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141 Bendy and the Ink Machine

What a horrible fanbase, it is getting so much love - TeamRocket747

What a dumb fanbase - TeamRocket747

It needs to die - TeamRocket747

This is like the new FNaF, this needs to stop.

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142 Logan Paul Fangirls

We need another Pearl Harbour

They make me like hitler

143 Maggots

I hate maggots! I wake up in the morning and what do I see? Maggots all over the kitchen floor and counter. Then I have to take two hours out of my morning to bleach the floor and counter tops. Now you're telling me that there are fans of these things!

Nobody is a fan of fly larvae

Maggots refers to the Slipknot fanbase, not actual maggots. Is this site full of dumbasses? - bobbythebrony

Maggots? Really? they're gross as hell! why would anyone even like them!? - Outcast

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144 Clannad After Story Fans

These rabid, elitist, ignorant butthurt fans turn psycho if you hate on their so called masterpiece and like an anime like air, kanon, bleach and any other anime they start judging you and making false accusations about you. They send you death threats, insults and they attack anyone of any age just for not liking their masterpiece. Most of them are hypocrites. Why in hell is this at 36? It should at least be in the top five. They hype up the anime till kingdom come and you watch it.

CLANNAD AFTER STORY IS THE BEST ANIME EVER AND IT IS A MASTERPIECE is what an overprotective fan can say. Hate on their favourite anime /masterpiece and they become so annoyed, elitist and think their opinions are far superior to ours and they attack you if you like any other anime. These guys should be in the top 5. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Why is clannad as fans at 30 they are so racist and they attack anyone of any age and they attacked a 12 year old on MAL just for not liking their masterpiece! They should be in the top 5!

Forget Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan fans. They never sent death threats to anyone. Clannad fans did, and they call people who don't like it AUTISTIC. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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145 Pokemon Fans

I honestly hate the Pokemon fanbase. They bash other anime like digimon, bakugan and dinosaur king. I like Pokemon bakugan and digimon and dinosaur king. But the Pokemon fanbase start bashing other anime and other games and they are such a pain in the rear.

Goatworlds is the biggest example here. Personally, I don't hate him, but he always tries to bash on Digimon and tries to ruin the list for Reasons Digimon is Better Than Pokemon. And he calls Digimon fans dullards, jerks, and trolls. He is one himself too, that hypocrite! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They are just annoying like Digimon fanboys. Especially they call each others rubbish! - therealman

The anime sucks but the games are good

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146 Minions Fanbase

Most of the fans are 40 year old suburban moms who post pictures of minions in text posts on Facebook.

This really should be higher up on the list. More recent, but extremely cancerous.

These little yellow dudes are funny, but I don't consider to be in the fanbase

They're just 5 year old kids with soccer moms as mothers. - Catacorn

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147 Amourshippers

I respect people's opinions if they don't mind Ash x Serena shippings, but for me, I hate Amourshipping. I hate Ash and Serena. It's not even a love story. In fact, they never had a relationship in the first place. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I was bullied for hating this - mayamanga

I like Serena
I hate Ash
enough said!

148 Porn Fans

I have never heard a person who is openly out about watching porn, that is something you never admit.

They always say "Real men should love porn! "

Naked people are useless

That ass by the way guys search Jessica herenu nude

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149 Onision Fans

He does sociopathic things for attention. Killed his pet turtle, and blamed everyone but himself for being a negligent prick. Is emotionally abusive according to every woman he has ever breathed on. Unsympathetic to people with serious issues like suicidal. Bad to anyone who doesn't share his beliefs, and an egotistical head. His fans are the worst however for they eat this all up and treat him like he's such a wonderful person. They are infuriating and make death threats in the name of Onision. Two of his former girlfriends had to go into hiding because no matter what they were stalked.

They are all cancerous, especially Onision himself. You have to be mentally retarded to like him

They're just annoying who don't understand the world

He should have -100000000000 subs and banned from YouTube for life - Picklesthekitten45

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150 Daisy Fangirls

A group of annoying and hyperactive fans that spam the caps lock and shout "DAISY IS THE BEST! YOU ROSALINA FANBOY HAVE A BAD TASTE IN CHARACTERS! ROSALINA REPLACED DAISY! " - DCfnaf

They're mostly annoying. I get bullied by them all the time. When I say that, they say "Well that's too bad" - ParkerFang

I'm sorry DaisyandRosalina I just can't stand those brats

I tolerate Rosalina, but I do prefer Daisy. It may be one stupid sentence, but she is rather annoying.

(Says the person who once posted a rant on Wattpad on how much they hated Rosalina...)

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151 Communism Fans

If communism was done right, it would be great. Unfortunately, nobody can do it right.

This is a thing?

Communism dosn't work

152 Miraculous Ladybug Haters

What the hell is that, anyway?

Normal nick garbage. - Frouze

All they do is harrasing the show, bully Chat fans, say the show repetitive, etc. Please respect my opinion - ChatNoirFan18

153 Prankster Gangster Nation

AKA PinkSheep fans. - Drewman1211

PGN in a nutshell:

Me: "Pink Sheep, your a bit mean."


154 Shia Labeouf Fans

Can you guys please stop whining about Shia Labeouf not starring in Transformers 4? It's getting old and annoying! You just can't accept changes at all! I'm thinking that you guys whining about his absence are NOT Transformers fans!

It may sound slanderous, but trust me, there's a good reason why we call them "Shiatards." These people can't let Shia LaBeouf go! Ever since he quit starring in Transformers movies, the fans made and sign lots of petitions just to get him back! Pathetic. I know their loss, but they should know why it's called "Transformers"!

Well, he's a cannibal, and that's cool, but the people who obsess over him are sickening.

JUST DO IT, belongs to Nike, not Shia.

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155 Johnny Test Fans

Why yes it does. You can't simply say that some cartoons or anything else deserve no fans, because it's too late and we have to accept it.

The fans probably just get turned on by the sound of whips

Its dumb in the first season it got a lobotomy in the 2nd and on wards.

This show has a fan base?

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156 Lovatics

How is this only 71? Definitely the most annoying creatures on earth.

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157 Grand Theft Auto V Fans

I never met somebody who dislikes the game, though.

I do dislike the game and I prefer Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto London 1969 and other classics than Grand Theft Auto 5 :/ - CerealGuy

This game DID NOT deserve 1 billion in its first day, shoot shoot stalk shoot shoot stalk, yeah, you get what this game is. - Harri666

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was much better. - Swellow

I liked it. Although, the rabid fans do suck.

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158 League of Legends Fans

My friend has a friend that likes this game. Personally, I don't care for it that much, but whenever I refuse to play it or express even the tiniest bit of my distaste, he will proceed bombard me with insults and try to nitpick my favorite games.

People take this game way to seriously the game itself takes itself to seriously like it expects me to give up hours of my life completely undisturbed or the ability to anything else with out being threatened by the game with afk punishments, this is not a game this is the video game equivalent of Argo.

People just go nuts about this... they'll insult and keep on going on this, even through they actually do pretty average~bad on it... so, what's the point on taking something this seriously when you can't even do that much to... I don't know, play another stuff or stop being that toxic everywhere

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159 Harry Potter Fans

How is this 189? Its about a bunch of magical teenagers trying to defeat a nose-less wizard.

But Harry Potter is just that good! Can you really blame us?

Harry Potter is good, but stop obsessing over it.

Oh god Harry Potter sucks so much

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160 Game Theory Fanboys

I love Game theory, but I cannot believe how terrible these fans are.

175? OH NO. It will NOT BE THIS LOW ON MY WATCH. This fan base needs to SERIOUSLY be higher. I CONSTANTLY run into people who tell me Mario is Mental and that Phoenix Wright is a Criminal. SHUT UP. - DCfnaf

Show is good in my opinion but the fan base sucks. SERIOUSLY they are just theories they are probably not canon

If I see a comment calling Mario a psychopath or claiming that sans is ness or trying to stop "hatred" on matpat ONE more time I WILL LOSE WHAT LITTLE SANITY I HAVE LEFT!

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