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121 Giivasunner fans

You get the point...

122 Peach Fans
123 Batman Fans

Reasons why (other superhero name goes here) is awesome according to a fan: because he helps people, beats bad guys, etc.

Reasons why Batman is awesome according to a die-hard Batman fan: because he's Batman - NuMetalManiak

They are all the same. ALL SUPERHEROES.

Batman has the most stubborn, aggressive fanbase I've ever seen

Well it's simple...

We mob the batman. - mattstat716

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124 Phandom

I don't really mind Dan or Phil. Their videos are alright, not great by any means, but decent. Their fan base on the other hand is horrible. Every time Dan or Phil is slightly mentioned in anything their rabid Phandom come out of the damn crypts to talk about them. It's so annoying. They also can't take criticism. If I say something like "I don't really like Dan or Phil's videos" The Phandom will literally attack you. They will say how wrong you are even though its just an opinion. Also, their Phanbase treat them like they're the most sexy people on the planet. Now I'm not saying Dan and Phil are ugly, because they're not, but they aren't sexy either. They are very mediocre and bland looking yet everyone wants them to take their virginity.

Ok so I love Dan and Phil, but the phandom is annoying! I was part of it and I'm now tired of the attacks and stuff like " WHERE THE PHANDOM AT! 1! 22! @! 11".UGH. Dan and Phil are lovely people and deserve better than the phandom. I'm sorry but its true. I would say that they're old fanbase was so chill and they where a bunch of people that enjoyed the content and could relate to the same life situations these guys where in. I read old comments and stuff and everybody was so chill and cool... I'm sorry but now we are stuck with 9 yr olds who are way to immature to go speaking out on the internet.

I love Dan and Phil, and I'm in the Phandom, but I can't deny the fact that quite a lot of the Phandom are rude, obnoxious, hyperactive and pushy.


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125 Pittsburgh Sports Fans

Grew up a Pittsburgh sports fan, and after living there for 4 years was so annoyed. I love the teams, but people need to get a life in that city. Thankfully I moved elsewhere

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126 Supernatural Fans

This needs to be way higher on the list in my opinion. Supernatural fans are absolutely rabid, and hate on anyone who doesn't like the show as much as they do. It gets even creepier when fangirls attempt to convert men into liking the show, even though the only reason any girl likes it is for the two overrated pretty-boys who run around 'hunting demons', which really translates to punching and shooting mediocre actors who are just supposed to be demons in the story in the same way a kid pretends a stick is a sword. The worst part about this fandom is that every time a real-life myth, legend, cryptid, supernatural or paranormal subject is brought up, there will be a flood of fans saying "SUPERNATURAL! " (yes, all in caps with several! S, just like that), because they think that their one and only source of myth-lore makes them experts on the subject. The series used to be good when there were actual monsters involved, but the two leads and their tired roles + boring cliches, coupled ...more

Okay. I'm actually a BIG fan of the show, but sometimes, we get pretty wild. Some fangirls STALK the cast members, and know every single thing about them! Literally. My friend knows everything about Misha Collins, it's like she's the walking Biography Of Misha Collins! It's insane!

Then there's the shipping! DESTIEL. (I ship that ship like crazy...) Fangirls see the show as a Human and Angel love story sometimes. (But who wouldn't? All those staring contests/eye between Dean and Cas will DRIVE YOU CRAZY! ) Some of us ship Sam with Gabriel, and then some of us ship him with the DEVIL (GUILTY! I'm so guilty. Samifer for life.)

And then whenever we hear about any myth, we act like we know what it is, because apparently, Supernatural gives us the knowledge of someone who got a Masters Degree in Mythology. And also, our solution for problems is salt and burn them.


We're crazy

But I love my fandom anyway

You know, it's possible to have a conversation without bringing up Supernatural. - TheStupidHobo

It's a really good show, but the fans will jump on anybody who says something negative about it. - Catacorn

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127 Attack on Titan Fans

I wanted to watch this but it wasn't fun when I did because they think everyone has watched it and they SPOIL EVERYTHING I watched it now and it is only an OK series but the fan base just sucks

I love the show. It has great music a awesome story and great characters but creepy fan base sucks

I would like to point out one thing really bad about the Attack on Titan fan base: Mikasa and Christa titan porn. That's right, TITAN PORN. This show is supposed to be about strong females and the fans just ruin it with fan art of AOT girls being naked Titans or Christa apparently throwing up some white liquid I do not want to say the name of. And people say the SAO fans should be number 1 on this list. I think the Attack on Titan fans are worse. Hajime Isayama would be disappointed in such a fanbase like this one, because this is what he has.

The fans are everywhere and its awful. Don't ever mention your ships to them, they'll argue. And spoilers are everywhere.

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128 Shippers

Crossover shippings are the absolute worst!

It is fine, as long as they don't ship randomly someone with another one...

Sonic Fanbase Much?

I personally ship FICTIONAL characters (its more in a "aw they'd be so cute together" way) but I can't stand shippers who dedicate their entire social medias to the ship or ship people irl

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129 Nintendrones (Nintendo Fans)

I grew up playing Nintendo games and consoles, I still do to this day and will continue to do so. But I also like PlayStation, Xbox and other games and systems, too. But I do agree that some of Nintendo's games and characters have gotten a bad fandom over the years, but not all of them though and none of them have a fanbase as bad as the Sonic fandom, even though I still like Sonic games, also.

I actually like Nintendo, and I prefer it over Xbox and PlayStation to be perfectly honest. They have a family friendly style, and don't care about how the only way to be liked anymore is by playing shooting games, which just teach kids how to murder people. As for the fans, most of them are under 10 years old, but not me. I'm 15 and I love Nintendo.

Lets be honest Nintendo fans are better than PlayStation and Xbox fans

Overrated Garbage Fanbase, I Mean I Like Nintendo, But Their Fanbase Sucks

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130 Bernie Sanders Supporters

I'm surprised these people aren't much higher up on the list. He has zero understanding of economics, "doesn't believe in charity", doesn't think white people know what it's like to be poor, and even said recently he doesn't think Americans are compassionate. He's not a liar, but he just says what his extremely rabid fans want to hear and sells promises of "free stuff" even more implausible than Donald Trump's border wall to keep people dependent on the system they love to rage against. His campaign was practically identical to Ron Paul's in 2012 with the "media blackout" and all, only Ron Paul didn't kiss up Mitt Romney's ass when he beat him. Also, the fact that someone like Donald Trump can become president completely on his and his supporters' idea of a big, centralized government that can take care of everyone like small children and pay for everyone's college, healthcare, etc.

131 Golden State Warriors Fans

Warriors blew 3-1 lead

132 Bendy and the Ink Machine

What a horrible fanbase, it is getting so much love - TeamRocket747

What a dumb fanbase - TeamRocket747

It needs to die - TeamRocket747

This is like the new FNaF, this needs to stop.

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133 ISIS Supporters

ISIS sucks and deserve to be destroyed by the US Army. Anyone who supports that awful ISIS deserve to all cry.

Need anyone say anything?

Seriously, there are people who support ISIS. by the way, I did not put this up. - IcetailofWishClan

134 Maggots

I hate maggots! I wake up in the morning and what do I see? Maggots all over the kitchen floor and counter. Then I have to take two hours out of my morning to bleach the floor and counter tops. Now you're telling me that there are fans of these things!

Nobody is a fan of fly larvae

Thanks to those creatures, I almost had to burn my house down. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Those darn Maggots eating the rotted meat in my garbage can! - YaBoiMistaJackatoo

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135 Clannad After Story Fans

These rabid, elitist, ignorant butthurt fans turn psycho if you hate on their so called masterpiece and like an anime like air, kanon, bleach and any other anime they start judging you and making false accusations about you. They send you death threats, insults and they attack anyone of any age just for not liking their masterpiece. Most of them are hypocrites. Why in hell is this at 36? It should at least be in the top five. They hype up the anime till kingdom come and you watch it.

CLANNAD AFTER STORY IS THE BEST ANIME EVER AND IT IS A MASTERPIECE is what an overprotective fan can say. Hate on their favourite anime /masterpiece and they become so annoyed, elitist and think their opinions are far superior to ours and they attack you if you like any other anime. These guys should be in the top 5. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Why is clannad as fans at 30 they are so racist and they attack anyone of any age and they attacked a 12 year old on MAL just for not liking their masterpiece! They should be in the top 5!

Forget Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan fans. They never sent death threats to anyone. Clannad fans did, and they call people who don't like it AUTISTIC. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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136 Dragon Ball Fanboys

Don't get me wrong I like Dragon Ball Z, But the stupid fanbase over exaggerate their strength and act like they are the strongest characters in the fictional world

Dragonball is awesome, shouldn't be here

Its over nine... Ow I just got punched

137 Minions Fanbase

Most of the fans are 40 year old suburban moms who post pictures of minions in text posts on Facebook.

This really should be higher up on the list. More recent, but extremely cancerous.

These little yellow dudes are funny, but I don't consider to be in the fanbase

They're just 5 year old kids with soccer moms as mothers. - Catacorn

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138 SuperMarioLogan Fans

I'm a fan of SuperMarioLogan, and I do like a lot of his videos (especially the older ones), but sometimes I hate his videos because of the bad quality and racism. But yes, if you say anything bad about an SML Video, the SML fanboys will literally call you racist things, and they will go ape $%it on you for no reason. It has also gotten worse due to many of the comments having racist lines being said, and for repeating them to other fans for no reason. Either way, the fanboys are REALLY ANNOYING and they are VERY RUDE. So I recommend don't comment on his videos very often, especially if you want to criticize a video, because those fanboys will start ATTACKING you.

I hate these fans, all they care is about Jeffy. Jesus Christ! Grow the heck up now man! I will be more annoyed if they're Jeffy fans everywhere! - UntitledMan

Racist and extremely rude. If you typed in something like 'I didn't like the part where you told the turtle to die' (Just an example :P) You could get some comments like this:

"Go to hell fat stupid dumb***"

"Hah u dum Muslim go back and bom inicint children ****ing idiot"

"Idiot I ****ed your momma last night hahaahah"

(Sorry if those comments were too inappropriate, I'm just saying what I've heard. Remove this if you want)

139 Porn Fans

I have never heard a person who is openly out about watching porn, that is something you never admit.

They always say "Real men should love porn! "

Naked people are useless

That ass by the way guys search Jessica herenu nude

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140 Onision Fans

He does sociopathic things for attention. Killed his pet turtle, and blamed everyone but himself for being a negligent prick. Is emotionally abusive according to every woman he has ever breathed on. Unsympathetic to people with serious issues like suicidal. Bad to anyone who doesn't share his beliefs, and an egotistical head. His fans are the worst however for they eat this all up and treat him like he's such a wonderful person. They are infuriating and make death threats in the name of Onision. Two of his former girlfriends had to go into hiding because no matter what they were stalked.

They are all cancerous, especially Onision himself. You have to be mentally retarded to like him

They're just annoying who don't understand the world

He should have -100000000000 subs and banned from YouTube for life - Picklesthekitten45

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