Most Annoying Fan Bases

Let's face it, some fanbases are incredibly annoying. Whether it's music, sports, games, movies, shows whatever. Some just absolutely need to shut up.

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61 Zootopia Fans

This should be higher in my opinion. - anonygirl

They make porn - Lunala

Basically People Who Make Fanart Over And OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN - VideoGamefan5

62 Bubble Guppy Fans

We just found the only fanbase with no people in it.

Is this a real thing? - Garythesnail

It's every 3-year-old's favorite thing on earth, I think It's a huge one actually.

Wait... A Bubble Guppies fandom exists? Also did you know a Paw Patrol fandom ACTUALLY EXISTS. - Lunala

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63 Overwatch Fans

Everything about Overwatch was great until tumblr got a hold of it. Now there's big debate as to whether or not Mei is fat and a lot of fans ride on that claim, more so to the point where recently, one girl drew Mei skinny and she got so much over it. I'm not kidding you this literally happened people! Thank god she didn't have it as bad as that Zami girl in the Steven Universe fandom. Mei's not even fat! It's her coat that makes her look fat! Jesus Christ people, grow up!

Lets pay full price for a game that is 20 years will not exist because the servers will shut down, that's a great idea. Seriously, add a single player and I will care.

Annoying as hell

Too much porn. Some of the porn has scarred me for life and is pure nightmare fuel. - Lunala

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64 Mortal Kombat Fanboys

Wait people take this series seriously

I FOUND IT! YES! Ok, now...

There is an MK fanboy who screams randomly, yells "Get over here", dances randomly, does fake martial arts, and is a LEPIDOPTEROPHOBE! Scared. Of. BUTTERFLIES!

...Did I mention that he is a brony?!

If you manage to film him doing that stuff you should put him on cringe compilation - Picklesthekitten45

65 Jersey Shore Fans

The show doesn't deserve fans. - Skullkid755

This show still has fans?

Ruined NJ - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

66 Club Penguin Fans
67 Star Fox Fanbase

Two words: 64 Elitists.

The only cancerous people in this group are the Star Fox 64 elitists and the Krystal haters.

I never found any star fox fans. there's nothing wrong with liking the series. I like it. But maybe people who are obsessed with it can be annoying, I guess.

Star Fox Command has the worst fanbase of any Star Fox game, not 64. Even though I like both games.

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68 Daisy Haters

It's really just a sentence though "Hi I'm Daisy." Calm down haters - ParkerFang

They need to learn to get a bigger brain - ParkerFang

Why? Why they're so annoying? They're the most annoying hatedoom ever! Seriously you can't stand to ' HI I'M DAISY'? IT'S JUST A STUPID SENTENCE!
They think they're always right even if they're completely wrong like 'Daisy doesn't have a personality! ' or 'Daisy is a Peach clone! ' Daisy is energetic, loud, competitive and sassy, tomboyish in other worlds and this is a personality accept it, and if they aren't the same person (they aren't) Daisy is not a Peach clone.
They attack EVERY fan and they're rude, try to respect the others! You're not a god.

me: and?
Me: *Facepalm* - DaisyandRosalina

69 Lohanthony's Fanbase

Yeah, they're a bunch of wankers

Lohanthony's video of the we-Ek!

70 Finding Dory Fans/Haters

Take A Math Quiz, And There - VideoGamefan5

I went to Petco 2 hours ago, it just opened today, and I noticed a clownfish. Then, this 4-8 year old came up to the clownfish and said "NEMO! " and another girl saw a blue fish and said "DORY! ! " Fish are being invaded by being called nemo and dory, it needs to stop - TeamRocket747

71 Total Drama Fans

Okay-I understand why you would say some people are bad for the fan base. But that's only if you're PART of the fan base. Yes, I am a Total Drama fan. Yes, it IS my favorite animated show.(not including anime) But I don't go obsessing over everything about it. I believe that EVERYTHING popular has a bad fan base, but Total Drama is a tame one.

Naturally, BigbrotherYES has added Total Drama fans to the list. - Minecraftcrazy530

I agree Noah and Dawn fans are annoying but other than these the fanbase is ok.


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72 Kardashian Fans

The only reason why they're so popular is because they defended a quarterback suspected for murder and a sex tape.

This family actually deserves fans?! NO WAY!

The people that for some reason worship "Celebrities" (If you want to call them that) like gods among men, while they do absolutely nothing for any of us.

This gets my vote, this family is toxic and their fans are copying their shallowness

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73 Warm Weather Fans/Enthusiasts

There is nothing wrong with preferring summer over winter. However, it gets on my nerves when someone thinks I am an idiot for not liking the heat.

I do prefer the cold over the heat because you can add as many layers as possible in order to get comfortable. However, when it is hot, there is only so much you can take off to get comfortable. I respect your opinion as long you respect mine. - anonygirl

74 Hardcore Oakland Fans

Seriously Raiders fans scare the living daylights out of me. They wear skull masks and dress up like some odd mix of a hardcore sports fan, metal fan, and a horror fan. And not to mention they're really brutal. - dudesterravensfan

Think that they are the best even though they have been irrelevant for a decade - Randomator

Oakland is the better than new york damit

75 Drake and Josh Fans
76 Game of War Fans


77 Arianators

Grande licks donuts, says she hates America, and insults her fans. The result? "Ari, we'll stand by you 4EVA! Love you! "

NO WAY! We Arianators are kind and friendly just like Ariana Grande. We are one of the nicest fandoms out there. We never start fights, we just defend Ariana against rumours that simply aren't true. We love Ariana because she is incredibly talented, makes amazing music and is always super nice to her fans, she once took fans into the hotel she was staying in and bought them breakfast because it was raining and she didn't want them to get wet. We Arianators respect other fandoms (unless they are being horrible about Ariana and saying hurtful things that aren't true). We Arianators respect the opinions of other fandoms. We Arianators are not delusional unlike other fandoms, we realise that Ariana Grande is not the current Queen of Pop, she is a Princess of Pop and the future Queen.

I think Ariana Grande has a great voice, but she should use it. Her songs are just boring pop songs. If she creates her own unique style, puts more effort in writing songs and uses her voice better, I'm sure even more people will love her music.

She's beautiful and has a great voice. But the fans? Complete opposite. She also has an unique voice but she shouldn't sing pop songs with it - Ohno

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78 Brogres

The most overrated animated film of all time. One of the most annoying fandoms of all. Ladies and gentlemen, the Shrek fandom.

Don't get me wrong I think the first two Shrek movies are good, but this is gone too far.

Do not say something bad about My ogre friend

Shrek films are good. The fandom is a bit “ironic”-ish. They call people who hate Shrek “Farquards” - Lunala

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79 Pokemon Hoennbabies

I don't really know. I like Gen 3 simply because it's the first pokemon gen I owned and completed. Though I grew up with the show and I have a bit more respect for the first gen. I've played all the pokemon gens and I think it's a pretty good idea, but they should've stopped it by now.

This is one of the reasons why the Pokemon fan base is falling apart. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

...what is a "Hoennbaby?! "

Fans that are obsessed with Gen 3 and will bash on all other gens for it. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I liked Sinnoh best.

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80 2016 Fans

Wait, these exist?

2016 was a normal year to me. Sure a lot of celebrities died, but still. It was tolerable. - Ohno

I'm talking about the people who think that 2016 was an amazing year, thought every other year in history sucked, and force people that did not like 2016 to like 2016. Trust me, there are people like that. In fact, I know more people who are like that than people who did not like 2016. I am okay with you liking 2016 as long as you respect the opinions of those that do not and that you believed that there was at least one year pre-2016 that was just as awesome. - anonygirl

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