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101 Selenators

Selena can be nice but fans! Nah they thinks selena is the only one singer. If anyone say her one of of song is not so well or bad they are like "oh my gosh you don't have good taste in music, you are sucks, go cut your self blah blah blah. How stupid!

Selenators suck dick just like Selena probably one of the rudest fan base in the history of fan bases

Yeah her fans are so annoying.

Selenators aren't annoying, Selena's haters are

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102 Android Fanboys

Ironically, each fan base invites the other to attack them. I own and use an android phone, but I'd like an iPhone. I appreciate the user-friendly iPhone but I also appreciate the well organized Android phones. It shouldn't really matter. Let people have opinions on whatever phone they're more comfortable using. If people want to shove their opinion on you, ignore it. Honestly, people don't realize they can walk away from a problem and it wouldn't bother them as much.

Yea they're so dumb on many levels

I can't stand them. I just want to SMASH their Crappy turd like phones

I was laughing so hard when the note 7 exploded which made them cry so hard...take that's what u get for making fun of apple

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103 LGBT Fanbase

Get triggered easily and think as themselves as heroes or something

Immoral jerks


they succ

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104 Narutards

I am a Naruto fan and I know the series is far from perfect and I accept logical criticism. I know many other Naruto fans who are like me. I understand we have some idiots on our side. Also like any other fandom we can't stand rabid haters! Like the one who goes to a Naruto-related site and write insulting comment like:"Only boring people watch Naruto" and many other disrespectful things that I can't say here.

They can't take any criticism as they constantly defend the anime series!

A lot of them are just attention hungry ass holes who think they're so cool because they constantly bash Avatar and worship this instead

Basically every Naruto fan that thinks Naruto can beat Goku.

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105 Whovians

Whovians are the worst. If you ever say anything bad about Doctor Poo you will end up on an episode of dateline. I don't get the appeal of the show. I watched it and absolutely nothing makes sense. Everyone in this godforsaken show about a time traveling alien talks in these stupid metaphors and despite the show going on for years the special effects look bad! It literally looks like The Power Rangers from the 90s. The fan base sucks and show show sucks!

I hate this fan base! My fiancé is one and when I told him politely that "it's not my thing" and he goes and pretty much tells to screw off, that's how I started hating. And I said it to other fans too and their like "oh, don't talk to me" and stat snubbing me even when I try to explain myself. They bullied me to the point where I had a panic attack one night because of the words they said- not cool

I NEVER SAID it was a bad show, I just don't see what's so great about it. Thanks to the fans I now consider it the worst think I've ever had the misfortune to know, I get along better with the MLP people better than these guys, that's just sad.


I'm a fan of the show, and I'm watching it right now, but some of the fans over react if someone talks about the show with a different opinion

I like the show, it's creative.
That's all. - naFrovivuS

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106 Fatinistics

What I hate fatin

107 Homestuckers

All I can say is this: I'm glad Homestuck is ending soon. Maybe then I can go to a convention without having to worry that a flying bucket thrown by some insane fan will hit me in the back of my head.

I love HOMESTUCK but I can see why you guys are angry. The fandom is pretty weird and their are some... Let's say "interesting" people. But the bucket throwing and the insults are not okay and I am ashamed to share the same fandom with those people.

Yes, there are a lot of characters. No, you do not need to ship every single one of them. No, not even in troll romance. NO, especially not in leprechaun.

How is this not much higher up? I love the series itself but my God the fandom is horrible. Luckily(Unluckily for Undertale) a bunch of the toxic people seemed to move on to Undertale.

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108 BajanCanadian Fans

I used to be the biggest fan of his like back in the day before the whole earning money when he used to swear and no 5 year olds watch now I cringe when I watch him, I liked him before not now it so boring he's like stampylongnose 2.0 with the childish everything because all his fans are kids and doesn't want to lose fans and lose money because now it's his job and he just does for money not for fun kinda sad but over that

If any of the "Sky army" says a swear, retarded 5-10 year olds that is his fan base, give him grief about it.

Exactly like the ' Sky army', Except less annoying and less common.

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109 Chicago Blackhawks Fans

I'm from Chicago, I like the Blackhawks and I know for a fact they are not the best team.

They are bandwagons and think they the best. Hell nah NYR will win 2017 Stanley cup!

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110 Michael Bay Fans

They can't get enough of explosions and other special effects, they insulted his first Transformers film just because it has a story and not enough special effects. They constantly think of critics as Adolf Hitler. They are stupid, psychotic, plain gullible, and they always shove their opinions down your throat, but I suppose it's pretty shameless, because they're happy about it. Probably some of them are teenagers, I guess.

They just can't get enough of EXPLOSIONS! Seriously! Most of them insulted his first Transformers film just because it has a dang story and not enough robot battles and not enough explosions! I'm not kidding! They are completely psychotic, insane, and unintelligent! I suppose they're happy that way, but I'm not one of his fans at all, and I never will! They also think of critics as Nazis!

Michael Bay's movies are alright, but Michael Bay on the other hand I hate. Seriously, he kept sexually harassing Meghan Fox to the point that she snapped and called him out on it, then she got fired from the Transformers movies and Bay made it seem as if she did the stupid thing to get fired, even though it was all his fault. I don't see how people can even like a scumbag like Michael Bay.

Michael Bay has a fanbase? oh god - YaBoiMistaJackatoo

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111 Yaoi Fans

Eren x Levi! One of the reasons I can't admire Captain Levi to the fullest! Levi is the best character on Attack on Titan, but the yaoi fan girls TOTALLY RUIN HIS CHARACTER.

I love me some yaoi sometimes! But please, don't shove it down my throat every day!

I'd be ok with yaoi being there just like any other ship, but when I get it shoved in my face, just no. It's annoying.

I love yaoi, but they hate the female character because of getting into the way of the ship. :|

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112 Smash Bros. Fanbase

The fanbase is good but I just hate the tier queers

Rude whiners - yunafreya648

I'm a SSB fan, but I never understood the hate Brawl was receiving lately. Just because you prefer the new Wii U/3DS game doesn't mean you have to hate it's predecessors. All games have pros and cons, to be honest.

Jesus Christ, I've never seen such an whiny, bitchy group of people before. Go to any YouTube video about competitive Smash Bros., mention anything other than what's in screen, and watch as thousands upon thousands of people insult, harass, make fun of, and act like a huge ass to you for mentioning "Tr4sh" or, "the game that isn't Project M". Alternatively, go to any Smash 4 video, mention its roster, and watch as many people bitch, moan, complain, and curse Sakurai to hell for the inclusion of Dark Pit, who isn't the worst clone that the series has had. That honor belongs to Melee's Pichu. If you want a condensed version of this where you can experience all of it in one place, the go to the YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming's videos about Smash and look at the comment section. Then watch the flame wars about how Ridley could/couldn't be a plausible character for the series, or mention the Smash Ballot, and who you'd like to see in the game, and watch as random asshats ...more

113 Columbine Massacre Fans

People actually enjoyed that horrible shooting? I lost all hope for humanity. - Picklesthekitten45

UGGHHH. I hate that Lynn Ann girl who has posters and necklaces of Eric Harris, - 1337

They're known as columbiners.

Gerald Johanssen: "Mm, mm, MM! Now I've seen everything! "

But seriously, these people are sick and psychopathic.

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114 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Haters

Haters? More the people who like it that suck.

I'm Neutral To Both Sides

No bronies are more annoying I don't hate the show because I thought it was really cute but I'm not up at 1:00 a.m watching it

Yeah, go ahead and hate me because those damn ponies are annoying😤 - mayamanga

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115 Feminists

As much as I hate sexism, I'll admit, these girls take it way too far. Don't get me wrong, I think this movement is perfect for an equality movement, I hate sexism so I think it could really work (I'm no SJW by the way). However, my biggest problem with these girls; most of them take the whole feminism movement WAY out of proportion. Now they're the sexist ones who have a prejudice against men, acting like they're the special snowflakes, and...I thought this was a gender equality movement, not revenge! But of course you also have the ones that take things way too seriously, remember when SJWs bullied and harassed a SU fan over a piece of fan art, all because he wanted to draw a female character in his own style. Yes, that actually happened by the way. Don't believe me? Looks it up. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sexist either, but yeah tone it down please. And of course, same can go with men too.

They think that they can be sexist to men and hate them, but when we defend ourselves, they get triggered! Sexism should be avoided at all costs in my opinion! They take it way too far..

Don't you mean "Radical feminists"?

They are oversensitive and think wearing a bikini automatically makes the girl a slut.

116 Sword Art Online Fans

To be honest, I really loved the anime and I am proud to be an SAO fan. I will admit the fan base does go too far sometimes and the anime may not be the best (at least you can't deny its popularity in a short amount of time). But this is just a Most Annoying Fan Bases List. This has nothing to do with whether you love or hate the show itself. I would get angry normally, but I think I should take it up somewhere else. Also, there are anime fan bases that are way worse than this one. I'm talking Fairy Tail (Erza seems to be the only good female I can admire), Bleach (Ichigo seems more bland and has less personality than Kirito to me), Naruto (who still watches the filler episodes? ), One Piece (I think the SAO girls are drawn more beautifully than the not-as-so-beautiful One Piece girls), even Dragon Ball Z (some fans might go crazy sometimes), Attack on Titan (what's with the Mikasa and Krista titan porn? ), and finally Pokemon (why the Pokemon gotta be overly sexualized instead of ...more

Looking back at this anime I realized that it just a most bland, uninspired, and plain boring. The concept is great, people stuck inside a game but then halfway through it ends it all and focuses on a different irrelevant story. Now onto the two main characters. You have, Kirito: the 'mysterious' overpowered fighter with no personality, and Asuna who started off interesting but fell into a gender role, and just became a sidekick to Kirito. Their romance together feels forced and one-sided as Asuna is the only one who actually takes their relationship seriously. Their fan base is over defensive and hostile.

These people are the most obnoxious fans ever. They won't accept criticism and basically bashes anyone who thinks that it's bad.

Never before have I seen such a hostile fandom. Sao is trash, and whenever anyone says so, the swarm of sao fans will run over and start a flame war. One Piece fans may be hostile at times, but many One Piece fans admit the flaws. Same with many other animes. But Sword Art Online fans almost always deny everything a hater would say, and think it's the best show ever. So many fans will try to demean the arguments of haters by claiming that hey have no appreciation for "real, deep romance," (when I have never seen more wish fulfillment cringe-worthy romance in my life), that the haters don't play mmos and that's why they can't appreciate sao, (even thought the majority have, myself included, and one of the many reasons we hate sao is because of it's broken game mechanics, it's lack of screentime for actual gameplay, and the excessive plot armor of the mc), or they just call us retarted and flag our comments in internet forums. They almost always call sao underrated even though ...more

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117 Chuck Schuldiner Fans
118 Old SpongeBob Fans

Who put this here? The old SpongeBob is clearly better than the new SpongeBob! Maybe a 7-year old kid who's only seen the new SpongeBob and not the old one put this here!

WHAT?! Old SpongeBob is my favourite show! How are we annoying?! Just because some of us (Not me) don't like New SpongeBob. It's hardly enough people to be classed as a fanbase.

The new spongebob may suck, but these fans are acting like the Pokemon Genwunners

Someone put this just to see how salty they can make ModernSpongeBobSucks. - mattstat716

119 Dan and Phil Fan Base

Annoying 12 year old girls that never shut about them. If you don't like/know them, you're scorned from their existence.

Yeah I think Dan and Phil are awesome youtubers. But shipping them? Dan said that he is straight and the fan girls are saying that he is bi so they can ship him with Phil

Them and their stupid "Don't cry, craft" spam.
And din't get me started on the profile pictures and usernames.

I like them, but the phandom...oh my god is it bad. - Catacorn

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120 Mixel Fans
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