stand by you 4EVA! Love you! "

NO WAY! We Arianators are kind and friendly just like Ariana Grande. We are one of the nicest fandoms out there. We never start fights, we just defend Ariana against rumours that simply aren't true. We love Ariana because she is incredibly talented, makes amazing music and is always super nice to her fans, she once took fans into the hotel she was staying in and bought them breakfast because it was raining and she didn't want them to get wet. We Arianators respect other fandoms (unless they are being horrible about Ariana and saying hurtful things that aren't true). We Arianators respect the opinions of other fandoms. We Arianators are not delusional unlike other fandoms, we realise that Ariana Grande is not the current Queen of Pop, she is a Princess of Pop and the future Queen.

I think Ariana Grande has a great voice, but she should use it. Her songs are just boring pop songs. If she creates her own unique style, puts more effort in writing songs and uses her voice better, I'm sure even more people will love her music.

Eh. Ariana Grande is another media throwaway bag of trash like the rest of these fakes. You and I, we're the real people. And no, I'm not going into a rant about lizardpeople, I'm simply saying that the people that we obsess over actually are personas designed for us to obsess over.

We are stronger.

Yeah she's hot though. - Syzygy

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74 Pokemon Hoennbabies

I don't really know. I like Gen 3 simply because it's the first pokemon gen I owned and completed. Though I grew up with the show and I have a bit more respect for the first gen. I've played all the pokemon gens and I think it's a pretty good idea, but they should've stopped it by now.

This is one of the reasons why the Pokemon fan base is falling apart. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

...what is a "Hoennbaby?! "

Fans that are obsessed with Gen 3 and will bash on all other gens for it. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I liked Sinnoh best.

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75 Budder Bros

Say Butter/Budder again, and I will make sure your testicles are crucified. Squids have done nothing to hurt you.

Budder bros? Sounds like if Modern Pewdiepie and Modern Sky merged together and formed a new fanbase. GOD HELP US ALL

Squids are adorable, what's their problem?

SkydoesMinecraft: Let's Play Splatoon.

*IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! * - mattstat716

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76 Disney Fans

The ones I can't stand are the Classic Disney fans, don't get me wrong, I love a lot of the Classic Disney movies, but these people are obsessed with them, the worst part is the fact that they instantly shoot down any modern Disney movie, movies like Frozen and Big Hero 6 were really good, but these guys won't even give them a chance and my message to them is "Look, even if Disney movies aren't as great as they used to be they're still pretty good, so stop living in the past and just move on"

Hell no I love Disney and it is my childhood I'm just glad this isn't the worst one but I really don't love some of the films like frozen so..

The Lion King is the biggest cancer that is killing not only animation, but pop culture as a whole. It doesn't help that it's preschool spinoff (The Lion Guard) is doing well with audiences and that a live action adaption is in the works...

Modern Disney Channel fans are the most annoying in my opinion. - anonygirl

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77 Brogres

The most overrated animated film of all time. One of the most annoying fandoms of all. Ladies and gentlemen, the Shrek fandom.

Don't get me wrong I think the first two Shrek movies are good, but this is gone too far.

Somebody once told me there was such thing as Brogres in the shed. - Syzygy

In my opinion, they're funny. Some of the copypastas are funny too.

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78 2016 Fans

Wait, these exist?

I'm talking about the people who think that 2016 was an amazing year, thought every other year in history sucked, and force people that did not like 2016 to like 2016. Trust me, there are people like that. In fact, I know more people who are like that than people who did not like 2016. I am okay with you liking 2016 as long as you respect the opinions of those that do not and that you believed that there was at least one year pre-2016 that was just as awesome. - anonygirl

79 The Invader Zim Fan Base

The shippers, MY GOD! Are SO stupid and annoying! Completely DELUSIONAL! This show is NOT about romance! How is it that anyone would even think to ship these characters together!?!? Firstly, alien-on-human romance is disgusting! Secondly, robots aren't capable of having romantic relationships/feelings, even if they can have other emotions and feelings. Thirdly, NONE of the characters are the least bit interested in romance. Let me repeat, these shippers have got to be THE most delusional. Ever. They think two characters that are sworn enemies, that hate each others guts and want to kill each other, that are two different SPECIES...somehow have a 'thing' for each other or are 'deep down' interested in each other sexually/romantically? Thank God, the series creator, Jhonen Vazquez, confirmed he does not approve of any pairings, and even went so far as to tell these idiots that they are "watching the show wrong." This show is a dark, satirical comedy. There is no room for romance in it. - eventer51314

Okay, so they might not be exactly THE worst. But their fan art is cancer. I can't believe my eyes at how obsessed people are at this show. I love this show, but the fan art is made by the most demented people you can imagine. People make the show sexual. Watch an episode of this amazing, dark, and funny cartoon. Do you see sexuality ANYWHERE?!?!?! "But what about Tak? " That's not entirely true, due to them hating each other at the end. Search up "Invader Zim Fan Art" on Google. You will want to die.

THE Is fandom is annoying as hell. Should be in the top 10.

A bunch of "RANDUMM XDD" teenagers who ship like madness and don't know opinions. It's hard to find a sane fan sometimes. - PastelFlowers

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80 Barney and Friends Fans

This can not be a real fanbase. I don't hate Barney personally, but I'm still pretty sure he doesn't have a fanbase. - Garythesnail

Did you know this show is through its SIXTH BARNEY 2 went to prison/ jail and the others quit - Harri666

Wait. This show has a fanbase?

I highly doubt this show has a fanbase. The only people that might enjoy it are disabled teens or adults. Nearly everyone that has watched Barney as a child outgrew it, and most children today don't even know what Barney is. - anonygirl

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